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#11 User is offline   Bodhisattva Icon

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Posted 15 December 2010 - 11:29 PM

View Postklabauterman, on 15 December 2010 - 11:05 PM, said:

I wish it would be possible to have keys to change only one slot in the gear setup - like sniper, auto, sub, shotgun, sidearm, grenade and up to 3 items

technically, u could script this now with a multidimensional toggle

#12 User is offline   BanMe Icon

  • Account: banme
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Posted 23 December 2010 - 09:14 PM

A crosshair changer if you don't like the one in the options menu.
Left and right arrows change crosshair type. Up and down arrows change size.

//BanMe's Cross Hair Toggle
//Left and right arrows change crosshair type
//Up and down arrows change size of crosshair

set cross1 "cg_drawcrosshair 1;wait 15;ut_echo "Crosshair 1";set nextcross vstr cross2;set lastcross vstr cross13 "

set cross2 "cg_drawcrosshair 2;wait 15;ut_echo "Crosshair 2";set nextcross vstr cross3;set lastcross vstr cross1 "

set cross3 "cg_drawcrosshair 3;wait 15;ut_echo "Crosshair 3";set nextcross vstr cross4;set lastcross vstr cross2"

set cross4 "cg_drawcrosshair 4;wait 15;ut_echo "Crosshair 4";set nextcross vstr cross5;set lastcross vstr cross3"

set cross5 "cg_drawcrosshair 5;wait 15;ut_echo "Crosshair 5";set nextcross vstr cross6;set lastcross vstr cross4"

set cross6 "cg_drawcrosshair 6;wait 15;ut_echo "Crosshair 6";set nextcross vstr cross7;set lastcross vstr cross5"

set cross7 "cg_drawcrosshair 7;wait 15;ut_echo "Crosshair 7";set nextcross vstr cross8;set lastcross vstr cross6"

set cross8 "cg_drawcrosshair 8;wait 15;ut_echo "Crosshair 8";set nextcross vstr cross9;set lastcross vstr cross7"

set cross9 "cg_drawcrosshair 9;wait 15;ut_echo "Crosshair 9";set nextcross vstr cross10;set lastcross vstr cross8"

set cross10 "cg_drawcrosshair 10;wait 15;ut_echo "Crosshair 10";set nextcross vstr cross11;set lastcross vstr cross9"

set cross11 "cg_drawcrosshair 11;wait 15;ut_echo "Crosshair 11";set nextcross vstr cross12;set lastcross vstr cross10"

set cross12 "cg_drawcrosshair 12;wait 15;ut_echo "Crosshair 12";set nextcross vstr cross13;set lastcross vstr cross11"

set cross13 "cg_drawcrosshair 13;wait 15;ut_echo "Crosshair 13";set nextcross vstr cross1;set lastcross vstr cross12"

set nextcross "vstr cross1"
set lastcross "vstr cross1"

bind RIGHTARROW "vstr nextcross"
bind LEFTARROW "vstr lastcross"

