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Codebase Developer

  • Codebase Developer
  • Felix G.


    Profile: Arasseo


    Audio Engineer & Mapper

  • Level Designer
  • Audio Engineer
  •  France


    Profile: Asche


    Company Director & Team Manager

  • Company Director & COO
  • Frozensand Team Manager
  • Programmer
  • Charles Duprey
     France - Rennes

    Call me Barbie!

    @Barbatos__ on Twitter 

    Profile: Barbatos


    Audio Engineer

  • Audio Engineer


    Profile: Bar-B-Q


    Lead Artist

  • Lead Artist
  • Level Designer
  • Texture Artist
  • Modeler
  • Maureen Yost
     Canada - Vancouver, British Columbia

    Artist proficient in Adobe Photoshop specializing in Q3 skinning since 1999. Level designer with 8 years experience in GTK Radiant. Modeler/Animator with over 10 years experience in 3D Studio Max and has been using Zbrush since 2015. She has been a Quality Assurance Manager for 3 years at a national telecommunications firm and for 8 years for Silicon Ice Development and FrozenSand. Thrives in a team environment. 

    Profile: BladeKiller


    System Admin & Website Developer

  • Lead System & Network Admin
  • Lead Website & CMS Developer
  •  France - Marseille


    Profile: BlapecOol


    Sound Engineer

  • Sound Engineer
  • Louis Arrigoni


    Profile: chump


    Level Designer

  • Level Designer
  • Steven
     New Zealand


    Profile: Delirium

    Frankie V

    Assets Manager & Lead Animator

  • Assets Manager
  • Lead Animator
  • Senior Artist
  • Modeler
  • Level Designer
  • Frank Van Noordt
     Canada - British Columbia

    Proficient in 3ds Max and Motion Builder. 10 Years practical experiences in game animation and design beginning in 1999 with the introduction of Quake 3 from id software. Has also generalized in 3d graphics since inspired by the movie Tron in 1982. 

    Profile: Frankie V


    Lead Programmer

  • Lead Programmer
  • Bug Reviser
  • Felix F


    Profile: Gost0r


    Lead Developer

  • Lead Developer
  • Level Designer
  • Texture Artist
  • Programmer
  • Modeler
  •  Germany


    Profile: HappyDay


    Level Designer

  • Level Designer
  • Modeler
  • Texture Artist
  • Joseph Mauke
     USA - Tolleson AZ

    Joseph Mauke started in the games industry working on a free to play total conversion called Urban Terror for Quake III Arena, that became a stand along game. He was a modeler and level designer. He then was employed by The Collective in Newport Beach, California to work on Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure as a level designer. After its release he went to Smartbomb Interactive in Salt Lake City as the level designer for Snoopy vs. The Red Baron. Then he had a short stint at Electronic Arts in Los Angeles working as a designer for the PS2 version of Medal of Honor Vanguard. He then took a Sr Designer position at Spark working on Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. He took a few months off before taking a job with Incinerator Studios, a THQ studio in Carlsbad California as Lead Level Designer on Spongebob Squarepants Feat Nicktoons: Globs of Doom for Wii & PS2. After THQ Joseph moved to Atlanta to take a Lead Tech Designer position for a new startup game studio called Xaviant LLC to work on a fantasy action title called Lichdom. After a year in Atlanta Joseph left the console industry to try his hand with the mobile market with his own iPhone, iPad puzzle game called FlickEm, as well as designing and programming a child's interactive e-book called A Visit From St. Nick on iPad for iKid Media. He then paired with friends Rudy Pollorena Jr. and Frank Wallen to start a small studio called Upgraded Studios. Their one and only title was an HTML5 based Mobile Social game for Mocospace Mobile called In The Club. Upgraded was one of the recipients of Mocospace Mobile's "One Million Dollar HTML5 Mobile Developer Fund". After In the Club was completed, the IP was sold to Mocospace Mobile, Upgraded Studios was disbanded and Joseph Mauke took a job as a Sr. Designer at Firebrand Games in Merritt Island FL. After completing Team Hotwheels: Worlds Best Driver, Joseph took a Flash Games Designer position at Starfall Education working on flash based mobile and PC learning games for children. Joseph is currently working on a PC/Mobile game called Hand & Foot Florida Rules Edition 

    Profile: invis


    Level Designer

  • Level Designer
  • Texture Artist
  • Modeler
  • John Stevenson
     United Kingdom


    Profile: Johnnyenglish


    Level Designer

  • Level Designer
  • Texture Artist
  • Modeler
  •  Australia


    Profile: Krasus



  • Modeler
  • Michael Rudzinski
     Canada - Toronto

    A cool 3D artist from New York, currently studying in Toronto. Dedicated to environment props and character assets.

