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1 Licence Stuff

Urban Terror is a mod for Quake 3 Arena. Urban Terror can be freely distributed over the internet, unmodified, without charging for the product. Urban Terror uses the Quake 3 SDK license. This means the game code (the .qvm's in zpak000.pk3) are closed source and can only be distributed electronically over the internet, not on cd or dvd. The non-code data files of Urban Terror (zpak000-assets.pk3) can go on any medium however. The full license texts come with the installer, they outweigh the information provided here.

Urban Terror does not use any Quake 3 data, only its engine (on windows: quake3.exe) to run on. It therefor can also run on other executables created from the GPL'ed Quake 3 code. ioUrbanTerror.exe is such an executable and is distributed together with Urban Terror, but is a seperate product. Quake 3 can still be used to run Urban Terror on if the end-user prefers it. ioUrbanTerror uses the GPL license and its source code is openly available. ioUrbanTerror does not depend on Urban Terror, it can be used to run any Quake 3 mod or even baseq3, by setting the appropriate fs_game. When running Urban Terror on ioUrbanTerror, Urban Terror's close sourced .qvm's (quake virtual machine) are interprated by the open source engine (ioUrbanTerror).


The All Seeing Eye is now totally dead. The scanners are no longer working.

Instead of ASE, you can just use Qtracker. It supports Urban Terror 4.1.
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