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Release Notes

4.3 Changelog

Version 4.3.0

30.09.2016 Beta

New gametype: Gun Game (g_gametype 11)
New game mode: Instagib (affects all gametypes with the cvar g_instagib 1|0 (1=on, 0=off))
Added silent ladder walking (hold your walk key while climbing ladders)
Blocked multiple flags from being taken by the same player
Fixed use key pickup not working on some maps #135
Fixed the ability to boot another player while holding the jump key despite being on the ground
Disabled the countdown sound by default
Misc: Removed the "missing sound" beep #246
Misc: new blue/red/neutral flag designs
Misc: fixed custom func_wall / func_rotating_door not working properly in LMS gametype #259
Fixed stamina drain on ladder sprinting #188

Items & Weapons
New weapons: FR-F1, P90, Magnum, Benelli
UI: added cg_scopeFRF1 to customize FRF1's scope type #232
New sounds for the Colt 1911, Mac 11, and PSG1
Fixed the reflection on the scopes of the SR8 and PSG1
Fixed the "empty ammo" sound not being triggered #256
Balanced the Groin/Butt damages to answer to the expectations
Damage buff on the Beretta, Colt and Glock
Increased the fire rate of the MAC11
Adjusted weapon/item drop velocities (they drop towards where you aim rather than from your groin all the time)
Misc: fixed hands and gun models glitching out when repeatedly setting cg_fov to an incorrect value #291
Misc: fixed an issue with ut_weaptoggle when holding two secondary weapons #290
Misc: fixed tag goggles overlay not being visible to spectators. #262
Fixed cooked grenades being fired and dropped on death
Updated AK103 bullet description

Menus, HUD & UI
UI: added a box on the main menu to display announcements
UI: fixed the server browser displaying the wrong number of bots #273
UI: fixed the gear getting reset when switching to the team selection menu #272
UI: hide the team select buttons in non team gamemodes #275
UI: added cg_autopickup to options #252
UI: capitalized prefix-less map names in the server browser #215
UI: Added the ability to use custom crosshairs
Added kill assists in team gametypes
Added ammo colours
Hid the "ut4_" prefix in the server list for map names
Added centered team scores (cg_drawTeamScores 2)
Added movement keypress overlay: cg_drawKeys (1 - visible only when in spectator, 2 - always visible)
Fixed defusers appearing dead on the miniscoreboard #191
Fixed player name colouring in FFA #192
Cleared filter bar on connect #178
Misc: If dmaHD is disabled, don't show its settings #245
Misc: Added a 'Device' menu setting. #245
Misc: Updated the credits menus #205
Menus: gear selection menus overhaul
UI: new controls menu dedicated to item binds (drop kevlar, drop flag, toggle laser, toggle nvg) #264

Chat & Console
Added ut_echo $cvar substitution
Added cg_chatBG (0 - light, 1 - dark, 2 - dependent on speed)
Added cg_chatOrder (1 - messages are displayed from top to bottom, 2 - from bottom to top)
Added cg_radioPos (0 - normal, 1 - directional, 2 - directional + distance like the player is yelling)
Fixed some issues with the /me command
Fixed unknown values for $crosshair #185
Updated console design
introduced console tabs (switch with mouse click or shift & directional keys)
Chat: fixed a buffer overflow on /me and /chat messages #210

Server administration
New: admins can perform rcon commands directly from the in-game chat box without having to know the rcon password. Everything is handled by the auth system. Documentation incoming.
New: auth-unban rcon command. AccountUnban in the server logs
Chat: added /map and /devmap to the auth-rcon commands
Rcon: new command: forceall <team> <destination> to force all players from a team to join another team
Rcon: new command: kickall <team> <reason> to mass kick teams or all players from a server
Rcon: extended the players command with more information
Server: fixed not being able to change g_gravity's value through the mapcycle.cfg file #263

Unlocked sv_fps and snaps (range: 20 - 125, default: 60)
New gear menus
Misc: repackaged the game
Match mode: fixed substitute status not being applied consistently after a map change #6
Bots: fixed bots shooting at dead players #242
Engine: use libcurl version 4 by default instead of v3
Misc: defaulted sv_floodprotect to 2
Maps: added ut4_mykonos_a17 and ut4_paris to the official pk3
Maps: removed AbbeyCTF, Ambush, Commune, Company, Crossing, Harbortown, Horror, Maya, Prague_v2, Snoppis, Toxic and Tunis from the game pack.
Engine: added 64bit support on OSX. Removed 32bit builds (< OSX 10.6) #52
Engine: added OpenBSD support #51
Engine: added r_noborder to remove the game's window borders #283
Engine: added r_centerWindow to center the window when not in full screen. Defaulted to 1. When set to 0 with r_noborder, use vid_xpos and vid_ypos to set your window in a custom position
Engine: fixed bots using slots reserved for private clients

Version 4.3.1

05.10.2016 Beta

Fixed some of the FPS drops #334
Slightly improved engine performances on Windows
Fixed Ghosttown, Paris, Mykonos appearing as 3rd party maps in the server browser #296
Added instagib to server_example.cfg #342

Version 4.3.2

04.02.2017 Beta

Build optimizations, full SSE/SSE2 support on Windows
Locked sv_fps & snaps back to 20 #348
New cl_mouseAccelStyle 2, with logistic curve for smooth and limited accel #54
Various fixes for OpenBSD and 64bit systems #59 #60
Updated Q_CleanStr to discard multiple color code prefixes and fixed broken COM_GetExtension #63 #38
Fixed 'stopserverdemo' being called on clients where the command doesn't exist #63

