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Flawless UTCS Spring 2024 group phase games summary

posted 18 days ago

Flawless UTCS Spring 2024 season is about to hit the play-off phase. There are the last games to be played for the group stage and everything can change last minute yet. Lucky for you there are stream records available in case you might have missed some of the games. The detailed rankings can be found with the tables down below.

Team Survivor:

Capture the Flag:

Stream records:

jp ((+ vs as bz. in TS :

eu reverie` vs co BOSS| in TS & CTF :

us |30+| vs eu wG*J* in TS & CTF :

eu wG*T* vs us |30+| in CTF :

eu reverie` vs ar MD# in TS :

jp ((+ vs eu reverie` in CTF :

eu wG*J* vs eu wG*T* in TS :

eu reverie` vs pt =NC= in TS :

bt RAW# vs pl OP| in TS :

bt RAW# vs as bz. in TS :

Play-off phase starts from 04/06/2024. Don't miss it!


[Tipeee] Developer News - September 2023

posted 1 month ago
Information: This Developer News was originally sent 6 months ago to people supporting us on Tipeee. I write these posts with my own words, every month, mostly showing internal development screenshots/videos and explaining the latest features in the works on the upcoming Urban Terror game on Unreal Engine 5.

If you are willing to support the development and maintenance of Urban Terror, the posts are available on Tipeee for as low as a 1€ tip. From now on I'll also repost them here with a 6 months delay. Enjoy the read and let us know whether you like them or not!

Hey everyone,

This month we've chatted extensively with the QA testers regarding their feeling of the game, and especially the combat situations where they felt something was still lacking. It took everyone a while to exactly get what was lacking, but we now think several small details added to the combat situations can make a big difference in how they're perceived by the players.

First, the hit feedback was not optimal: the hit sound was not loud enough and couldn't be heard properly by the local player in situations where a lot of players were shooting in close range. I've added a setting to manage the volume of the hit and kill sounds. I also intend to add the ability to choose between several hit and kill sound variants in the settings.

The second issue that was identified by the QA team was the lack of bullet feedback. Players didn't know that they were being targeted until they were actually hit. To that effect I've added bullet tracers, that show a subtle trail following the path of the bullet (videos included). I've also added back what we like to call the "whizz" sound from urt4. It's the bullet flyby sound that a player hears when a bullet flies close to them. It really adds to the sense of immediate danger.
These changes will be made available to the QA team very soon. We hope that they improve the combat experience and improve the feeling in this area, which is currently a blocker for a public release - we want to make it right.

Another area I've worked on is the smoke grenade. I've noticed a few months ago a Counter Strike 2 inspired smoke grenade proof of concept made on UE5 by Christian Sparks (@hippowombat - go check his work on Twitter/X). I've contacted him a few weeks ago to get more information and he ended up sharing his PoC project under the MIT license - many thanks to him! He developed a flood fill algorithm allowing the smoke of the grenade to spread around the center point (the grenade model in our case) taking into account the environment so that the smoke goes around static objects to make it more realistic. This process also allows to interact with the smoke by shooting at it and poking a hole into it for example thanks to the smoke particles positions being recalculated frequently.
The major issue is implementing this technology into the game without degrading the player experience (the all-mighty FPS!). This means doing lots of optimization which I'm currently working on. I've included a video or two showing the current WIP smoke grenade. It's far from perfect for now but I hope to show you better visuals next month!

One last thing, I've added the list of connected Steam friends to the main menu, making it easy to quickly interact with friends. An "invite" button will eventually allow players to invite their friends to a lobby session - but we're not quite there yet.

This month JohnnyEnglish and Lizart worked on making a main menu map for the game, the current one having been done very quickly several years ago. They've neatly implemented lots of different assets that were all completely done by many different FS artists over the last few years. I think it looks very good already.

Neon has been busy trying to get the new G9 player model framework to work in-game in order to allow himself and FrankieV to experiment with it. I've included a few screenshots!

