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FS isopropanol

Registered:February 08 2014
Level: FS coder


Country:last seen in  USA

Urban Terror Office:

  • Programmer

  • Isopropanol touches down from the USA where he is currently employed as a programmer by a large project that we would all be familiar with but unfortunately he's not allowed to talk about it.

    His interest in computers blossomed in high school and followed through to later years where he went on to complete a degree in computer programming and hasn't looked back since. His main professional focus has been developing for business for the past two decades - in his spare time dabbling in a few Android games. This is his first foray into PC game development, but that won't stop him moving forward with full force!

    Only very recently joining FrozenSand he first stumbled upon Urban Terror itself in 2013 and hasn't been able to drag himself away since. Being both an avid player and also using his skills to maintain servers and help with back end administration. Currently, he takes care of the ever-popular RFA servers, and he predominantly works in Unreal Engine and Visual Studio.


    Head admin of:Risen from Ashes
    Rcon owner of:Frozen Sand Dev Team


    Account:Dev Team - Profile

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