User Interface
Scoreboard columns sorting update: KAD columns now reads KDA (kills, deaths, assists)
Added assists to player sorting (K>D>A) on scoreboard
Renamed ".44 Magnum" to "Magnum" in the kill events
Fixed scores not updating in time when moving to intermission #142
Fixed $gametime and $roundtime calculation #346

Prevent bots from switching to knife
Disabled the gear selection menu in InstaGib
Everyone has a medkit as their sole item
Display a gamemode explanation text + an "INSTAGIB" box in the team selection menu
Added a gamemode identifier, " - INSTAGIB" next to the game mode name on the map load screen

Gun Game
Added a cvar g_randomorder (0/1): random gun order on map load
Fixed scoreboard sorting inconsistencies #319
Fixed a server crash when two players would win simultaneously in GunGame

New sound for the Glock when a silencer is equipped
Minor weapon specs enhancements
Fixed bot_minplayers not working properly
New version for Paris fixing #335 and #361 along with other enhancements

Added support for r_noborder in the menu files
Fixed weapon verification of items when primary is 'none' #320
New .arena scripts for maps to include the newer gametypes in the server creation menu

Updated default.cfg, server_example.cfg & mapcycle_example.txt
The command players now correctly displays auth logins and assists were added

Version 4.3.3

28.02.2018 Beta

Security fixes

Fixed CVE-2017-6903 #73
Fixed a potential buffer overflow exploit with the funstuff cvars
Fixed a potential exploit with the cl_guid variable
Fixed a potential exploit: do not allow loading .menu files from the /download/ subfolder and enforce menu files to have the .menu extension
Fixed a potential exploit where the result of the /stats command called by a spectator while following a player would be sent to the followed player instead of the spectator
Fixed a potential exploit with ROM and INIT cvar types being forced to USERINFO

Fixed the server browser not showing any server when using the legacy Quake 3 engine
Fixed modern ioq3 engines crashing with the error "Engine linkage error #31" #399

Match Mode
Fixed the substitute status being sometimes applied when g_matchmode = 0 #404
Fixed substitute players randomly spawning and being invincible on map restart in certain game modes

Jump Mode
Fixed wrong value of y-axis being used when loading a saved position in Jump mode #80
Jump mode: fixed persistent position saving which was sometimes loading another player's saved position #131

Gun Game: fixed being stuck with the HK69 when playing with g_randomorder 1 #394
Tweaked the FR-F1: torso/vest hits make players bleed. Zoom reset if getting >= 50% of damage (previously: 20%)
Tweaked P90's and Benelli's positions on screen #217
Potentially fixed fire mode of a spectated player's weapon being sometimes picked up #7
Fixed bots failing to load on Cascade and Kingdom
Tweaked bot files for UrT 4.3.3

Fixed g_inactivity timer inconsistencies #414
Fixed the rcon "players" command that wasn't always displaying player's auth names #419
Fixed /rcon players command returning wrong slot and IP values for clients
Added current half info to /rcon players if g_swaproles is set to 1
Fixed a bug where a map_restart after changing the g_matchmode cvar would spawn the same random weapon an infinite number of times #81
Fixed g_redteamlist and g_blueteamlist not always being recognized as valid server cvars #83

Potentially fixed the "Couldn't find weapon xx" error which was introduced in 4.2.014
Fixed the TOD50 texture file size which was causing a crash on map load when using the legacy Quake 3 engine
Updated quake3's master server port in server_example.cfg (please update your custom server configs!)
Fixed the server browser showing several times the same servers when quickly refreshing the list multiple times
Clarified server browser filter options
Fixed a bug where spamming a key binding while downloading a map would result in a "client overflow" game crash
Fixed ignore list not being saved on map reload/change and other inconsistencies with the /ignore command #23
Replaced all .png textures with .tga textures to fix some UI elements not being displayed correctly when using the legacy Quake 3 engine

Version 4.3.4

21.06.2018 Beta

Fixed the random crash issues which happened especially (but not only) on the map Eagle #431
Fixed several potential buffer overflow exploits
Fixed the bug where unpinning a 2nd nade in a row and switching to another weapon would result in the nade being dropped on the floor. #26
Fixed players being stuck with level 19 in Gun Game when g_randomorder was set to 1 #436
Magnum: fixed the reload animation and the reappearance of the crosshair not being completely synced
Bomb mode: fixed SurvivorWinner events not being written in the server logs in some situations. #293
In order to free up some space in the "serverinfo" variable, and to try to prevent the "info string length exceeded" error messages on the servers, and the subsequent potential bugs:
1 Removed g_bombDefuseTime and g_bombExplodeTime from the serverinfo
2 Changed g_teamnameRed and g_teamnameBlue to g_nameRed and g_nameBlue
3 Removed the "Clan" and "Location" serverinfo vars from server_example.cfg - server admins are free to add them back to their configs if needed
4 Removed auth_tags, auth_verbosity, auth_cheaters and auth_log from the serverinfo as they weren't strictly needed
5 Removed dmflags from the serverinfo string, it's an unused leftover from Quake 2
6 This frees up about 115 chars in the serverinfo string
Fixed output of the "where" client command
Fixed map/next map vote menu ignoring previously highlighted map and calling vote with the first map on the list #122
Menus: fixed inconsistencies in leading space in weapon select screen. #304

