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Audio Engineer & Mapper

  • Level Designer
  • Audio Engineer
  •  France


    Profile: Asche


    Team Manager & Programmer

  • Company Director & COO
  • FrozenSand Team Manager
  • Programmer
  •  France

    @Barbatos__ on Twitter 

    Profile: Barbatos


    Lead Artist

  • Lead Artist
  • Level Designer
  • Texture Artist
  • Modeler
  • Maureen Yost
     Canada - Vancouver, British Columbia

    Artist proficient in Adobe Photoshop specializing in Q3 skinning since 1999. Level designer with 8 years experience in GTK Radiant. Modeler/Animator with over 10 years experience in 3D Studio Max and has been using Zbrush since 2015. She has been a Quality Assurance Manager for 3 years at a national telecommunications firm and for 8 years for Silicon Ice Development and FrozenSand. Thrives in a team environment. 

    Profile: BladeKiller


    System Admin & Website Developer

  • Lead System & Network Admin
  • Lead Website & CMS Developer
  •  France - Marseille


    Profile: BlapecOol


    Lead Sound Engineer

  • Lead Sound Engineer
  • Louis Arrigoni
     United Kingdom

    Chump touches down from the UK and has been a part of this community since he was young - starting his UrT apprenticeship sliding around IcyJumps until the early hours on his struggling Mac Mini.

    In 2017 he found out development was underway on Urban Terror 5 and he promptly offered his expertise and services. To which we promptly accepted!

    Originally completely self taught and working in the audio and VR development industry since he was 16 he went on to further his education and completed a Bachelor of Science which majored in Audio Engineering.

    With quite the portfolio, previous projects he's been involved in include the games SightLine and PhaseShift, as well as the films Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and more recently, The Matrix.

    He heads up the FrozenSand audio division and is responsible for managing and implementing all sound designs into the game and also assists in creating in-game sounds with the other designers. The tools he chooses to use are UE4 blueprints to implement sounds, Reaper and Logic Pro X to create sounds and the Google suite for any documentation. 

    Profile: Chump



  • Modeler


    Profile: dcx


    Web Developer

  • Web Developer


    Profile: eXpr3zzo

    Frankie V

    Assets Manager & Lead Animator

  • Assets Manager
  • Lead Animator
  • Senior Artist
  • Modeler
  • Level Designer
  • Frank Van Noordt
     Canada - British Columbia

    Proficient in 3ds Max and Motion Builder. 10 Years practical experiences in game animation and design beginning in 1999 with the introduction of Quake 3 from id software. Has also generalized in 3d graphics since inspired by the movie Tron in 1982. 

    Profile: Frankie V


    Lead Developer

  • Lead Developer
  • Level Designer
  • Texture Artist
  • Programmer
  • Modeler
  •  Germany


    Profile: HappyDay



  • Programmer
  •  USA


    Profile: Holycrap


    Level Designer

  • Level Designer
  • Modeler
  • Texture Artist
  • Joseph Mauke
     USA - Tolleson AZ

    Invis touches down from the good old US of A and has been with FrozenSand officially since about 2003 (formally Silicon Ice Development), but was working on Urban Terror a couple of years before that.
    Coming from a military background, he completed a degree in computer science (before game development courses were available) and went on to later teach himself to be proficient in the use of Maya, Photoshop, and other various 3D toolsets used in the game developement industry. Previously working for some big name companies such as EA Games he is responsible for some of our most intricate models, going to great lengths to have his works as close to the real thing as possible.
    He is one of our most valued and experienced artists and we take advantage of him wherever we can - whether it be in his life-like models of cars, trucks, or vending machines, designing levels, or just using his expertise when it comes to game development he certainly is one useful character.
    Amongst other things he is also developing his own pc/mobile game called Hand & Foot Florida Rules Edition, so be sure to keep your eyes out for that!

    BLOG -

    Profile: invis



  • Programmer

  • Isopropanol touches down from the USA where he is currently employed as a programmer by a large project that we would all be familiar with but unfortunately he's not allowed to talk about it.

    His interest in computers blossomed in high school and followed through to later years where he went on to complete a degree in computer programming and hasn't looked back since. His main professional focus has been developing for business for the past two decades - in his spare time dabbling in a few Android games. This is his first foray into PC game development, but that won't stop him moving forward with full force!

    Only very recently joining FrozenSand he first stumbled upon Urban Terror itself in 2013 and hasn't been able to drag himself away since. Being both an avid player and also using his skills to maintain servers and help with back end administration. Currently, he takes care of the ever-popular RFA servers, and he predominantly works in Unreal Engine and Visual Studio. 

    Profile: isopropanol


    Level Designer

  • Level Designer
  • Texture Artist
  • Modeler
  • John Stevenson
     United Kingdom

    JohnnyEnglish comes to us currently from the UK, but is quite a worldly fellow living and working in both Switzerland, US, Israel, and France. Been an active part of the Urban Terror community for the best part of 20 years, and have been a leading part of the custom map makers community since 2011.
    He is completely self taught with no qualifications at all but his work is second to none and he has pushed himself to a point that he has become one of the most prominent and well respected map makers in the community.
    As an experienced artist FrozenSand takes advantage of his expertise wherever we can so currently JohnnyEnglish focuses on texture work which he uses Substance Painter for, making models and maps which he uses Blender for, and Gimp or Photoshop for any 2d work. 