JohnnyEnglish wanted me to introduce you to his new buddy named Timothy (screenshots included)... I was too scared to say no. He also felt like modeling a drone. That might be of use at some point in the future, who knows. We've got a few ideas already..

Oh, and Lizart has started modeling a new map, based on a UrT4 map... will you recognize the first few buildings? :)



Community chamber #9

posted 2 months ago
Welcome back to another Community Chamber post. The last few weeks have been really interesting in terms of community creativity. We have had some very nice frag movies, jump movies and also a flashback from the past clip posted. Let's rewind some of them together!

I would like to start with quite a long upload from frHeMP called The Last Dance. It's a nostalgic frag movie bringing back the 2015 year of fragging to your screen. I am sure many of you will see familiar nicks & friends in this video. So let's not wait any longer and let's dance to the rhythm of bullets.

Another blast from a more recent past would definitely be a production coming out from usbzegs. I am so thankful that the era of the events from the title of this clip are over but we can still witness some heavy gaming that occurred while everyone was locked at homes. The frag movie is filled with tense clutches and nice plays from the author with the doze of summer vibes. What more can you ask for?

It's a must to mention the brilliant clips made by deArnoldus. Please forgive me but I have to post them all because I can't pick the best one to feature in this blog post. They are all great!

In the meantime Urban Terror got featured on another Youtube channel with over 21000 subscribers. The author is known for playing some old classic games in the modern times and from what you can see he realy liked our game. I hope it's not the last time he promotes Urban Terror across his audience and it could definitely help if you guys could show some support under that video. Thank you Shouneyboy <3

Another interesting upload is named UT4_Algiers_de_v01 for CS Beta 6 walkaround and it might sound odd to some of you but it looks like Urban Terror map Algiers actually inspired someone to remake it and adapt it to Counter Strike scenery. You have read it all right, don't scratch your head. Urban Terror map is getting converted in to Counter-Strike 1.6 engine. Full evidence in the clip attached.

We all know that game isn't designed only to shoot, some players find it better with jumping and here comes itUlbens with his latest community video featuring frVivaldi, auShans, frstupz, sequak, brGooti, deCoffe and many more. Total number of 19 maps being jumped is impressive with the 4K video quality. All the jumps are close to impossible to repeat and definitely worth watching. I hope you will enjoy it!

Hear you soon Terrorists!

Flawless UTCS Winter 2024 Play-offs

posted 2 months ago

We have now progressed to the very final stages of the current Flawless UTCS Winter 2024 season. During the last two weeks the teams have been competing in the play-off's games that will ultimately decide who wins in each category: Masters, Legends, Heroes. Let me quickly introduce the final rankings after the group stages for both game types.

Team Survivor:

Division 1:

Division 2:

Capture the Flag:

Division 1:

Division 2A:

Division 2B:

So now the current play-off cup trees looks like this:

Team Survivor:

Capture the Flag:

We are 10 Matches away from the Decoration Ceremony for the Flawless UTCS Winter 2024 season. As usual you can rewind some of the games that have already been streamed on the Flawless TWITCH channel with the help of their streaming crew.

uno rM` vs us XiN` in TS:

as bz# vs jp ((+ in CTF:

ve pilo vs jp ((+ in TS:

jp ((+ vs ar MD# in CTF:

eu intel* vs uno rM` in TS:

eureverie` vs jp ((+ in TS:

eu reverie` vs jp ((+ in CTF:

eu wG** vs pl OP| in TS:

Stay tuned for more info next week!

Community chamber #8

posted Wednesday, 13 March 2024

This episode of Community Chamber I would like to devote to Twitch streamers that have been really busy lately. Anyone who does not have enough time to play can hop in to the stream and watch some real time Urban Terror action in many game types. Jumps , pickups , public or even some mapping. Don't believe me? See these short Twitch clips that I have found interesting!

blazefantasyy: Hello!

b0c1aM: ezeee & JsN meeting mid!