4.2 Changelog

Version 4.2.001

03.08.2012 Beta

new hit detection
new character 3rd person animations
new game mode: Last Man Standing (LMS) g_gametype 1
new Authentication system
new demo format ( .urtdemo )
new Auto-Updater for the game
updated the maps Casa, Mandolin, Kingpin and Kingdom
new maps: Raiders, Cascade, Bohemia
bugfix "Follow The Leader bug, a subbed player can be chosen as a leader"
bugfix"Server Listing - Misrepresented Gametypes Error"
bugfix "Allowed Voting - Load up Time Dependency"
bugfix "Mini map - Subbed players seeing Active Players"
bugfix "Dropping nades/Going to Spectator"
bugfix "Ready Command/ Role Swap Command Discontinuity"
potentially fixed "999'ers hold up the game in TS"
colour tags don't shorten maximum server host name in server browser.
fixed breathing sound when the game is paused
stamina regeneration frozen when the game is paused
fixed hotpotato time after a pause
sr8 drop exploit fixed
voting rcon exploit fixed
weapon reloading/switching bug fixed
going on a ladder with an armed nade will now put the pin back in
enable booting when bomb held
no throwing last knife
fixed g_teamautojoin when going to spectator
callvote kick/clientkick now enforces a reason as an additional argument
reload button to cycle backwards in spectator mode
fix for the masters
locked r_intensity, cg_physics and r_smp
demo automatically starts recording when joining a game that has already started (with g_matchmode 1 and cg_autoRecordMatch 1)
you can "steal" the captain status when his connection is interrupted
when a team mate requests a medic his name flashes on the mini scoreboard
demo stops recording at the end of a map (with g_matchmode 1 and cg_autoRecordMatch 1)
added cg_drawKillLog 0/1/2 (0 = no kill log ; 1 = old log like in 4.1 ; 2 = new log: player 1 [Weapon] player 2)
added g_ctfUnsubWait, if set to 1 someone who unsub in wave CTF mode will wait the next wave to spawn
added /rcon smite <player> command, instantly kill a player
added /forcesub command (for captains in match mode), force a player of our team to become a substitute
added g_allowChat 3 - allow only the captains to talk during a match (only when both teams are ready)
added cg_demoFov, it allows to change the fov from 70 to 140 when watching a demo
updated the UI
updated the cfg files
fixed team mate healbar with short names (eg. a dot)
callvotes are now logged in the server logs
selective weapon/item pickup (+button7) (see README-cg_autoPickup)
increased the maximum number of demos
fixed weapon selection bug where the last weapon chosen was disappearing when selecting a team
fixed map arrows size on big maps
fixed the hands when holding a G36
now draw the name of the guy who planted the bomb
the SPAS has now 8 bullets instead of 6
Download percentage overflow fixed.
Fixed throwing nade/switching weapon bug.
Locked cl_guidServerUniq.
Disabled radio binds for muted players.
Radio binds are now logged server-side.
Added server filters for passworded servers and servers with the Authentication activated.
Hot potato are now logged server-side.
Callvotes and votes are now logged server-side.

Version 4.2.002

03.10.2012 Beta

Fixed the server crash issue.
Fixed the login page in the game menu.
Fixed the authentication system, including the auth issue on linux x86_64 systems.
Fixed the server log line truncate when the lines have more than 1024 chars.
Fixed arm bands rgb, custom colored armbands should work again.
Fixed the bleedout bug.
Fixed hits, shooting in the knees is no longer registered as a vest hit.
Fixed cg_drawKillLog 0 now only shows hits.
Fixed the helmet no longer becomes "white" on the map Sanctuary.
Fixed the medic bug, it goes as fast as intended now.
Fixed the "killsss" typo that was showing in the FFA scoreboard.
Fixed 100% cpu usage dedicated servers.
Fixed the "Quake3-UrT_Logitech_Game_Recognition.reg" file for players with Logitech mouses.
Fixed the size of the G36.
Fixed the Nuke, server admins can nuke players again; /rcon nuke <playername/id>.
Fixed the kick vote.
Updated the maps Kingdom, Raiders and Casa. You should not get stuck anymore, also no more hiding inside rocks.
Updated the SPAS12 so it has 20 pellets instead of 11 and adjusted the damage accordingly.
Added back a laser to the AK103, like how it was in 4.1.
Added a mapcycle.txt file for servers.
Default /rate raised to 16000 instead of 3000.
Potentially fixed the FPS issue.
Auth-ban and the bans on our website are now fully functional.
Updated the /rcon auth whois command to show more information.

Version 4.2.003

12.10.2012 Beta

fixes crouch popping
fixes turtling (crouch that allows the player head to be on their thigh)
fixes kick vote bugs
fixes coloured names
adds FFA/LMS overlay

Version 4.2.004

28.10.2012 Beta

fixed the "all servers full" server browser issue.
fixed the mute command, it can handle temp muting now.
tweaked the stamina drain.
the bleed rate is proportional again to how many times you get shot.
updated player model skins.

Version 4.2.005

03.11.2012 Beta

Updated skins.
Fixed the ledge climb animation.
Fixed CTF scores bleeding through warmup into game.
Fixed the server crash issue.

Version 4.2.006

09.11.2012 Beta

New gametype, Jump Mode /g_gametype 9.
Fixed the autoradio bug in Bomb Mode.
Fixed the "Last Man Standing" gametype description in the in-game menu.
LMS round winner is now logged.
Fixed incorrect time display for players connecting to a game during pause in match mode.
Fixed floating player name while using cg_crosshairnamestype 0.
Fixed flag captures being added to the score during warmup time of CTF matchmode, also for the second half of a match.
Updated model and skin for SPAS.
Updated model and skin for DE.
Updated skin for Red Dragons' playermodel's hand.
Updated camo for blue team.
Updated icons for medic calling, bomb planting and bomb defusing.