    On the personal side, I am a winter sports enthusiast and an amateur baseball player. Check out my website and feel free to contact me any time 

    Profile: Kravenark


    Level Designer

  • Level Designer
  • Modeler
  • Jarek
     Poland - Warsaw


    Profile: Lizart



    If you need help with your website account, auth account, Discord account or have any questions, please send me a message.

    Ways to contact me:
    - PM me on here
    - PM me on Discord (ne0dym#1270)
    - Send an email to 

    Profile: ne0dym


    2D Artist

  • 2D Artist


    Profile: neira


    Public Relations

  • Public Relations
  • Promotional Material
  •  Australia


    Profile: OhJay


    Modeler & Textures Artist

  • Modeler
  • Textures Artist
  • Jeff Barkley
     Canada - Vancouver, British Columbia

    Extensive experience in photography and the creation of high quality phototextures in Photoshop. Two years experience modeling and uvw-unwrapping in 3D Studio Max, 4 years with Radiant. Experienced with several 3D applications for the creation of environments, such as VUE 5 Infinite, Terragen, and Bryce. Jeff has worked in a team environment as a level designer for SID and also as a business specialist for a telephone company. 

    Profile: Rabidcow


    Company Director & CEO

  • Frozensand Games Limited
  • Company Director
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • General Secretary
  • Robert Baxter-Kaneen
     United Kingdom - London

    I have been a member of Urban Terror since around my 16th Birthday. From Player to Forum Moderator, Forum Moderator to Co-Creator & Programmer of UrT Auth. I took over as CEO when our current standing Directors @RabidCow & @BladeKiller stood down from Business Roles in 2016. Myself and @Barbatos replaced the seats.

    In real life I have spent little over 10 years in general IT Management positions. Working as a Senior Technical Engineer for 4 of those years on Enterprise Infrastructure Projects.

    I recently moved my Career track to that of a more Management path using my experience to help guide strategies on Infrastructure projects both at FS and my IRL Job.

    My duties in FS now encompass our Business side and spend most of my time for-filling our legal obligations and dealing with our Partners. I also try to facilitate the companies needs and deliver back the necessary tools to release UrT 5. 

    Profile: RaideR


    QA Manager

  • QA Manager
  • Lead Tester
  • Akshay Patwardhan


    Profile: Slis


    Composer & Sound Artist

  • Sound Artist
  • Composer
  •  Canada


    Profile: ThomasE-Warfare


    2D Artist

  • 2D Artist
  • ti
     Germany - NRW


    Profile: ti6


    Composer & Audio Engineer

  • Audio Engineer
  • Composer
  • Alexej M.

    Unifiedtone is the composer for Urban Terror Resurgence. He is also doing sound design and general audio engineering work. 

    Profile: unifiedtone


    Level Designer

  • Level Designer
  • Jonathan v3nd3tta F.


    Profile: v3nd3tta


    2D Artist

  • 2D Artist


    Profile: Walker

    Inactive members

    evilelfHosting Consultant
    KalishLead Web, Auth & 2D

    Former Members - version 5

    ZenityProgrammer / Gameplay Designer

    Former Members - version 4

    Bar-B-QSound Engineer / Level Designer
    BiddlePublic Relations
    ChumpPublic Relations & Audio Engineer
    Crazy ButcherAnimator / Modeler
    DecoyCommunity Support
    DragonneLevel Designer
    evilelfServer Administrator
    JohnnyenglishLevel Designer
    Kr0mLead Forums Administrator
    LevantLevel Designer
    MajkiFajkiLevel Designer
    MrSound Engineer
    Mr BeanTexture Artist / Modeler
    NemesisQA Manager
    NitroForum Manager / User Support
    NounouLevel Designer / 2D Artist / Modeler
    NulLLevel Designer
    OswaldProject Coordinator / Public Relations
    PapyRunyLevel Designer
    raedwulfEngine & Codebase Developer
    RicheLevel Designer
    SevenofNinePublic Relations
    ShminkyboyLevel Designer
    SinniLevel Designer
    SkazLevel Designer
    SmachineTexture Artist
    TimbeauxSound Engineer
    TubLevel Designer
    TwentySevenLead Programmer
    WoekelePublic Relations
    |NV|SLevel Designer / Modeler

    Former Members - Prior versions

    BattleCowLevel Designer
    CrazyButcherAnimator / Modeler
    CrystalMeshCharacter Modeler
    Dick DastardlyLevel Designer
    Dokta8Lead Programmer
    DracostianQA Manager
    EarthQuakeModeler / Texture Artist
    FearMeTexture Artist
    FlashAnimator / Modeler
    Flux2D Artist
    FreakStormTexture Artist
    Gerbil!Level Designer
    JakerTexture Artist
    MilesTexture Artist
    NRGizeRLevel Designer
    OddCharacter Artist
    PreacherSound Engineer
    Sir ChumpsProgrammer
    SweetnutZ2D Artist / Programmer / Level Designer
    WetWiredLevel Designer
    .EXELevel Designer
    WULevel Designer / Modeler

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