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FS BST|Lizart
Level Designer

Registered:February 28 2010
Level: FS artist


Real name:Jarek
Country: Poland

Urban Terror Office:

  • Level Designer
  • Modeler

  • Lizart is a Polish gentleman and has been in the Urban Terror community since about 2009 and joined FrozenSand in April of 2018. Completely self taught he says he is "never ending learning", and because of this attitude he has become a highly skilled and much valued artist on the team.
    Currently for FS he focuses on asset and weapon modelling, texturing, creating materials and working on maps. The software he uses to achieve all this is Blender, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Gimp, and UE4.


    Head admin of:Beer Shooting Team
    Rcon owner of:Frozen Sand Dev Team
    Referee of:United Teams
    Member of:Urt Jumpers, YOUNGSTERS
    Friend of:Cider Monkeys


    Account:Dev Team - Profile

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