Version 4.2.007

16.11.2012 Beta

Updated the Hit Mesh.
Updated Linux updater binaries (GUI and command line): improved compatibility with older distributions.
Updated the OSX engine to catch up with the 006 update for Windows and Linux.
Fixed g_noStamina being used in other gametypes than Jump.
Fixed "ut_itemdrop flag" in Jump mode.
Fixed cg_autopickup 0 bug.
Fixed g_gear change server message.
Fixed regain stamina bug on damaged player.
Fixed a bug where the stamina would drain while walking around crouched.
Fixed credit UI bug.
Fixed callvotes and votes for spectators.
Removed medic icon on radio calls for Jump mode and Last Man Standing.
Added waiting time display before you can call another vote.
Added the autocomplete client command (TAB).
Added "callvote map" and "nextmap" check for the specified map to be loaded on the server.

Version 4.2.008

03.12.2012 Beta

Fixed the server lag / crash issue.
Fixed the client crash when selecting a weapon.
Potentially fixed the FPS issue.
Player model animations updated.
Fixed the SPAS which was causing excessive bleeding.
Fixed the Auth System logout UI bug.
New skins for FFA, LMS and Jump gametypes.
New /racejump and /racefree cvars.
New color for FFA and LMS HUD.
Fixed Eagle's cable car.
Fixed FFA UI scoreboard bug.
Fixed SPAS gear bug.
Defaulted player armband to light purple in JUMP mode when set to g_armband 1.
Fixed a bug in callvote kick UI menu.
Enhanced kill display, new options cg_drawKillLog 3|4|5 available, added to UI menu.
Fixed punctuation and some spelling in kill display.
New images for the player setup menu.
New player setup menus for the Free and Jump teams.
Added player's login to the scoreboard.
Fixed a bug in the "smite" command help text.
Changed the player bar color in the scoreboard for FFA, LMS (Green) and JUMP (Purple) to match the HUD color.
Added fog to the water in ut4_ramelle.
Added a workaround to reduce flag cap spamming in Jump Mode, sounds and messages are shown only to the flagcarrier.
Added a cvar ui_modversion which displays the current mod version in the game menu.
Reduced the range of the cvar r_primitives.
Added run timer and best timer in the scoreboard for jump mode.
Added jump mode timers.

Version 4.2.009

21.12.2012 Beta

Updated ut4_ramelle's tunnels, removed some plants in the water, removed some buildings in the non-playable area and added some vis blocking to improve fps.
Updated scoreboard.
Fixed jump timer colors display while watching a player from spectators.
Fixed armband vertical alignment in scoreboard.
Fixed miniscoreboard not updating player status after a player respawns.
Fixed player bandage while healing close to walls.
Fixed ut_weaptoggle
Enhanced cg_autopickup 0. It now pickup just the item the player is aiming at.
Fixed g_flagReturnTime being ignored.
Enhanced RCON UI menu. Fixed some graphic bugs and added new features.
Updated the FFA/LMS spawns in ut4_uptown.
Fixed "header" warning message for the mirror1.tga.
Added Glock
Added new Spas icon.
Fixed a bug in Stats UI menu.
Optimized QVM.
Added new entity ut_jumpcancel to cancel a player run and reset the run timer.
New version of ut4_jumpents test map with new ut_jumpcancel entity.
Jump mode: colored ways
Description: Added option to set color to jump ways. Using "color" key for jump_start, you specify color 0-8, same as for console ^codes. When not specified, white is used and everything looks like before. Colors are used when telling player name of the way and for best time shown on score board. This makes it easy to see which way players are currently on and best times are for. There is updated ut4_jumpents.pk3 in my dir, hard way is magenta, easy way yellow.
Fixed blood when shooting walls, uses UrtHD sparks now and looks just as cool.
Fixed jump timer >1 hour bug.
Added Glock to ut_weaptoggle.
Fixed UI ingame select gear not being validated when pressing ESC.
Fixed the "server is for low pings only" issue

Version 4.2.010

22.03.2013 Beta

Added g_maxWallJumps CVAR for Jump Mode only.
Preloading radio sounds and misc sounds to avoid client freezes on first playback.
Fixed the ClientJumpTimerStopped log event that was returning a time of 0 secs.
Fixed negative enemy counter in mini scoreboard in FFA/LMS gametypes.
Fixed UI cursor displayed during leve loading. - Fixed big jump maps loading failure.
Fixed ut_weaptoggle behavior.
Not checking bots inactivity timers anymore.
Added /ignore and /ignorelist commands.
Fixed CAH miniscoreboard.
Fixed Jump Run timer not displayed correctly while spectating a player.
Fixed invalid player DEAD/ALIVE status in miniscoreboard.
Disabled auth account check for bots to avoid auth-reject when auth_notoriety > 0.
Don't have g_teamAutoJoin affect bot's team.
Fixed spectator being switched from follow to free after map_restart when following a client.
Fixed server browser 'Auth' and 'Password' filters.
Added g_maxJumpRuns CVAR for JUMP mode only (available when g_matchMode is 1).
Changed some JUMP in-game messages.
New log format for Jump mode entities actions.
Fixed a bug in save and load command (player view angles are now reset correctly).
Fixed blue armband showing on red team players minimap arrows - Updated the Glock sounds.
Fixed a wall that you could be shot through in Turnpike.
Added client-side skin forcing.
Added six new skin sets.
New player setup menus.

