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ARGENTINA.arTeam years
ASGALL.aSia.Team Asia6 years
AUau.Team Australiateamaustralia.host56.com9 years
AUSTRIA.atTeam Austria12 years
BANGLADESH[BAN]Team Bangladeshurtbd.com9 years
BELGIUMbe.Team Belgiumclanbase.ggl.com12 years
BRAZIL[<o>]Team years
CANADA.caTeam Canadaurbanterror-canada.net12 years
CHILEcL`Team Chileurtchile.cl12 years
COLOMBIACO|Team Colombiaurbanterrorcolombia.com12 years
CZE[CZE]Team Czech9 years
DENMARK]DK[Team Denmarkclanbase.ggl.com12 years
FRANCEfr.Team Francediscord.gg12 years
GERMANY[GER]Team Germanyiourbanterror.de12 years
HUN[HU]Team Hungary7 years
INDIA[IND]Team Indiaurtindia.org12 years
ITALYIT.Team Italyurbanterror.it12 years
NETHERLANDSNED|Team Netherlandsurban-zone.org12 years
NORDICnordic|Nordic Team8 years
POLANDPOL&Team Polandurban-terror.pl12 years
PORTUGAL*PTTeam Portugal12 years
ROMANIAROMANIA|Team Romaniaurbanterror-ro.com12 years
RUSSIA[RUS]Team Russiaurtrussia.org12 years
SPAIN.esTeam Spainclanbase.ggl.com12 years
SVKsvk|Team Slovakia9 years
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