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#1 Guest_Chaco Taco|poop

Posted 07 May 2004 - 02:33 AM

I've got 2 ideas for new maps, one was given to me by a clan mate and one i thought of this afternoon, i'd love to make these myself but i don't know the first damn thing about makin maps, i only know how ta make basic 3d models, hrmm... but neways, Idea one: Hunters Paradise, a pretty flat map, but pretty good size area wise, maybe a few small mounds... Lots of tree models, bushes, 4 hunting stands in the trees, one covered, one uncovered for both teams, hunting blinds with small gaps ta shoot through, but instead of makin all the blinds bullet proof, make some penetratable, like u can see through with Noob vision, a bush blind i guess, and make the hunting blinds camo just for fun... and spawns could be like log cabins or a camping area full of tents? and in the middle a forrest ranger tower with enough cover to actually shelter a sniper for a min., and maybe like a randomly placed rusted car, and ranger station. lol... lemme know what ya think? It would be possible to do TS, bomb, cap and hold, and ctf on it i think, as well as tdm.

Second map idea, a lot less detailed, a moon base with working air locks, where you actually have to wait for one door to close fore the other opens, and if you go through the wrong lock you decompress and die :) like the piranahes/firing squad/etc on other maps. I dunno... there would be a lot more to that, like a lunar rover model, supply bay, empty rail system, windows with star scapes and earth/sun, etc... what'd ya'll think? lemme know if this inspires any of ya or if my ideas have been done or just suck, thank ya'll

Chaco Taco|poop

#2 User is offline   Hybridesque (old) Icon

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Posted 07 May 2004 - 11:51 AM

Sketch a layout and I'll try and help you out if i can... apart from the fact I'll be dropping off the face of the earth soonish (due to exams and summer hols, but still will be contanctable, to a certain extent.


#3 Guest_RalphNizzle

Posted 13 May 2004 - 08:43 AM

Actually me and DarthNader are discussing plans to help him build a moonbase map.... I won't disclose any details but if you want I can keep you updated on how it's going

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