Version 4.2.011

06.04.2013 Beta

Fixed g_maxWallJumps CVAR slowing down walljumps (need QA test)
Improved g_noStamina. Was causing some glitches (only in Jump Mode)
Fixed BombDefuse display message
Fix teamoverlay colors for cg_drawTeamOverlay 2/3/4
Added Mouse Wheel support for in-game server browser
In-game server list scrolling is now noticed also by a sound
Fixed server list scrolling to the top after adding a server to the favorite list
Added Cavalry skin set
New hit reporting for SPAS (multiple hits and players)
Fixed Glock sound
Fixed funny death animation
Prague V2 - Updated with HD assets and routes
Fixed connecting to GTV
Fixed player names' colours in chat and radio chat messages
Added markers of legacy team in chat
Changed orange team name to 'Fugitives'
Fixed colour typo in auth console message
Fixed instant medic upon multiple hits
Torso has priority over arms in hit detection
Allow instant skin selection during demo playback
Fixed timer alignment in round based modes when using round limits
Updated the lighting in Turnpike so that it is closer to the 4.1 lighting

Version 4.2.012

19.04.2013 Beta

Medic and bleeding timing improved
Fixed the armbands on race 1 and 3 of the Cavalry skins
Fixed the clipping issues on Prague v2
Increased the brightness inside the office on Turnpike
Fixed callvote kick bug
Fix for missing skins on startup
Added funstuff with new cvars (g_allowfunstuff, cg_showfunstuff and funfree for FFA game modes (uses red team funstuff only))

Version 4.2.013

30.06.2013 Beta

Fixed the seam on the back of the SR8
Fixed the doors near the pillars and some z-fighting on Turnpike
Fixed missing skin on team swaps
Restore previous behaviour of armband colour for enemy team
Fixed no step sound mode Jump mode when landing on a normal surface and g_nodamage is enabled
Fixed /ignore and /ignorelist commands
Added new command /maplist which will display all the maps available on the server
Added partial substring matching for client/map searching
Added visual player count in scoreboard for both free and spectator teams
Removed g_ghostPlayers CVAR. Feature moved clientside: cg_ghost 0/1
Updated UI password filter's labels in the server browser
Renamed CVAR: g_maxWallJumps -> g_walljumps
Renamed CVAR: cg_showFunstuff -> cg_funstuff
Renamed CVAR: g_allowFunstuff -> g_funstuff
Merged g_noStamina and g_regainStamina into g_stamina: 0 = default stamina, 1 = regain stamina, 2 = infinite stamina
Renamed CVAR: g_allowForceSkins -> g_skins
Renamed CVAR: g_maxJumpRuns -> g_jumpruns
Removed SERVERINFO flag from g_cahTime
Fixed SPAS hits being displayed after player death
Added missing BOMB defuse autoradio sound
Added new hitlocations: Groin, Butt, Leg Upper Left, Leg Upper Right, Leg Lower Left, Leg Lower Right, Foot Left, Foot Right
Updated damage table according to the new hit locations
Fixed some char cases in in-game messages
Added goto and allowgoto commands for Jump Mode (can be disabled with g_allowgoto 0)
Added permanent position saving in Jump Mode
Added Ingram Mac11 (submachine gun) and Colt1911 (sidearm)
Added a new skin set based on the Droogs from A Clockwork Orange #12
Fixed bug allowing players to defuse bomb with a live nade in hand
Fixed bug showing hits causing 0% damage with the spas
Added cg_chatSound, (2 = all chat sounds, 1 = just vote sounds, 0 = no chat sounds)
Removed cg_sfxteambands (unused cvar)
Possibly fixed sv_maxPing connecting issue
Added RAW mouse support
Added dmaHD sound
Added the possibility to force the engine execution on a single CPU (/com_singlecore on Windows only)
Added possibility to set engine process priority (/com_processpriority on Windows only)
Added partial substring matching for client/map searching (RCON commands)
Fallback to default r_mode in case the resolution is set too high for the monitor instead of having the error "Could not start OpenGL subsystem" and the game crash

Version 4.2.014

14.07.2013 Beta

Fixed cg_ghost not working properly
Fixed map autocomplete with many maps
Optional new compressed pure list format for servers with many maps (sv_newpurelist)
Removed command /maplist: it's causing lags if the server has a lot of maps
Disabled dmaHD by default
Correctly lock g_stamina to be changed only in Jump Mode
IP banlist '*' wildcards and fix for '0' in address
Fixed mouse cursor shows up with some of the in_mouse settings
Fixed Vote kick which was inconsistent and buggy
Fixed player being forced to spectator on a new level
Fix broken timers after swaproles
Fixed broken wave respawn timer after paused game
Fixed Colt animation mismatch
Tuned up Glock specs
Remove dropped items and corpses during TS warmup