Memnon : Soli says hello!

Hampus : sup lads?

Dewar : flying shoot

blazefantasyy : Does anyone need a medic?

holyarni : Capture the Frag?

Memnon : Surprise surprise

blazefantasyy : good night Flash

holyarni : holy crepe

holyarni: ut4_ulbrace_3 Speed run (Personal Best)

Ulbens: Urban Terror need new maps!

All the Streams can be found under the Urban Terror category using this link:

See You soon Terrorists!


[Tipeee] Developer News - August 2023

posted Saturday, 02 March 2024
Information: This Developer News was originally sent 6 months ago to people supporting us on Tipeee. I write these posts with my own words, every month, mostly showing internal development screenshots/videos and explaining the latest features in the works on the upcoming Urban Terror game on Unreal Engine 5.

If you are willing to support the development and maintenance of Urban Terror, the posts are available on Tipeee for as low as a 1€ tip. From now on I'll also repost them here with a 6 months delay. Enjoy the read and let us know whether you like them or not!

Hello there,

August is usually a slow month at FrozenSand, but this year the bad weather might have helped spark some unusually high summer activity! I've included lots of screenshots and videos of the team's WIPs and experimentations.

Last month I talked about adding a new grenade - the Ice Grenade - to the game. X-dcx-x and JohnnyEnglish have created a model for this grenade that I implemented into the game, and this month JohnnyEnglish has put his hands on creating a decal material for it. The idea is to have a good amount of ice spreading all around the grenade impact point, affecting the nearby players. The way it will affect the players and the gameplay hasn't been decided quite yet, so more on that in the next news! However, the decal looks quite good now (screenshots and videos included). The issue we're having right now is that the decal doesn't work well when spawned on multiple planes, for example when the ice needs to spread both on the floor and one or multiple walls. Once we figure out how to fix this issue, I'll focus on finishing its implementation in terms of how it will affect the gameplay.

This month I also worked on the main menu, which was kind of empty until now. It's now displaying the latest website news from an API, and I'm working on also displaying the list of connected Steam friends so one can quickly invite their friends to join them. More on that later!
Talking about Steam, the Mac OSX build is now published on Steam, giving access to the OSX version of the game to the private alpha testers. I'm getting some very decent in-game performances when playing on my MacBook Pro. I can't wait to get some feedback from the QA players.

As a public alpha is getting closer, we need to work on the small bits that need to be done or fixed before going public. In that matter Neon has become our serial bug fixer lately, working very hard on fixing some small but nasty issues reported by the private alpha testers. He's also implemented a small feature that really adds to the feeling of shooting the weapons: some camera shake based on the weapon recoil. At first it was overpowered and even active when slashing the knife :D (videos included), but I then tweaked the values for all weapons. The more powerful the weapon is, the bigger camera shake it produces. I think it looks very cool!

We've released a new QA build this month, and for the first time in over a year we've added a dozen of new testers to the private alpha. We now feel confident to progressively add more people to better stress test the servers. It's also always refreshing to get some new, "outsider" opinion on the state of the game. The new testers have also found several bugs that went unnoticed for many months!

I've included several screenshots of Thingley on which Lizart keeps on doing an impressive work. It's getting more and more textures and the map really is coming alive with models and textures 100% done by the team. Speaking of Lizart, he's also done some examples of customization to the AK47 model. We intend to add customization features to the weapon and player models in the future, this is an example of what it could look like. We're not ready yet though, as there's lots of things to implement in order to deal with customization, but it should happen someday.

See you next month!



Flawless UTCS Winter 2024

posted Thursday, 29 February 2024

We are in the middle of new Urban Terror Championship Serie hosted by the Flawless crew. The number of clans that signed up rised up compared to the Fall 2023 edition and that's promising. Let me quickly introduce divisions with both gametypes.

