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  1. Female Bots are Male? Please help.

    02 March 2021 - 05:21 AM

    Anybody know why all bots look male even if they are supposed to be female? Whenever I join or create a server, all the bots are male with the same looking head/face.

    I can't find any public server with bots that has them showing as female(in game) regardless of the female names.

    I even tried spawning the built in bots that are supposed to default to female such as, bleach, drop, lollipop, and windex but they all look male in game.

    Anybody know if its a known issue and/or how to get female bots in the game?

    Human player set to female does show as female(in game) so seems to be bot specific issue. I show as a female in game when I play.

    My bot.cfg looks like this,

    addbot cockroach 1 Blue 2000 =lvl1=cockroach
    addbot cheetah 1 Blue 3000 =lvl1=cheetah
    addbot puma 1 Blue 4000 =lvl1=puma
    addbot cobra 1 Blue 5000 =lvl1=cobra
    addbot penguin 1 Blue 6000 =lvl1=penguin
    addbot scorpion 1 Blue 7000 =lvl1=scorpion
    addbot boa 1 Blue 8000 =lvl1=boa
    addbot chicken 1 Blue 9000 =lvl1=chicken
    addbot adrastos 1 Blue 10000 =lvl1=adrastos
    addbot bleach 1 Blue 11000 =lvl1=bleach
    addbot buzz 1 Blue 12000 =lvl1=buzz
    addbot dre 1 Blue 13000 =lvl1=dre
    addbot drop 1 Blue 14000 =lvl1=drop
    addbot lollipop 1 Blue 15000 =lvl1=lollipop
    addbot mutt 1 Blue 16000 =lvl1=mutt

    addbot cougar 1 Red 2000 =lvl1=cougar
    addbot goose 1 Red 3000 =lvl1=goose
    addbot mantis 1 Red 4000 =lvl1=mantis
    addbot python 1 Red 5000 =lvl1=python
    addbot raven 1 Red 6000 =lvl1=raven
    addbot scarab 1 Red 7000 =lvl1=scarab
    addbot tiger 1 Red 8000 =lvl1=tiger
    addbot widow 1 Red 9000 =lvl1=widow
    addbot nails 1 Red 10000 =lvl1=nails
    addbot oscar 1 Red 11000 =lvl1=oscar
    addbot robin 1 Red 12000 =lvl1=robin
    addbot rock 1 Red 13000 =lvl1=rock
    addbot staple 1 Red 14000 =lvl1=staple
    addbot twist 1 Red 15000 =lvl1=twist
    addbot windex 1 Red 16000 =lvl1=windex

    Thats all 30 built in bots I spawn but always all male. :(

    My goal is just to have a 50/50 mix of female/male bots when I run a server. However, I actually want the females to show up as females.


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