Version 4.2.015

27.09.2013 Beta

New authentication protocol securized
Fixed the alignment of a window texture on one of the buildings in the nonplayable area of Turnpike
Fixed respawn protection hits being displayed in Jump Mode
g_shuffleNoRestart - possibility not to restart a map after shuffle
g_inactivityAction - defines what to do with inactive player (0 - kick, 1 - move to spec)
Increased Colt spread
Fixed 1911 whiteout bug
Re-timed 1911 reload animation
Decreased the specular effect on the colt1911 and darkened the current texture
Decreased the specular effect on the SPAS12
Updated Mac11 sounds
Reduced Mac11 spread
Improved ut_itemuse (supports string arguments now, e.g. "ut_itemuse nvg")
Fixed wave respawn timers not showing in freecam
Enhanced QVM load fail message ("VM_Create failed on UI" and "Invalid game folder")
Added support for Console and UI fields pasting on Linux and Mac OSX (CTRL+V)
Improved FFA/LMS spawn selection system
Added cg_noci which disables the "Connection Interrupted" message when set to 1 (mostly for demos)
Added cg_cleanFollow which disables some of the instructions displayed when following players
Added Match Mode Ragequit protection (on a paused game, when an entire team disconnect from the server, reset match status and clear the pause)
Display the current nextmap upon g_nextmap callvote
Do not reset scores when going substitute
Removed racejump CVAR: using only racefree for solo modes
Changed the vests and helmets for the SWAT and Red Dragons to 4.1 solid colours
Changed the vests for Free team to dark grey
cg_exposeBots 0/1 - visual bot identification (name transparency, ping ---)
Disable bind execution when radio UI is opened
cg_drawMapLocation 0/1 (configurable in minimap settings UI) - constantly displays current map location near health bar
Allow walljumping without actually jumping before (falling) - 4.1 behavior - eg. turnpike window stairs to wc jump
Changed colours to team names in the player set up menus eg: orange is now Fugitives
Enabled missing radio calls in Jump mode and enabled UI radio menu
Correctly stop Jump timers on Timelimit Hit and map restart
Added missing log lines for VotePassed and VoteFailed (for external bots)
Added cg_killsound CVAR: will play a local sound when the hit enemy is killed
New damage values for Groin (97%) and Butt (90%) when using SR8
Added a new map by Nounou called ut4_ghosttown_RC4

Version 4.2.016

16.11.2013 Beta

Fixed the bug in the Auth System that appeared since 4.2.015 where sometimes lag in authentication could lead to use the account name of the previous player on the same slot
Fixed the "badinfo" issue (many thanks to Jacepriester)
Animation config updates
New Dr. Pink and Dr. Blue player skins
Correctly disable inactivity timer when g_inactivity is set to 0
Ability to set skins per team using cg_skinfixed0|1
Increased minimum value of com_hunkmegs and made the error message Hunk_Alloc failed on... more understandable
Updated Mac11 sounds
Fix for specularity on SR8 (very noticeable on bolt cap)
Fixed lagometer position on CTF when using Wave Respawns
Enhanced cg_speedo CVAR: will display client speed using (1) UPS: Quake units per second, (2) KPH: Kilometers per hour, (3) MPH: Miles per hour
Fixed killsound not being played upon HE Grenade kill and bleed out
New sniper crosshair: cross-dot (cg_scopeSR8|cg_scopePSG|cg_scopeG36 4)
Fixed skeetshoot map reloaders: fix target_give not resetting state after execution
New crosshair: cg_drawCrosshair 14 (simple cross Quake 3 style). Available in UI menu
Fixed respawn timer being shown after map restart
Added 0 padding in asset download time left and server list refresh time
Added sound on weapon mode change
Added accelerometer configurable with cg_accelero 0|1|2 and UI menu
Added cg_accelSize CVAR to tune dedicated accelerometer size
Fixed bots being kicked from the server for teamkilling
Added TeamBalancer. Can be controller with g_autobalance CVAR (0 = disabled, 1 = balance every minute, 2 = every 2 minutes, etc)
Added g_noVest CVAR for Jump Mode: is set to 1 removes the Vest from all the players
Added client respawn event to game log: ClientSpawn: <slot>
Fixed impossibility to kick zombie clients off the server
Fixed connection to full server resulting in Server is for low pings only
dmaHD engine forced to 44Khz 16-bit stereo output
Increased command buffer from 64KiB to 128KiB for players with large config files
Added separate Windows executable for non-SSE2 processors
Fixed substitute flag being resetted upon map change
Correctly update client team overlay when /forcesub command is executed
Added menu items in sound menu for configuring dmaHD
Added more in-built r_mode graphics modes for wide screen monitors
Added new wide resolutions in graphics menu
Increased chat area width and message area width
Hide timelimit from HUD if there are no valuable info to be displayed
Fixed inactivity timer kicking local client thus causing all the players to be disconnected
Added flag capture time. New log string: "FlagCaptureTime: <player id>: <time in milliseconds>"
Major overhaul of dmaHD sound system

Version 4.2.017

17.12.2013 Beta

Fixed teambalancer-skin bug
Fixed chat overflow bug (was overflowing on the team overlay)
Fixed the flag capture time
New cvar: cg_drawFlagCaptureTime (0: no time shown, 1: time in seconds, 2: time in seconds and milliseconds)
All UrT executables are now compatible with older CPUs
dmaHD sound system is on by default on the UrT executables
Fixed mousewheel scrolling of console
dmaHD: Fixed annoying clicks/echoes with some weapon sounds
dmaHD: Re-introduced all the old mixers (CVAR: dmaHD_mixer)
Autobalance turned off by default

Version 4.2.018

01.01.2014 Beta

New g_gear restriction code. It now uses weapon/item letters so you can disable whatever weapon or item you want.
Changed the medic badges back to the caduceus.
Solved FPS drops introduced in 016/017 client.
Fixed the issues with auth_owners.
Fixed the "auth string output overrun" issue.
Solved 'callvote map' problem where results can be unpredictable.
Fixed client number in callvote server log entry.
Fixed callvote kick bug.
More checks for pure servers.

