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Skin selection

This features allows a player to configure its client to render player models in colours other than the game defaults. For example, in team survivor, it permits to draw enemies using the FFA/LMS green skins and allies in orange skins instead of the default red and blue skins. Note: this feature only change skins, individual players' models/gender are unaffected.

Selecting skins

Two cvars are controlling skin selection: cg_skinAlly and cg_skinEnemy. The former control your team skin, the latter the one of your enemies. Elements of the user interface and flags will also match skin selection. Valid values are 0 for the default skins and:

For example, to configure your client to display your team in orange and your enemies in green:

cg_skinAlly 5
cg_skinEnemy 1

Note: to avoid abuse, changes to skin settings will only take effect during warmup, when changing team (including joining the spectators), and upon respawn (except for Jump mode where changes are immediate).

Note: Some combination of values are restricted to avoid situations where both teams would end up with the same skins. Therefore:
setting cg_skinAlly and cg_skinEnemy to an identical value other than 0
setting one to 0 and the other to red or blue (2 or 3)
will display an error message. (In that situation, the skin displayed will match the last valid configuration).

Server configuration

Server administrators can allow or forbid the use of the client-side skin selection feature in their server configuration using the variable g_allowForceSkins.


Team changes

When using skins settings other than ucnhanged (0) changing team will no longer change the skins of your allies and opponents.


While in spectator (whether in free look or following a player) , "red players" will appear in the skin selected with cg_skinEnemy and "blue players" cg_skinAlly.


In solo modes, all players have the same skin as set by the cg_skinEnemy variable.

team command and ingame team selection user interface

The team command and the team selection user interface have been left unchanged. This causes a mismatch with the skin displayed ingame. This should be remedied in the future. In the meantime, remember that the "red team" always appears above in the full and mini score boards.

Invalid transitions

When changing cg_skinAlly and cg_skinEnemy values, it might be required to temporarily set an invalid configuration, in such case ignore the error message and proceed. For example, assuming the default configuration, where both variables have value 0. To change it to have allies blue and enemies red (irrelevant of your actual side on the map), one might first set cg_skinAlly to 3. At this point, an error message is produced and the skin displayed are unchanged (see above about invalid settings). That error should be ignore and cg_skinEnemy set to 2. Only then will the skin settings take effect.
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