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FS CMM|Johnnyenglish
Level Designer

Registered:February 28 2010
Level: FS artist


Real name:John Stevenson
Country: United Kingdom

Urban Terror Office:

  • Level Designer
  • Texture Artist
  • Modeler

  • JohnnyEnglish comes to us currently from the UK, but is quite a worldly fellow living and working in both Switzerland, US, Israel, and France. Been an active part of the Urban Terror community for the best part of 20 years, and have been a leading part of the custom map makers community since 2011.
    He is completely self taught with no qualifications at all but his work is second to none and he has pushed himself to a point that he has become one of the most prominent and well respected map makers in the community.
    As an experienced artist FrozenSand takes advantage of his expertise wherever we can so currently JohnnyEnglish focuses on texture work which he uses Substance Painter for, making models and maps which he uses Blender for, and Gimp or Photoshop for any 2d work.


    Head admin of:Custom Map Makers
    Rcon owner of:Alpha Zebra Leprachaun Cheeky Monkey Buffalo 1, Frozen Sand Dev Team
    Member of:Multigames Team Collectif
    Friend of:Fruit Ninjas, Urban Jump Tournament, Li'l Pwny Club, Urban Zone League


    Account:Dev Team - Profile


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