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Unreal 4 map maker head count

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Posted 03 October 2016 - 03:19 PM

Ye, a dummy character to move around to kind of "playtest". Some ways to make a map more dynamic. (I dont know what actors/characters will activate doors, maybe give us turrets for spawnprotection, do you have a "use event" or do we need to listen for a player to "press a use key", does it work when in a perimeter or does the player need to look at some things to activate...etc. , can I decide if something can only be interacted with while looking at it?)
Right now I feel like I can only create a basic map layout and try to decorate it with static clutter and replacing walls with containers or stuff.

How does a map "work"?
I think I asked this already 1-2 years ago;
can I use dynamic lights, as in a flickering light with a synced tick? (Or will this make the map unplayable in a more competitive way?)
Destructible objects, material/object penetration etc. (?) make object take damage from different interactions in different ways (dropping on it breaks a box, so in effect only one player can drop down a shortcut without taking damage in a round of bomb mode).
Can I spawn guns and game object and manipulate gamemodes on the map side? (needing to bomb 3 things of 5 to be successful as an example). Can I fight camping on tdm on the map side by dealing damage to players when someone sits in certain spots too long?

Basically FS can reduce uncertainty and with it lower the risk that someone works on a map for [50(+/-)500]h in total and in the end its wasted. I am and was no good mapper but I know from mapping for 4.x that for my workflow I probably already spent hours just running around on a basic layout and timing how long it took to get to certain positions.

If anything of these questions have been answered please redirect me I was out of the loop for a while now.

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