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  1. In Topic: Attitude towards hacks

    26 February 2019 - 11:54 PM

    Personally I don't care if someone is using cheats or hacks...As long as it's not on a network connected game where everyone plays by the same set of rules.

    The number one problem in general is the statement "If I cheat what harm is there?"

    The harm that they create is an environment of mistrust where the top players have to pay the price.

    Urban Terror is a game easy to learn but hard to master and can take a lot of time to become on of the top and respected player. When they do reach that level of skill their reward is to be accused of cheating?

    As to the idea of using cheats to catch a cheater?

    Thats like saying we should murder people to catch a serial killer.

    You just adding to the problem not solving it based on a single incident of cheating. If cheat to catch a cheater becomes SOP what you land up with is servers full of players using cheats. (just look at Team Fortress)
  2. In Topic: FPS drops

    26 February 2019 - 11:33 PM

    Interesting problem.

    Have you tried to play the map on a different server and if so does the drop still occur?

    Do other players on the same server using the same map have the same problem?

    When was the last time you cleaned out the dust bunnies from your computer case?

    When the door opens and you turn around does the FPS restore?

    The game engine will cull what it does not see so each time the door opens and closes whats behind it does not get rendered so could be an issue with the map having way to much detail that is expose to the camera. Nothing you can do if that's the case

    Known problem.

    Newer generation video card now have a <cough cough> feature called thermal throttling, Google it, where if the video card reaches critical heat levels will automatically throttle back to a lower clock speed.

    This “issue” popped up mid 2018 and I suspect was also responsible for the problem of video jitters, that also effected my game performance, but seems to have disappeared during a video driver update.

    Some other considerations

    Just because someone sets the FPS cap to 120 does not mean that you get 120. What it does is increase the output from the game engine at a rate of 120 frames per second to the video output but it's then up to the video card to attempt to maintain the rate and if it's not able to do so will start to drop frames in an attempt to maintain the rate.

    If the card starts to drop frames it can result in a miss perception of problems not related to the dropping problem or a problem relating to the game.

    General tip.

    Just because a player turns everything past 11 means that they will get top performance in an almost 20 year old game where in fact can be causing more harm than good. If I plan on having an extended play time on a hot summer day I usually set my cap to about 80 so do the same on your end and see what happens when the door opens and closes.

    LOL just noticed the post was made in May of 2018
  3. In Topic: Server reputation system

    25 February 2019 - 09:11 AM

    Very good idea but is outside FS's jurisdiction.

    Frozen Sands mandate is to ensure that a game called Urban Terror is around a year from now when facing obsolesce by design.

    Taking over server management would be like Nike taking over the Boston Marathon which is best served by independent management.

    In my opinion the issue of finding a game is compounded by the "more than there are players" server choices where it is not FS place to control what servers are allowed or not allowed on the master server.

    That said.

    If a 3rd party member of the community whats to put up their own web site and set up a "gold standard" of server IP address, that I can put into my address bookmarks, I for one would make use of it.
  4. In Topic: Could you fix 4.3 netcode?

    25 February 2019 - 03:02 AM

    The simple answer to the original post is no the netcode can not be fixed as being 20 year old technology needs to be replaced as anything else would just be a patch.

    To put it into context lets say you find an old model T and want to hot rod it so you drop in a brand new 5 liter and drive around the neighborhood. Everything works great until you do your first burn out and the entire drive train blows up.

    Same thing with the netcode were one thing is change and something else not anticipated blows up under piratical game play loads. Works fine for us under testing conditions but once released to the wild is where the unknown X-factor comes in as to real world playing conditions were there is no way to control the perfect conditions as to the evil that is the Internet.

    The solution to the problem is for FS to take control of everything including master servers and server availability as it is done in the year 2019 and remove the X-factor as a possible cause. Of course post your opinion why this would be a bad idea and save me the time. :D

    Our solution to the problem, as you can see, is it is time to switch engine technology to something more current in the form of the Unreal 4 engine where in most cases the X-factor is fixed for us with each new update.

    To put it into context development of Urban Terror on the idtech3 engine is like trying to pound 50 pounds of mud into a 5 pound bag.

    And yes it's frustrating even for us.

    We loss more developers over the frustration of what can't be done more than anything else.

    To avoid writing a book lets just say what you see most of the time is just smoke as to the fire that is the real problem and not that simple to fix, like unlocking snaps, as your not really fixing the problem but rather giving it to someone else. Your taking away from Peter and giving it to Paul. ;)
  5. In Topic: UrT Resurgence development screenshots and videos

    25 January 2019 - 05:48 AM


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