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Welcome to Urban Terror

Urban Terror™ is a free multiplayer first person shooter developed by FrozenSand, that will run on any Quake III Arena compatible engine. It is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Urban Terror can be described as a Hollywood tactical shooter; somewhat realism based, but the motto is "fun over realism". This results in a very unique, enjoyable and addictive game.

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Latest news

Community chamber #3

in Devs blogs - posted 3 days ago by FS b0ciaM
FS b0ciaM: In this episode of Community Chamber I would like to start with the hot clip made by Severon called PugBot Masters Episode #3. This is his next eposode of the Urban Terror Community pickup action combined with music, transitions and action flow in to the final video. If you are still wondering about trying it out don't waste more time! ;)  ‹video›  Also.. If you had a longer break from Urba […]

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Flawless UTCS FALL 2023 Match Day

in Devs blogs - posted 10 days ago by FS b0ciaM
FS b0ciaM: ‹image›  Flawless UTCS competition has reached the play-off stage. With two weeks of time to play the matchs, all involved teams have the time to play their games by the end of 27th of November, which means more interesting games are coming our way. Here are the play-off cup trees in both gametypes.  I will try to post the game schedules once they are set in stone so keep an eye on this post […]

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Community chamber #2

in Devs blogs - posted 13 days ago by FS b0ciaM
FS b0ciaM: Time flies fast when you are an active Urban Terror player and here I am again with the dose of news from the community world.  I would like to start with this new post from JRandomNoob about the map ut_Corn from the 5th of December of 2000 year.  ‹images›  I don't think that I've even heard about this one before. Check out the full story about this map with this link.  Be […]

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Flawless UTCS FALL 2023 Match Day

in Devs blogs - posted 18 days ago by FS b0ciaM
FS b0ciaM: ‹image›  The last day of the group games is ahead of us. The deadline for all the games for both gametypes Capture the Flag & Team Survivor is 13.11.2023. I prepared the scheduled games table for anyone who is interested in watching the streams online.  All the action can be found under official Twitch account  I hope to see you there!

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Community chamber

in Devs blogs - posted 21 days ago by FS b0ciaM
FS b0ciaM: Welcome to the Community Chamber!  The very first and I hope not the last news from the community chamber I would like to start with some Flawless UTCS Fall 2023 summary. The season has just kicked off and we have already had some interesting and tense games happening. What you might have missed if you are not a Twitch subscriber is:  ‹videos›  These are just exampl […]

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Happy Halloween 2023!

in Misc - posted 1 month ago by FrozenSand
For this Halloween we got some sneak peeks from UrT 5 of Thingley... but wait?!... SOMETHING IS HORRIBLY WRONG! The city was attacked by the undead!

Spooky! Although, nothing that the HK69 wouldn't solve... 😏

Now, here are some community events.

Paradise City CTF - Halloween Event

When: Sun Oct 29th - 21:00 CET
Where: Paradise City CTF /connect
👻 Join us if you dare! 💀
Dress up in your favourite funstuff and enjoy a spooktakular evening with us. 🎃
Discord event.

🎃 We wish you a safe and happy Halloween of 2023! 🎃

One day 2v2 Tournament

in Leagues - posted Saturday, 06 May 2023 by FrozenSand

📢 We are excited to announce the first of the One Day Cup events, the 2v2 Tournament.

The event will open its signups this Monday at 22:00 CEST.
Don't miss your chance to signup as only the first 16 teams will be able to grab a spot!

🗓️ Sunday, May 14th at 17:00


A single elimination 16 teams playoffs tree
Matches are played as Best of One (1 map)
The first team to score 15 rounds wins the match

The AC will be mandatory!

The tournament will be streamed live at

PS: Teams will need to confirm their presence before 17:30 or they will be replaced.

At FrozenSand we are very grateful to the organizers for their effort and activity :)

The Flawless Championship Series is back!

in Leagues - posted Monday, 16 January 2023 by FrozenSand

The Flawless Crew will help you get through the winter with a brand new edition of the Urban Terror Championship Series!

This time, not one but two competitive cups have been created - a Team Survivor and a Capture the Flag league. Don't miss out on the great return of competitive CTF!

Signups close on the 20th of January (this Friday!). Don't think twice. Gather your clan and register on the Flawless Discord server below.

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