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Forums guidelines/rules

Please remember that not knowing the rules is not a valid excuse for breaking them. Also note, that while the administrators and moderators prefer to simply warn people, it is possible we may find it more effective to suspend an account and notify the user outside of the forums. Remember, use of these forums is a privilege, not a right.

These rules are in no way meant to curtail the fun we've all grown accustom to. Comments and remarks made in obvious jest are allowed.

A Inappropriate Forum Topics

A.1 Modifications (Mods)

The development team asks you not to modify Urban Terror or its resources files in any way. Please respect their choice. Do not create threads about this.

A.2 Map Decompilations

If you wish to modify a map, you must contact the original mapper for permission as they hold a copyright on their created works.

A.3 Server Problems

Unfortunately, the development team does not run all of the servers and cannot remedy issues with server administrators, with players on that server, or the fact that you may have been banned. Should you have any problem on a server, please contact the server's administrator(s) directly.

A.4 Solicition

The solicitation of funds for any purpose is not allowed.

B Posts Rules

(These rules apply to all parts of posts, including, but not limited to: post text, signature, avatar, personal text, and custom title)

B.1 Malicious Behavior

Any behavior which is meant to cause harm to any user and/or their property, whether it be on this forum or outside of it, is forbidden. Even meant to be humorous, this is still forbidden. Any such behavior is grounds for immediate suspension.

B.2 Personal Attacks

No person shall attack any other, be it justified or not. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of direct insults ("f*ck you") and indirect insults ("That guy is such a f*ck", or "I'm ______, and I'm a f*cker").

B.3 Attacks towards Administrators and Moderators

Persons consistantly attacking forum administrators and/or moderators will have their account(s) suspended. In this context, "consistantly" is defined as contacting an administrator and/or moderator with an issue previously resolved in the eyes of the administrator/moderator more than two (2) times.

B.4 Racism and Harassment

There shall be no posting of racist material, be it textual or pictorial. Nor shall there be any posting of material meant to harass any person due to their gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, and/or familiarity with Urban Terror or any other topic.

B.5 Images

No person shall post any image which is graphic or sexual in nature.

B.6 Pirated Software

No person shall make requests for pirated software (warez). No discussions regarding where to obtain pirated software (warez) are permitted on these forums.

B.7 Flames

Posts made with the intent of inciting argument are only permitted within Rants & Raves.

B.8 Trolling

Posts that are controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional or disciplinary response, or otherwise disrupt normal on-topic discussion are not allowed. These conditions are relative, and shall be decided upon by an administrator and/or moderator at the time of reading of the message in question.

B.9 Spamming

No person shall post messages with meaningless/trivial content. The state of a message being meaningless and/or trivial is decided upon by an administrator and/or moderator at the time of reading of the message in question.

B.10 Automatic Censorship

No person shall circumvent via any means the automatic censorship.

B.11 Resurrecting Threads Older Than Thirty (30) Days

While it is not forbidden to post in a thread where the last response is older than thirty (30) days, you may do so only in good faith. "Good faith" is herein defined as the intent to kindle past discussion with the direct use of previous material. No user shall resurrect a thread with a last response older than thrity (30) days for the expressed purpose of asking for a status update. Users are warned by the forum software if the thread has a last response time of more that thirty (30) days ago.

B.12 Common Sense

It is required that all users make use of Common Sense (WikiPedia) when posting.

C Censorship and Moved Content

C.1 Censorship

In order to maintain a level of language suitable for all persons on these forums, administrators may make use of automatic word replacement to replace offensive words with less offensive alternatives. Administrators may also edit a post manually to remove any offensive content.

C.2 Moved Content

In order to facilitate orderly distribution of information and questions, an administrator or moderator may move a post to a discussion area where the post may be better suited.

D Usernames, Signatures, and Avatars

D.1 Usernames

No user shall create an account whose username which contains content which is prohibited by the aforementioned rules. In addition, no username shall contain graphic or sexual words, purposeful misspellings of these words, or these words with some or all letters replaced by symbols or numbers. Accounts found in violation of these rules will be removed without notice.

D.2 Signatures

Each user is, by default, allowed to present a signature with their posts. Signatures should be no more than 160 pixels in height when rendered with text. No image within a signature shall exceed 500 pixels in width or 160 pixels in height. The total file size of all images in the signature shall not exceed 100 kilobytes. Images within the signature may be animated and/or transparent. Repeated abuse of the signature will result in a user no longer having the ability to display a signature.

D.3 Avatars

Each user is, by default, allowed to present an avatar measuring no more than 100 pixels in width, 100 pixels in height, and 75 kilobytes in size. Avatars may be animated and/or transparent. Repeated abuse of the avatar will result in a user no longer having the ability to display an avatar.

E Staff

E.1 Frozen Sand, LLC

These forums are operated under the permission and direction of Frozen Sand, LLC. As such, the members and employees of these organizations are administrators by default.

E.2 Administrators

The administrators of this forum are meant to ensure the ongoing operation of the forums with regard to its users and the data contained herein. They are granted the power to affect all aspects of the forums, including, but not limited to: moderation/removal/moving of posts, account suspensions, and pruning of old topics. Administrators are available to answer any questions you might have regarding the forums.

E.3 Moderators

Moderators are responsible for one or more discussion areas within the forums. They are empowered to edit, remove, and move posts within the discussion areas they are responsible for. They are available to answer questions regarding their discussion areas. Moderators are selected as they are needed. No applications are taken.
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