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Auth system

Warning: This feature is available with Urban Terror 4.2 and higher, using the dedicated server binary provided by Frozen Sand.

Authentication System settings

Manage your ban-lists through the group management page. You can find your group(s) here.
You can also use the ban-lists of other groups. You can find the banlist of each group here.

set auth_enable "1"Set auth_enable to 0 to disable the authentication system.
set auth_notoriety "0"Auth_notoriety sets the minimum notoriety level required to connect to a server. Anyone can join when set to 0.

List of notorieties:
10basic  20apprentice  30in progress  40regular  
50serious  60trained  70expert  80well known  
90old school  100master  
set auth_tags "1"Used to prevent clan tag thieves from joining the server.
set auth_verbosity "1"When set to 0 no authentication message is displayed when a player connects. When set to 1 a message is shown at the top of the screen. When set to 2 the message is displayed in the chat box.
set auth_log "1"Records the account information of each player in the server logs.
set auth_groups ""Specify group IDs, separated with a space, if you want to allow only a selection of groups to connect to the server. When left empty ("") all groups can connect.
set auth_owners ""Specify the group ID of your clan (more informations on www urbanterror info). Several owners can be assigned seperating IDs by a space ("1 13").
set auth_cheaters "1"In the future this setting will keep a server protected from officially banned cheaters. NB: This setting will only be available when Anti-Cheat has been successfully implemented in Urban Terror.
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