set size0"cg_crosshairsize 0; ut_echo Crosshair Size 0;set nextsize vstr size1;set lastsize vstr size100"
set size1"cg_crosshairsize 1; ut_echo Crosshair Size 1;set nextsize vstr size2;set lastsize vstr size0 "
set size2"cg_crosshairsize 2; ut_echo Crosshair Size 2;set nextsize vstr size3;set lastsize vstr size1 "
set size3"cg_crosshairsize 3; ut_echo Crosshair Size 3;set nextsize vstr size4;set lastsize vstr size2 "
set size4"cg_crosshairsize 4; ut_echo Crosshair Size 4;set nextsize vstr size5;set lastsize vstr size3 "
set size5"cg_crosshairsize 5; ut_echo Crosshair Size 5;set nextsize vstr size6;set lastsize vstr size4 "
set size6"cg_crosshairsize 6; ut_echo Crosshair Size 6;set nextsize vstr size7;set lastsize vstr size5 "
set size7"cg_crosshairsize 7; ut_echo Crosshair Size 7;set nextsize vstr size8;set lastsize vstr size6 "
set size8"cg_crosshairsize 8; ut_echo Crosshair Size 8;set nextsize vstr size9;set lastsize vstr size7 "
set size9"cg_crosshairsize 9; ut_echo Crosshair Size 9;set nextsize vstr size10;set lastsize vstr size8 "
set size10"cg_crosshairsize 10; ut_echo Crosshair Size 10;set nextsize vstr size11;set lastsize vstr size9 "
set size11"cg_crosshairsize 11; ut_echo Crosshair Size 11;set nextsize vstr size12;set lastsize vstr size10 "
set size12"cg_crosshairsize 12; ut_echo Crosshair Size 12;set nextsize vstr size13;set lastsize vstr size11 "
set size13"cg_crosshairsize 13; ut_echo Crosshair Size 13;set nextsize vstr size14;set lastsize vstr size12 "
set size14"cg_crosshairsize 14; ut_echo Crosshair Size 14;set nextsize vstr size15;set lastsize vstr size13 "
set size15"cg_crosshairsize 15; ut_echo Crosshair Size 15;set nextsize vstr size16;set lastsize vstr size14 "
set size16"cg_crosshairsize 16; ut_echo Crosshair Size 16;set nextsize vstr size17;set lastsize vstr size15 "
set size17"cg_crosshairsize 17; ut_echo Crosshair Size 17;set nextsize vstr size18;set lastsize vstr size16 "
set size18"cg_crosshairsize 18; ut_echo Crosshair Size 18;set nextsize vstr size19;set lastsize vstr size17 "
set size19"cg_crosshairsize 19; ut_echo Crosshair Size 19;set nextsize vstr size20;set lastsize vstr size18 "
set size20"cg_crosshairsize 20; ut_echo Crosshair Size 20;set nextsize vstr size25;set lastsize vstr size19 "
set size25"cg_crosshairsize 25; ut_echo Crosshair Size 25;set nextsize vstr size30;set lastsize vstr size20 "
set size30"cg_crosshairsize 30; ut_echo Crosshair Size 30;set nextsize vstr size35;set lastsize vstr size25 "
set size35"cg_crosshairsize 35; ut_echo Crosshair Size 35;set nextsize vstr size40;set lastsize vstr size30 "
set size40"cg_crosshairsize 40; ut_echo Crosshair Size 40;set nextsize vstr size45;set lastsize vstr size35 "
set size45"cg_crosshairsize 45; ut_echo Crosshair Size 45;set nextsize vstr size50;set lastsize vstr size40 "
set size50"cg_crosshairsize 50; ut_echo Crosshair Size 50;set nextsize vstr size55;set lastsize vstr size45 "
set size55"cg_crosshairsize 55; ut_echo Crosshair Size 55;set nextsize vstr size60;set lastsize vstr size50 "
set size60"cg_crosshairsize 60; ut_echo Crosshair Size 60;set nextsize vstr size65;set lastsize vstr size55 "
set size65"cg_crosshairsize 65; ut_echo Crosshair Size 65;set nextsize vstr size70;set lastsize vstr size60 "
set size70"cg_crosshairsize 70; ut_echo Crosshair Size 70;set nextsize vstr size75;set lastsize vstr size65 "
set size75"cg_crosshairsize 75; ut_echo Crosshair Size 75;set nextsize vstr size80;set lastsize vstr size70 "
set size80"cg_crosshairsize 80; ut_echo Crosshair Size 80;set nextsize vstr size85;set lastsize vstr size75 "
set size85"cg_crosshairsize 85; ut_echo Crosshair Size 85;set nextsize vstr size90;set lastsize vstr size80 "
set size90"cg_crosshairsize 90; ut_echo Crosshair Size 90;set nextsize vstr size95;set lastsize vstr size85 "
set size95"cg_crosshairsize 95; ut_echo Crosshair Size 95;set nextsize vstr size100;set lastsize vstr size90 "
set size100"cg_crosshairsize 100; ut_echo Crosshair Size 100;set nextsize vstr size0;set lastsize vstr size95 "

set nextsize "vstr size1"
set lastsize "vstr size1"

bind UPARROW "vstr nextsize"
bind DOWNARROW "vstr lastsize"

#13 User is offline   Mission85 Icon

Posted 23 December 2010 - 09:47 PM

being able to do:
/bind x "rcon kick $target" or /bind x "rcon slap $target" could make things a little easier for admins who are ingame and someone causes a problem. no need for doing the usual /playerlist then /rcon slap <slot#> or /rcon kick <slot#>
, you could just look at the player and use the bind. but.. idk.. guess that the $target would then need to be processed by the client and figure out there slot # or name before actually sending the command to the server. hmm..

#14 User is offline   xfact0r Icon

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Posted 24 December 2010 - 02:09 AM

// X-fact0r CHAT+RADIO spam control toggle
set chat_01 "set chat_ vstr chat_02; cg_teamchatsonly 0; cg_novoicechats 0; ut_echo ::[^7 Chat ^2ON^7 | Radio ^2ON ^7]::"
set chat_02 "set chat_ vstr chat_03; cg_teamchatsonly 1; cg_novoicechats 0; ut_echo ::[^7 Chat ^1OFF^7 | Radio ^2ON ^7]::"
set chat_03 "set chat_ vstr chat_04; cg_teamchatsonly 0; cg_novoicechats 1; ut_echo ::[^7 Chat ^2ON^7 | Radio ^1OFF ^7]::"
set chat_04 "set chat_ vstr chat_01; cg_teamchatsonly 1; cg_novoicechats 1; ut_echo ::[^7 Chat ^1OFF^7 | Radio ^1OFF ^7]::"
set chat_ "vstr chat_02"
bind e "vstr chat_"		//select 'chat_02'

