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Urban Zone

UrbanZone League is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers. It organizes online competitions and tournaments exclusively for our free multi-platform FPS game UrbanTerror. Famous for its CTF league, the UrbanZone now also proposes TS and BM competitions to its players. Over the years, the league has set up quite a few special events that often turns the community wild. Namingly, the SkeetShoot, Zombie, 2v2 and KnockOut tournaments.

BM League History

Top clans: [b00bs] | Fruit Ninjas | z2x*Team | .aCe. | GoodTeam

5v5 BM League - Season 1
5v5 BM League - Season 2
b00bsZero 2 Heroontop.
5v5 BM League - Season 3
5v5 BM League - Season 4
5v5 BM League - Season 5
Defining StarsVarious-Artistsb00bs
5v5 BM League - Season 6
5v5 BM League - Season 7
5v5 BM League - Season 8
b00bsz2x*teamvnr. Team
5v5 BM League - Season 9
Fruit Ninjasb00bsKings of Rabbit Hunters
5v5 BM League - Season 10
b00bsFruit Ninjasz2x*team
5v5 BM League - Season 11
BENDER's CompanyPuzzlesaCe
5v5 BM League - Season 12
b00bsorKs eSportsEssence
5v5 BM League - Season 13
5v5 BM League - Season 14
[HDdev eSport]Essenceb00bs

CTF League History

Top clans: D&G. | puff** | .aCe. | =jF= | -fox.

UrT 5v5 CTF League #1
Fruity Groov’just Fraggin’Chilly
UrT 5v5 CTF League #2
Fruity Groov’Cursed Zombie HandsFrenetic Online Xtermination
UrT 5v5 CTF League #3
Power Puff GirlzHaagentiFrenetic Online Xtermination
UrT 5v5 CTF League #4
Demon & FuriesFrenetic Online XterminationHaagenti
UrT 5v5 CTF League #5
Power Puff GirlzFrenetic Online XterminationDemon & Furies
UrT 5v5 CTF League #6
Power Puff GirlzHaagentiDemon & Furies
UrT 5v5 CTF League #7
Power Puff GirlzFrenetic Online XterminationERMMMMM
UrT 5v5 CTF League #8
Som GorsiDemon & Furiesjust Fraggin’
UrT 5v5 CTF League #9
Grzmiace Dupyzero ToleranceHaagenti
UrT 5v5 CTF League #10
Team PolandSexMachinesE.S.C. Novamania
UrT 5v5 CTF League #11
Power Puff GirlzzE Kankerz!Grzmiace Dupy
UrT 5v5 CTF League #12
Power Puff GirlzKingdom of ShetlandWaiting for A Flag
UrT 5v5 CTF League #13
Team*KPower Puff GirlzGrzmiace Dupy
UrT 5v5 CTF League #14
Allstarsjust Fraggin’aCe
UrT 5v5 CTF League #15
just Fraggin'Sexy ChicksaCe
UrT 5v5 CTF League #16
aCeGentlemen's ClubInTribe
UrT 5v5 CTF League #17
aCeincredible Animals terroristRush
UrT 5v5 CTF League #18
aCeGrzmiace DupyGood Gamers
UrT 5v5 CTF League #19
aCeTeam Piratesrush together
UrT 5v5 CTF League #20
just Fraggin'aCeGinger Engineer
UrT 5v5 CTF League #21
Ginger EngineerSeven Deadly SinsAera eSport
UrT 5v5 CTF League #22
Ginger EngineerWave The FlagHASH
UrT 5v5 CTF League #23
b00bsGinger EngineerFruit Ninjas
UrT 5v5 CTF League #24
Fruit NinjasGinger EngineerHASH
UrT 5v5 CTF League #25
Ginger EngineerVarious-ArtistsFruit Ninjas
UrT 5v5 CTF League #26
BENDER's CompanyGinger EngineerHASH
UrT 5v5 CTF League #27
Ginger EngineerorKs eSportsb00bs
UrT 5v5 CTF League #28
Ginger Engineerb00bsHASH
UrT 5v5 CTF League #29
orKs eSportsGinger Engineersb00bs
UrT 5v5 CTF League #29
[HDdev eSport]EssencefreneticZ

TS League History

Top clans: [b00bs] | AESIR | Essence | SexyChicks | Team Italy |

5v5 TS League - Season 1
AESIRFrenetic Online XterminationFunny-
5v5 TS League - Season 2
AESIRZero TolerancePower Puff Girlz
5v5 TS League - Season 3
AESIRQuestion AuthorityFight-For-Fun
5v5 TS League - Season 4
AESIRzE Kankerz!Vijf zegen
5v5 TS League - Season 5
AESIRPower Puff GirlzOwn peace
5v5 TS League - Season 6
Vijf zegenTeam ItalySexy Chicks
5v5 TS League - Season 7
Team ItalySexy ChicksOwn peace
5v5 TS League - Season 8
b00bsknuckleb0ne m0bstersTeam Glory
5v5 TS League - Season 9
Sexy ChicksGoodTeamb00bs
5v5 TS League - Season 10
Sexy ChicksTeam ItalyaCe
5v5 TS League - Season 11
b00bsHighend-GamingI Mirmidoni
5v5 TS League - Season 12
5v5 TS League - Season 13
just Fraggin'Seven Deadly SinsN.A.
5v5 TS League - Season 14
b00bsAera eSportSeven Deadly Sins
5v5 TS League - Season 15
b00bsfreneticZAera eSport
5v5 TS League - Season 16
5v5 TS League - Season 17
United 5b00bsClan Fanatic Gamers
5v5 TS League - Season 18
Ginger Engineerz2x*teamVarious-Artists
5v5 TS League - Season 19
Cooking With Jack-high5 TeamPuzzles
5v5 TS League - Season 20
EssenceSayajin-high5 Team
5v5 TS League - Season 21
b00bs+5 do dyntkiComeback
5v5 TS League - Season 22
5v5 TS League - Season 23
Essence[HD-Dev eSports]-High5. Team
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