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Linux Server Install

This part of the guide assumes the following. You have "SHELL" access to your dedicated Linux system. It also assumes that you have a basic knowledge of the Linux OS.

1 If you do NOT have access to the user root, please skip to Step 4.

2 Login as root and perform the following command:

useradd -m urt

3 Now switch your current user over to urt by using the command:

su - urt
notice: If you are using a different user than urt, please replace all references of the user urt for your own username.
4 Make sure you are in your home directory by typing pwd, if in doubt, use the command:

cd ~

5 Now perform the following command:

wget <MIRROR URL> (please generate following instructions here
e.g. wget

Download the zip file NOT the .exe installer.
notice: You need the program wget for this, if you don't have it, please visit their website on how to install it.
You might need to chmod u+x the updater before running it, sometimes files do not come with execute rights after unzip.

6 Issue the command:

cd ~
tar -xvf UrbanTerror43_ded.tar.gz
cd UrbanTerror43/

The updater will now download all the required files to the location /home/urt/UrbanTerror43/

7 To make the server start and to clean up case sensitive unix paths issue these commands:

mv UrbanTerror43/ urbanterror43/
cd urbanterror43/
chown -R urt:urt urbanterror43/
chmod a+x urbanterror43/Quake3-UrT-Ded.i386

8 To move into the q3ut4 directory issue the command:

cd urbanterror43/q3ut4/

9 Use your favorite linux file editor to edit the server.cfg file as explained in this manual.

10 Write a shell script to start your server.

Issue the command cd ~/urbanterror43/ to make sure you are in the root urbanterror43 directory. Using your text editor, make a file called In the file you wish to have the following:

while true
/home/urt/urbanterror43/Quake3-UrT-Ded.i386 +set fs_game q3ut4 +set fs_basepath /home/urt/urbanterror43/ +set fs_homepath /home/urt/urbanterror43/ +set dedicated 2 +set net_port 27960 +set com_hunkmegs 128 +exec server.cfg
echo "server crashed on `date`" > last_crash.txt

This script will automatically restart your game server should it crash. Useful also because a /RCON quit command will reset you server the old fashioned way.

11 Make the start script executable by issuing the command:

chmod a+x

12 You can now start you server by issuing the command:


13 If you wish to run this as a screen, which you probably do, make sure you have the application screen (if not check their website for details on how to install it), issue the command:

screen -m -d -S UrT-Server sh
screen -d -m -S UrT-Server sh -c './; exec bash'

This will then run the server in the screen, and you will not shutdown your server when you terminate your shell.

You are finished, good job! Now go play.
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