Team Survivor:

Division 1 Clans

ar#MD (ModoDiablo)
asbz# (boomers-zoomers)
plOP| (OverPowered)
ve.pilo (Team .pilo)
usno| (No Defiance)

Division 2 Clans

euwG** (Wasted Goats 2)
unorM`` (rMancos`)
us|RFA| (risenfromashes)
pe[Gz] (Gamer Zone)
usXiN` (XiN is Nameless)
euintel* (Intelligence)
usRapid- (Rapid Fire Team)
euYnG| (Youngsters)

Capture the Flag:

Division 1 Clans


Division 2 A Clans

uno[TFG] (The Forge)

Division 2 B Clans

us|30+| (30+|FireStorm)

So far many matches are still about to happen and it's realy hard to tell which team will make it to play-off stage. But there is already some Twitch Stream footage to watch for those of you that have missed the LIVE action. Links below!

Match videos:

Clan euwG** vs Clan us|30+| in CTF:

Clan euwG** vs Clan usRapid- in CTF & TS:

Clan euwG** vs Clan euYnG| in TS:

Clan usRapid- vs Clan unorM``| in TS:

Clan usRapid- vs Clan euYnG| in CTF:

Clan jp((+ vs Clan asbz# in TS:

Clan usRapid- vs Clan us|30+| in CTF:

Clan euintel*| vs Clan euwG** in TS:

Clan ve.pilo vs Clan eureverie` in TS:

Hope everyone finds themselves a good match stream to watch. More to come!

Hear you soon Terrorists!

Community chamber #7

posted Tuesday, 20 February 2024

Another Community chamber entry I would like to start with the hottest website on the Urban Terror planet right now. Those who don't know it yet let me quickly introduce the story behind it. Two gamers: dearnoldus and beRocket created the interactive webpage where you can test your knowledge about maps and pickup players. With these two categories, Mystery Maps or Guess the Player, you have 5 chances to guess either the name of the arena that is being presented or in the other section the player's nickname based on the short youtube video action. Each time you have a few chances and after every wrong guess the website helps you out with hints. Each correct answer adds points to your account and there is a leader board displaying all contestants' scores. Does it sound like fun to you? Give it a try and test yourself then!

Link to the website is To play you will need a valid discord account!

Another Urban Terror review

Recently we've been lucky with some big YouTube channels giving us free promotions. Not long time ago, we had another upload on a big channel called Levan4kGaming. It was the chance to appear to the audience that might have never heard of Urban Terror before. Thanks to this video we are reaching out to over 48K of his subscribers. If you are reading this post blog because of that thank you!
As stated by the author, it's his yearly tradition to play some Urban Terror during the Christmas season. We like it! Keep it up!

Here is the clip I am talking about:

Flawless UTCS Winter 2024 streams

If you are still hungry for some more Urban Terror action here I come. This is an upload from Twitch stream by aRandomDude on his streaming channel with the dose of his shoutcast. The game is played by the teams: usRapid- and us|30+| in Capture the Flag mode for the current Flawless UTCS Winter 2024 CTF season. Two maps match goes smoothly and hell no I won't tell you who the winner is!

Watch and see:

Farloon Urban Terror CTF Frag movie #1

To finish the post with a satisfaction I can't miss the opportunity to present you one more video of the returning player that might have rediscovered the game thanks to the reviews that I have mentioned above. beFarloon the man I am talking about has just posted a video of his 1st week of gaming after a long break. From what we can see in the video it doesn't take much to refresh memory from the past and over 7 mins long clip is full of nice plays done on the public servers. Thanks for posting this movie and I hope it won't be the last one in the series. Keep it up beFarloon

Youtube video below:

See you soon Terrorists!