// X-fact0r Demo record script
set demo1 "set demo vstr demo2; g_synchronousClients 1; recorddemo ; g_synchronousClients 0; cg_autoScreenshot 1; ut_echo ::[ ^4Demo ^2RECORDING ^7| ^4AutoScreenshot ^2ON ^7]::"
set demo2 "set demo vstr demo1; stoprecord; cg_autoScreenshot 0; ut_echo ::[ ^4Demo ^1STOPPED ^7| ^4AutoScreenshot ^1OFF ^7]::"
set demo "vstr demo2"
bind F12 "vstr demo" 		//select 'demo1'

This post has been edited by X-fact0r: 24 December 2010 - 02:11 AM

#15 User is offline   Rayne Icon

  • Account: rayne
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Posted 24 December 2010 - 10:26 PM

OK time for me to contribute.
I will admit that i did NOT invent any of these scripts, FOV zoom script is by Solitary and walk run toggle i found on the internet.

Basically what this does is that once you zoom in you switch from running to walking. For all those that asked for something like this to be implemented in 4.2 here it is. It's more or less the same thing as zoom in in F.E.A.R.


//fovzoom+walk script
set zoomin "cg_fov 90; set zoomtoggle vstr zoomout; ut_zoomin; sensitivity 4.5; echo Zoomed In..."
set zoomout "cg_fov 100; set zoomtoggle vstr zoomin; ut_zoomin; sensitivity 5; echo Zoomed Out..."
set zoomtoggle "vstr zoomin"
set walktoggle "vstr walk"
set walk "+speed; set walktoggle vstr run; echo ^8Walking"
set run "-speed; set walktoggle vstr walk; echo ^8Running"
bind mouse2 "vstr zoomtoggle; vstr walktoggle"

This post has been edited by Rav3n: 24 December 2010 - 10:26 PM

#16 User is offline   patrol Icon

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Posted 24 December 2010 - 11:18 PM

View PostMission85, on 23 December 2010 - 09:47 PM, said:

being able to do:
/bind x "rcon kick $target" or /bind x "rcon slap $target" could make things a little easier for admins who are ingame and someone causes a problem. no need for doing the usual /playerlist then /rcon slap <slot#> or /rcon kick <slot#>
, you could just look at the player and use the bind. but.. idk.. guess that the $target would then need to be processed by the client and figure out there slot # or name before actually sending the command to the server. hmm..

That would be so nice if someone could come up with something like that. I had having to get the player list then find the player in the mass of names then kick them/slap them/ban them.

#17 User is offline   RYRY46d9 Icon

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Posted 25 December 2010 - 03:37 AM

Nothing that should be added, I thought I would just share what I use.

My zoom is a little different, and have no idea who came up with it but it works killer for my needs.


Default running around, 110FOV hold mouse2 turns it to 90FOV until you let go of mouse2.
I think 98% of the people call this "Quick zoom"

set do_zoom_on                    "ut_zoomin   ; vstr fov_small"
set do_zoom_off                   "ut_zoomreset; vstr fov_wide"
set fov_small                     "cg_fov 90   ; cg_drawCrosshair 13; cg_crosshairSize 15"
set fov_wide                      "cg_fov 110  ; cg_drawCrosshair 13; cg_crosshairSize 15"
bind MOUSE2                       "+vstr do_zoom_on do_zoom_off" 

one set back is you only get the first zoom mode, on SR8 PSG-1
I never need more then that since I don't camp much.
I left the cg_crosshairsize in for easy of any one wanting to step away from the little dot

I have a $crosshair spam, I'm sure there is a much better way to do this. Help full during scrims. but in FTWgl conf servers it double prints the location (haven't dug in to that cfg file yet, but I know it's out dated)


when enabled where ever you are aiming at, It prints the location

bind MOUSE1 "+attack; say_team $crosshair" 
bind z exec nolocation.cfg

bind MOUSE1 +attack
bind z exec location.cfg

exec nolocation.cfg
bind z "exec location.cfg"


I also have a taunt script + a random text @ $location, for pubbing. that I wont post to keep the spammers at bay.
hope this is help full for some one down the road.

#18 User is offline   MerkyMerc Icon

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Posted 25 December 2010 - 07:02 PM

A lot of my scripting inspiration comes from DesRat (I miss that site so much :( ), Nexu, and iBakedUsomeCookies.