Version 4.2.019

14.09.2014 Beta

New gametype - Freeze Tag #10 - new CVARs g_thawTime and g_meltdownTime - new log lines
New map ut4_prominence
New map ut4_killroom
New g_stratTime CVAR - strategy time at round start in Team Survivor and BOMB modes
Fixed hotpotato timer not stopping on timeout
Fixed crash when using map and devmap server commands
Fixed a "round end" message loop happening when only one player is connected in FFA gametype
Fixed the flag capture time bug in jump mode
Fixed a crash in the demos ui page
Fixed a possible crash on map load on OSX
Fixed a "signal 6" crash on OSX 10.9
Fixed the copy/paste causing engine crash on Unix systems
Fixed malformed reply to the /ignore command #10
Fixed ut_weaptoggle grenade malfunction when having two types of grenades #4
Added a flood protection on weapon mode change #32
Fixed callvote kick bug where another player could be kicked
Fixed client number for callvote server log messages
Fixed callvote map unpredictability and server log messages
Fixed some HUD elements being displayed while the client was paused #36
Added a client info cvar named authl containing player's auth name when authenticated #35
Unlocked the download speed of map packs #44
Fixed dmaHD entering an infinite loop on certain maps #34
Made the reconnect command work across a client restart #40
Fixed the forcesub broadcast message #50
Fixed bomb plant time crashing the server #52
Fixed tell command not targeting the correct user #19
Fixed medkit icon not appearing or randomly flickering #17
Fixed third person mode persisting in sub #43
Fixed Client 0 getting the kill on certain bleed outs #78

Version 4.2.020

30.09.2014 Beta

Fixed flag taken sound not playing #5 #14
Fixed ThawOutStarted log spam
Cleaned up disconnected thaw targets #90
Added completion for forcesub, goto, load, save, and timeout #46
Reset player stamina when frozen #94
Added keycatcher for radio UI #3
Fixed scoreboard showing "kills" instead of "points" for the blue team #70
Fixed scoreboard/miniscoreboard showing thawed players as dead #70 #92
Changed scoreboard status to FRZN for frozen players
Restored flags on gear change #11
Fixed frozen players' hitboxes #88
Added a bar for players who are being thawed out #89
Moved the thaw progress bar down #91
Reset the match state when swapteams is called #98
Set the player's leg model to crouched if frozen in a position where they can't uncrouch #99
Made frozen players' arrows flash cyan on the minimap
Fixed live player counting for Freeze Tag #92
Added a puff of snow for freezing, thawing, and melting
Fixed bots timing out if bot_pause is 1
Fixed frozen players taking environmental damage #106
Fixed login button drawing #71
Fixed players showing up as frozen when the round starts #111
Added countdown sounds for pre-game timers
Fixed frozen players' helmets not showing #64
Fixed stats menu not working when dead or spectating #39
Fixed give server crash #40
Allowed gravity to affect frozen players (this also allows them to be booted)
Allowed frozen players to be shot to prolong their frozen state

Version 4.2.021

16.11.2014 Beta

Updated text with new font (Roboto) and drop shadow
Decreased font sizes around the HUD
Revamp of the mini scoreboard and team overlay
Updated the netgraph
New cvar: cg_drawhealth, 0 = health not displayed 1 = health points displayed
Improvement of the item and weapon select boxes
Enhancement of the warmup countdown beep
New cvar: cg_countdownSound, 0 = disable the countdown beeps, 1 = enabled
Updated the timers - right aligned and new timer and hotpotato icons
Highlighted map names in orange if they need to be downloaded (in the server browser menu)
Added $hp chat var
Updated chat variable substitution. Variable names that are not recognized by the server will not be consumed (you can now type $100)
Updated the vote HUD element
Used Team Survivor walls in Freeze Tag
Added forcesub rcon command
Added forcecaptain rcon command
Combined red and blue wave timers if they're set to the same value
Added cg_showbullethits 3
Added ability to use "all" with the forceteam command
Added swap rcon command to swap two players
Fixed spawn arrangement on Docks #100
Fixed a missing texture on Ricochet #110
Fixed the occasional timeout flights #114
Fixed status of defusing players being set to "FRZN" #115
Made dropped bomb yellow on the minimap #82
Fixed cumulative g_inactivity timer #41
Fixed blurry ammo icons
Fixed speedometer and accelerometer positioning when cg_hudWeaponInfo allows it
Fixed speedometer overlapping weapon info
Fixed helmet being rendered on top of NVG shader
Fixed "x team wins" not using the right skin name #132
Fixed bomb being lost to the void #11
Fixed first shot accuracy in perfect conditions #134
Changed LEADER to LEAD on the scoreboard status in FTL #138
Fixed C&H flags not being counted on timelimit is hit
Fixed skin readme text positioning #136
Fixed skin selection menu starting empty #118
Unlocked cl_pitchspeed #139
Changed "Enemies: x" to "Players: x" in Jump mode

Version 4.2.022

20.12.2014 Beta

New cvars to modify the text size: cg_msgSize and cg_chatSize
Servers now issue a DNS lookup for the master server on map change
Game clients now check for other master servers when the main one is down
Randomized team join when all factors are equal (when the scores and numbers of players were equal, you would always be placed on the red team)
New commands accessible through ref access: swap, pause, reload, restart, nextmap, cyclemap, map, exec, veto
Added a g_refNoExec cvar to control referee access to the exec command
Added primary, secondary, sidearm, grenade, and bomb arguments to ut_weapdrop #157
Added a bot indicator and filter in the server browser menu
Added "(next: map)" to the cyclemap vote string when g_nextmap is set
Updated g_stratTime to not cut into play time
Added cg_leftHand
Improved the team scores visual in HUD
Disabled non-numeric characters being used for colour codes (this means '^a' is not a colour anymore, but you can now use the caret in chat)
Enabled the percent (%) character for use in chat
Enabled the semicolon (;) character for use in chat
Added IRC-style /me command (works in chat as well)
Added flag drop bind to the menus #124
Added filter bar in the server browser menu
Reorganized the "General Settings" panel and added a "Meter Settings" panel
Added detection for vote keys #17-
Enhanced dropped bomb visibility on the minimap #155
Fixed defusing player status shown as dead #149
Improved flood protect limitations: its value is the number of commands you can perform per second #154
Fixed a swap command issue #150
Fixed g_maxGameClients not working properly #146
Fixed g_ctfUnsubWait which never had worked properly #158
Fixed missing textures on some SPAS hits #160
Fixed gear menu showing outdated gear when using gear binds #159
Fixed team scores not appearing until the scoreboard is opened
Fixed the CI message displayed on map end for subs #113
Fixed the multiple bomb carriers in blue team issue #148
Fixed missing cvar g_nextCycleMap #53
Fixed the wrong time being displayed on scoreboard #47
Fixed server command overflows during timeouts (also fixes huge demo sizes during timeouts) #163
Fixed stupid radio menu behaviour - now only the 0-9 binds will be suppressed #3
Suppressed hit logging if target is frozen or god #164
Fixed reversed score order when Blue team wins #170
Fixed missing Freeze Tag label for g_gametype votes #172
Fixed $crosshair not working properly in some cases (and also allowed chat variables to be used when dead) #166
Fixed most custom maps not appearing in the vote menu #167
Fixed an exploit when spectating the referee #173

