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FS BladeKiller
Lead Artist

Registered:April 28 2009
Level: FS chief admin


Real name:Maureen Yost
Country: Canada
Location:Vancouver, British Columbia

Urban Terror Office:

  • Lead Artist
  • Level Designer
  • Texture Artist
  • Modeler

  • Artist proficient in Adobe Photoshop specializing in Q3 skinning since 1999. Level designer with 8 years experience in GTK Radiant. Modeler/Animator with over 10 years experience in 3D Studio Max and has been using Zbrush since 2015. She has been a Quality Assurance Manager for 3 years at a national telecommunications firm and for 8 years for Silicon Ice Development and FrozenSand. Thrives in a team environment.


    Head admin of:Urban Mappers
    Rcon owner of:Frozen Sand Dev Team
    Friend of:TinyBomb, FSK405, Superman, Unity Servs, Urban Terror Shooting Championship


    Account:Head Admin - Profile


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