Some I have made or use:

//~{Minimap size and team overlay toggle}~
bind X "+vstr mapsize_large mapsize_small"
set mapsize_small "cg_mapsize 160;cg_maparrowscale 4;cg_mapalpha 0.8;cg_mappos 4;cg_drawteamoverlay 3"
set mapsize_large "cg_mapsize 500;cg_maparrowscale 2;cg_mapalpha 0.3;cg_mappos 2;cg_drawteamoverlay 1"

//~{Volume control}~
bind X "vstr vol_down"
bind X "vstr vol_up"
set vol_0 "s_volume 0;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME |MUTED;set vol_down vstr vol_0;set vol_up vstr vol_1"
set vol_1 "s_volume 0.1;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME |+|10%;set vol_down vstr vol_0;set vol_up vstr vol_2"
set vol_2 "s_volume 0.2;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME |++|20%;set vol_down vstr vol_1;set vol_up vstr vol_3"
set vol_3 "s_volume 0.3;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME |+++|30%;set vol_down vstr vol_2;set vol_up vstr vol_4"
set vol_4 "s_volume 0.4;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME |++++|40%;set vol_down vstr vol_3;set vol_up vstr vol_5"
set vol_5 "s_volume 0.5;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME |+++++|50%;set vol_down vstr vol_4;set vol_up vstr vol_6"
set vol_6 "s_volume 0.6;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME |++++++|60%;set vol_down vstr vol_5;set vol_up vstr vol_7"
set vol_7 "s_volume 0.7;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME |+++++++|70%;set vol_down vstr vol_6;set vol_up vstr vol_8"
set vol_8 "s_volume 0.8;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME |++++++++|80%;set vol_down vstr vol_7;set vol_up vstr vol_9"
set vol_9 "s_volume 0.9;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME |+++++++++|90%;set vol_down vstr vol_8;set vol_up vstr vol_10"
set vol_10 "s_volume 1;ut_echo MAIN VOLUME |++++++++++|100%;set vol_down vstr vol_9;set vol_up vstr vol_10"
vstr vol_10

This is something I believe should be built into the game. It is a very useful bind. I have no idea who came up with it but it is so awesome and simple.

//In CTF: drop flag. In Bomb: select bomb.
bind X "ut_itemdrop flag;ut_weaptoggle bomb"

This next one I think could be built in as well. This only works correctly if your other weapon binds activate the priority like the grenade key does.
I came up with this after becoming very frustrated with ut_weaptoggle grenade.
By the way it would be great if all the ut_weaptoggle stuff was configurable through the in-game menus. That way grenade priority could be an option if the player chooses to use a grenade bind.

//Prioritized grenade selection.
//Set to HE. Will allow you to toggle between both grenade types if you have them.
//Goes to Smoke grenade if you don't have an HE.
set he_nade "ut_weaptoggle grenade;weapon 11;set nade_s vstr smoke_nade"
set smoke_nade "ut_weaptoggle grenade;set nade_s vstr he_nade"
set nade_s "vstr he_nade"
bind X "vstr nade_s" 

This post has been edited by MerkyMerc: 25 December 2010 - 07:41 PM

#19 User is offline   Smaka Icon

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Posted 28 May 2011 - 05:21 AM

Preset gears for either attack or defense. Change whats needed by pressing 2 or 3 whilst in respawn. For ctf mostly. TS you can also use it depending on how the teams are playing.

bind 2 "vstr loadd"
set loadd vstr loaddd
set loaddd "vstr lo_01d" // Default

set lo_01d "set loadd vstr lo_02d; gear GZAATRW; ut_echo ^2DEF^6SR8/^3MED-^2Vest-^3helm"
set lo_02d "set loadd vstr lo_03d; gear FLAAURW; ut_echo ^2DEF^6LR300/^3Med-^2Vest-^3helm"
set lo_03d "set loadd vstr lo_01d; gear FNAATUW; ut_echo ^2DEF^6PSG/^3Med-^6sil-^3helm"

bind 3 "vstr loada"
set loada vstr loadaa
set loadaa "vstr lo_01a" // Default

set lo_01a "set loada vstr lo_02a; gear FeAAVUW; ut_echo ^5ATK^6coltM4/^3Laser-^6sil-^3helm"
set lo_02a "set loada vstr lo_03a; gear FLAATUW; ut_echo ^5ATK^6LR300/^3Med-^6sil-^3helm"
set lo_03a "set loada vstr lo_01a; gear FMAARUW; ut_echo ^5ATK^6G36/^3Med-^6sil-^3helm"

Sometimes I would change gear so I can then drop kevlar to the fc or medic them. Change back to gear I would then use for my mission.

#20 User is offline   Dark-knight Icon

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Posted 19 August 2011 - 07:51 AM

whats the difference between +vstr and vstr?

View PostbeautifulNihilist, on 09 September 2015 - 08:50 PM, said:

there are no flaws in Urban Terror, only features.

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