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FS b0ciaM
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Registered:February 28 2010
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Real name:Marcin
Country: Poland

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  • I have started playing when I was around 13 years old. First with my real life friends from the internet caffe. That might sound weird today but those are one of the best memories I have with this game. Later I joined my first ever online clan and things started to happen faster and faster. Years passed by and I happened to witness many great moments in the history of Urban Terror like every ground breaking release 2.x , 3.x , 4.x and now I can test and develope Urban Terrror 5.0 that's beeing published on Steam sooner or later. Time realy flies and for those who might have missed anything in between their first game or the last one I am running the Youtube channel: with all the frag/jump/competition videos I could ever find. Hope this journey will never end!


    Head admin of:Chilly wins, ChillyWins, OVERPOWERED, Som Gorsi
    Rcon owner of:Frozen Sand Dev Team,, Sexy's CTF, UrT Pickup
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    Member of:Team Poland, Team Veneration, Wasted Goats
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