Version 4.2.023

19.01.2015 Beta

Fixed strat time causing early match termination
Fixed flag return message colour #176
Fixed negative team scores #177
Added s_alttabmute CVAR to control sound when game is in background. Values are: '1' for Mute (default) or '0' to keep sounds playing when game is in background. (Windows only)

4.1 Changelog

Version 4.1.1

New player model skins
A few new funstuff by Flash
New maps: Company, Harbortown, Herring, Horror, Subway, Thingley and Tombs.
Updated maps: Casa, Docks, Ramelle, Ricochet, Swim, and Uptown.

Version 4.1.0

22.12.2007 Beta

-Working IP ban system
-Duplicate name protection (the trade of is that you can't use spaces in your name anymore though)
-Removal of white skins
-New/updated maps
-Updated UI and default settings
-/rcon players command, returning map/score and per player: name, team, score, ping, IP
-No votes within first 60 seconds of a map
-Fixed hit bug when crouching and moving
-Several spawn locations fixed
-Negev reload exploit fixed
-Power slide physics exploit fixed
-TDM scoreboard not updating fixed
-in-game browser now remembers your sorting preferences
-Short names won't mess up the healtbar anymore
-A problem with blood (fps bug?) fixed
-sr8 gets 5 bullets again, but unzooms when getting hit with 15% damage
-spas does less damage. Knockback when getting hit by it is lower.
-ump does more damage
-psg back to 8 bullets and chest hits bleed out
-some changes to the log files
-allowdownload cvars locked
-demonames changed to YYYY_MM_DD instead of YYYY_DD_MM
-removed 'parsing' spam from console

4.0 Changelog

Version 4.0

04.01.2007 Beta

Notable Changes
* No longer depends on any Quake 3 Arena assets.
* New player models/skins
* New player animations
* New hitdetection
* Ingame Stats
* Banning using a banlist.txt (IP-based)
* Powerslide introduced
* Goomba Stomping introduced
* Hot Potato Feature introduced
* Vote system overhauled
* Menus overhauled
* New weapon skins (Spas/G36)
* Sprinting is faster now
* Hitsound
* Being able to set the next map introduced
* Muting of players introduced
* Veto'ing of votes introduced
* Player armbands introduced
* Funstuff introduced
* Maps updated and added - from minor tweaks to complete overhauls (see map list for new maps)
* Tac-Goggles overhauled
* Damage Values updated
* UMP now has 30 bullets instead of 25 and a spammode instead of burst. 3 bullets, very quickly in a row each time you shoot.
* Spas fires quicker, but has less bullets
* Negev is like a mp5k with 90 bullets now, no more stamina reduction.
* Bullets now penetrate arms/legs to hit head/torso if they're in the way.
* New Frozen Sand introduction graphics
* protection versus the name 'all'.
* Players can't look around while game is paused anymore
* Added ability to become captain when old captain is 999.
* TK auto-kick message updated
* Loading screen progress indicator
* NVG look changed

* com_hunkmegs now defaults at 256
* gamename = q3ut4
* g_modversion = 4.0

Client side
* Overbrightbits/MapOverBrightBits/fastsky/lightmap/muzzleflash locked
* FPS capped at 125
* Position of text when using cg_drawcrosshairnamestype 1 changed to not colide with team overlay
* 'raceblue' and 'racered' instead of 'race'
* 'cg_hitsound' turns on/off hitsound
* 'funred' and 'funblue' to set funstuff.
* 'cg_rgb' sets your armband/minimap/scoreboard color, if server allows it

Server side
* Server now echos when changing certain cvars, which it didn't do before (bombexplodetime for example)
* Removed/shortened cvars from infostring to decrease chance of 'info string length exceeded' warnings
* 'mute' to mute a clientnumber
* 'veto' to let a vote fail
* addip/removeip to ban/unban IP addresses. Can also use clientnumber to ban someone.
* g_hotpotato sets number of minutes of stand-off before hotpotato kicks in (0=off)
* g_allowvote values changed. Check
* g_nextmap lets you set the next map
* g_armbands added. 0=let player decide armband color 1=force red/blue 2=assign random color to players
* g_redwaverespawndelay changed to g_redwave and g_bluewaverespawndelay to g_bluewave
* g_survivorroundtime = g_roundtime now
* g_captureandholdtime changed to g_cahtime
* g_surivorrounddelay = gone

Map List
ut4_ambush - Masheen
ut4_crossing - Masheen
ut4_firingrange - Hybridesque
ut4_mandolin - Null
ut4_sanctuary - Sinny
ut4_toxic - Duf Knien
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