    Profile: Johnnyenglish


    Community Ambassador

  • Community Ambassador
  • Social Media Maintainer
  • Account Support
  •  Czech Republic


    Profile: kipash


    Level Designer

  • Level Designer
  • Modeler
  • Jarek
     Poland - Warsaw

    Lizart is a Polish gentleman and has been in the Urban Terror community since about 2009 and joined FrozenSand in April of 2018. Completely self taught he says he is "never ending learning", and because of this attitude he has become a highly skilled and much valued artist on the team.
    Currently for FS he focuses on asset and weapon modelling, texturing, creating materials and working on maps. The software he uses to achieve all this is Blender, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Gimp, and UE4. 

    Profile: Lizart


    Level Designer

  • Level Designer
  • Modeler
  • Marco


    Profile: Markinho


    Composer & Sound Artist

  • Sound Artist
  • Composer
  •  Canada

    I am a producer and composer between musical worlds. Born into a musical family, I started piano lessons at the age of 4. The music of Chopin and Debussy was always playing in the background at home, and they continue to resonate in my compositional voice. As a teenager, my friends introduced me to new genres of music, and I was driven to learn electric guitar, drums, and sound recording. My musical work is a meeting between these backgrounds, falling between classical and popular genres, and combining acoustic instruments with electronic rhythms and textures.

    I pursued formal studies in composition at Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, and at McGill University. I won the SOCAN grand prize for emerging composers in 2018. Emerging from my studies, I have been refining my unique voice as a creator, and honing my craft in electronic music production, culminating in the release of my debut EP Haven of Lavender in 2019. I have also been working as a piano instructor, a video game composer, and I manage my own youtube channel. These additional activities challenge and develop my engagement as a composer in my community.

    As an artist, I am always considering the feelings that composition can evoke in my body, and it is often a sensation that drives me to create. Many of my compositions have come from a spontaneous feeling of being moved, and I consider it my job to bring these feelings to life through music.

    Profile: mks


    2D Artist

  • 2D Artist
  •  France


    Profile: Mr.Yeah


    2D Artist

  • 2D Artist


    Profile: neira


    Company Director & QA Manager

  • Company Director
  • QA Manager
  • Programmer
  •  United Kingdom

    Neon joins us from the UK, he spent a number of years working in the fields of electronics and engineering before progressing into metrology; currently holding a managerial position in a multinational specialist tool manufacturing company.
    Away from work, Neon has had a lifelong passion for all things technical, being self-taught in the basics of subjects including web design, 2d graphics, 3d modelling and coding.
    His history with Urban Terror started in late 2000 playing version 1.x, by the end of 2001 he had taken an interest in mapping, learnt Photoshop and GTK Radiant, and assembled a map.
    Family life took priority for a number of years until Neon returned to Urban Terror in 2019, quickly taking an interest in the development of Urban Terror 5, immediately taking on the challenge of learning the modern map development tools; Blender 2.8 and Unreal Engine 4, with the intention of producing a map.
    Neon's drive to help the team with development saw him volunteer his assistance until his recruitment as QA Manager in June 2020 where his broad range of skills were immediately put to use. 

    Profile: Neon


    Level Designer

  • Level Designer
  • Jonathan v3nd3tta F.


    Profile: v3nd3tta



  • Programmer
  • Daniel Borgmann

    Freelance software developer specialized on game development with Unreal Engine.

    Started playing Urban Terror with Beta 1.0 and programming even earlier. 

    Profile: Zenity

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    KalishLead Web, Auth & 2D
    KrasusLevel Designer
    RabidcowModeler & Textures Artist
    RaideRCompany Director & Lead Web Services Developer

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    DeliriumLevel Designer
    Gost0rLead Programmer
    JHydeSound Engineer
    KravenarkModeler & Texture Artist
    ne0dymCommunity Manager
    OhJayPublic Relations Manager
    SlisQA Manager
    ti62D Artist
    UnifiedToneAudio Engineer & Composer

    Former Members - version 4

    Bar-B-QSound Engineer / Level Designer
    BiddlePublic Relations
    Crazy ButcherAnimator / Modeler
    DecoyCommunity Support
    DragonneLevel Designer
    evilelfServer Administrator
    JohnnyenglishLevel Designer
    Kr0mLead Forums Administrator
    LevantLevel Designer
    MajkiFajkiLevel Designer
    MrSound Engineer
    Mr BeanTexture Artist / Modeler
    NemesisQA Manager
    NitroForum Manager / User Support
    NounouLevel Designer / 2D Artist / Modeler
    NulLLevel Designer
    OswaldProject Coordinator / Public Relations
    PapyRunyLevel Designer
    raedwulfEngine & Codebase Developer
    RicheLevel Designer
    SevenofNinePublic Relations
    ShminkyboyLevel Designer
    SinniLevel Designer
    SkazLevel Designer
    SmachineTexture Artist
    TimbeauxSound Engineer
    TubLevel Designer
    TwentySevenLead Programmer
    WoekelePublic Relations

    Former Members - Prior versions

    BattleCowLevel Designer
    CrazyButcherAnimator / Modeler
    CrystalMeshCharacter Modeler
    Dick DastardlyLevel Designer
    Dokta8Lead Programmer
    DracostianQA Manager
    EarthQuakeModeler / Texture Artist
    FearMeTexture Artist
    FlashAnimator / Modeler
    Flux2D Artist
    FreakStormTexture Artist
    Gerbil!Level Designer
    JakerTexture Artist
    MilesTexture Artist
    NRGizeRLevel Designer
    OddCharacter Artist
    PreacherSound Engineer
    Sir ChumpsProgrammer
    SweetnutZ2D Artist / Programmer / Level Designer
    WetWiredLevel Designer
    .EXELevel Designer
    WULevel Designer / Modeler

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