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Game bots

Warning: Bots are officially NOT supported in Urban Terror 4.x

1 Adding bots

First tell the server to allow bots, press tilde (~) to open the console and type:

/bot_enable 1

and start the server through the appropriate menu choices

If the server is already running:


then you can start to add the bot(s):

/addbot <type> <level> <team> <ping> <server nick>

the <type> should use one of the following bot file names:


<level> should be between 1 (n00bish) - 5 (malevolent)

so the following would add a level 4 bot called "=lvl4=Puma" to the blue team:

/addbot Puma 4 Blue 76 =lvl4=Puma

Each bot type has it's own weapon load out - Puma for example uses a LR300ML + Spas + Baretta combo. By making sure at least 1 bot has the same weapons as you, you'll never run out of ammo.

Tactically, the bots are not very bright, and you can't give them orders like q3 bots, however they do use the same evasion techniques (varying levels of crouching, bunny hopping and strafing) as live players, with varying levels of aggression.

2 Removing bots

/kick <nick>

If you have more than 1 bot, or you can't be arsed typing whatever l33t nick you gave that 1 bot you added, you can use this to take all bots off the server:

/kick allbots

though be warned the server checks for nick matches in the player list first, so player 'allbots' would probably not be too happy with you, having been bumrushed off the server for no apparent reason.

3 Bot configuration files

If you want to add more than one bot at a time, you might want to make a .cfg file which you save to your q3ut4 directory

full screen cfg code
/====== sample_bot.cfg======
addbot C ockroach 4 Blue 76 =lvl4=C ockroach
addbot Cheetah 4 Blue 56 =lvl4=Cheetah
addbot Cobra 4 Blue 45 =lvl4=Cobra
addbot Penguin 4 Blue 89 =lvl4=Penguin
addbot Puma 4 Blue 89 =lvl4=Puma
addbot Puma 1 Blue 89 =lvl1=Puma
/====== sample_bot.cfg======

get the server to load this by simply typing

/exec <filename>

Note while the example above tries to add bots to the blue team - the server will spread them evenly on both teams - so add an even number or face the chagrin of continually getting pwned at spawn, by bots.

As mentioned before, the bots mimic certain aspects of real life, in teams they will mimic certain aspects of team life, like occasionally tking you for no reason, ignoring calls for backup or medic, and appearing to be AFK at spawn.
note: If you are having issues with the bots causing the server to crash, there is one possibility to correct the issue: At the end of each map kick each bot from the server, then when the next map loads bring them back. Reinitializing the bots every map will normally help prevent the server from crashing due to bots.

4 Maps for running bots

Not every map in UT4 has bot support, the following do:

Dressing room
Firing Range
Mandolin *

Some maps work better than others. The maps marked with an asterisk are maps where the bots have trouble getting out of the spawn points.

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