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Server Admin

Auth system

Warning: This feature is available with Urban Terror 4.2 and higher, using the dedicated server binary provided by Frozen Sand.

Authentication System settings

Manage your ban-lists through the group management page. You can find your group(s) here.
You can also use the ban-lists of other groups. You can find the banlist of each group here.

set auth_enable "1"Set auth_enable to 1 to enable the authentication system.
set auth_notoriety "0"Auth_notoriety sets the minimum notoriety level required to connect to a server. Anyone can join when set to 0.

List of notorieties:
10basic  20apprentice  30in progress  40regular  
50serious  60trained  70expert  80well known  
90old school  100master  
set auth_tags "1"Used to prevent clan tag thieves from joining the server [FEATURE DISABLED].
set auth_verbosity "1"When set to 0 no authentication message is displayed when a player connects. When set to 1 a message is shown at the top of the screen. When set to 2 the message is displayed in the chat box.
set auth_log "1"Records the account information of each player in the server logs.
set auth_groups ""Specify group IDs, separated with a space, if you want to allow only a selection of groups to connect to the server. When left empty ("") all groups can connect.
set auth_owners ""Specify the group ID of your clan. Several owners can be assigned by seperating IDs with a space ("1 13").
set auth_cheaters "1"In the future this setting will keep a server protected from officially banned cheaters. NB: This setting will only be available when Anti-Cheat has been successfully implemented in Urban Terror.

Auth rcon commands

Several auth-related rcon commands are available for server administrators. Check this link to read more about rcon commands.

Command UsageDescription
Whois/rcon auth-whois <player> Returns account information about the specified player name or ID.
Ban/rcon auth-ban <player> <days> <hours> <min> Bans an auth account for the specified amount of time. The ban will be automatically removed from the banlist of the group associated to the server as soon as it expires. To apply a permanent ban, set days, hours and mins to 0.
Unban/rcon auth-unban <auth login> Removes the specified player auth login's ban from the banlist of the group associated to the server.
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