Community chamber #6

posted Tuesday, 09 January 2024
Welcome back to another Community chamber episode. I would like to start this blog post with two new/old (you decide how to call them) uploads from DisasterCasterLOL. First one is surely done for the entertaining purpose and I feel really sorry for all the guys that took part in this clip not knowing that ended up on Youtube. See for yourself what I mean:

The other video is an extended reupload on his own Youtube channel that have had its premiere over 13 years ago. The movie is edited by tarquin and you can really feel the nostalgia while watching it now. Let's rewind it:

While we are at jumping there's a new upload from meho called Cubix ft. Leo & meho. As always it is a really clean and smooth edit with nice music accompanying some good jumping skills. Good combo if you have 5 minutes to spare. Here is the video I am talking about:

The last clip I would like to share with you today comes from Blaze and is titled Fragshow 7. I wonder if you will be able to spot a bulldozer while watching it!

To wrap up all the things that have happened recently around Urban Terror it would be a shame not to mention that the 5th season of Pickup Games has ended on 11/12/2023. Let me quote the original message:

Final Standings:

If you aren't familliar with Pickups, in other words it's a game based on two teams with 5 players being picked by the captains of each team. With every game you either gain or lose ELO points that put you higher/lower in the rankings. The games are being played based on players locations/map votes and gametype picks. All that happens on a daily basis on an unofficial UrT Community Discord server. There are also tutorials on how to register and join the fun. It's a great opportunity to actually play versus some skilled players if you are tired of overcrowded public servers.

See you soon Terrorists!


[Tipeee] Developer News - June/July 2023

posted Wednesday, 03 January 2024
Information: This Developer News was originally sent 6 months ago to people supporting us on Tipeee. I write these posts with my own words, every month, mostly showing internal development screenshots/videos and explaining the latest features in the works on the upcoming Urban Terror game on Unreal Engine 5.

If you are willing to support the development and maintenance of Urban Terror, the posts are available on Tipeee for as low as a 1€ tip. From now on I'll also repost them here with a 6 months delay. Enjoy the read and let us know whether you like them or not!

Hey everyone!

I hope your summer is going great with some holidays and sun. As for me, as a French, I can't really say that I've seen the sun too much lately, huh. :D We hadn't seen that much rain during a July in 20 years!

Anyway, in the last few weeks I've made progress on the Fragmentation Grenade that I mentioned in early May. For those who joined the tippers since then (thank you!), my goal is to implement a new grenade into the game that does less radial damage than the HE Grenade to the nearby players when exploding, but throws fragments all around itself that make players bleed when hit by them.
I've included some videos with and without the debugging stuff, where you can easily see the line traces of the fragments. My goal is to throw a random amount of fragments (with a minimum and a maximum amount) but all around the grenade so any player close to the grenade (and possibly above or under it) can be hit. The fragments currently get scattered up to 7 meters away from the grenade. When hit by a fragment, a player instantly bleeds and takes 5% of damage (per fragment).
We'll probably do some tweaking once the QA testers have a look into these new grenades, but I'm fairly happy with them right now! The third video was recorded tonight with the game running on a MacBook pro M2 btw (the first semi-public OSX video of UrT5!). :)

As I'm kind of into grenades lately, I've asked Johnny and x-dcx-x to design two new grenades, which they've done in no time. I've included some screenshots of the future Smoke Grenade and the Ice Grenade. The models themselves are now almost finished and implemented in-game. I need to work on their code and visual effects now. We'll also need to create some animations for the Ice Grenade, which will have to be armed before being thrown. It'll then spread ice around itself right when hitting the floor, slowing down players, etc. More on that soon!

Lizart is on a roll lately, and makes some great progress on Thingley with the help of Markinho among others. The map is truly starting to come alive now that it is starting to be textured. Those walls, windows and doors look really nice IMO.
JohnnyEnglish made walkthrough of two other maps that look very nice: SkyLines and Uptown.

Neon spent some time on the player selection menu (screenshot included). He created thumbnails for each player model to better visualize which player model is selected. The goal is to create a simple but effective menu for the public alpha version of the game, and improve it later (like many other things!).

Enjoy your summer!

- Barbatos

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