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Company Director & COO

  • COO Frozensand Games Ltd
  • Company Director
  • Lead Developer
  • Lead Programmer
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Charles Duprey
    fr France - Rennes - 24 years old

    Call me Barbie!

    @Barbatos__ on Twitter 

    Profile: Barbatos


    Team Manager & Artist

  • Frozensand Team Manager
  • Senior Artist
  • Level Designer
  • Texture Artist
  • Modeler
  • Maureen Yost
    ca Canada - Vancouver, British Columbia

    Artist proficient in Adobe Photoshop specializing in Q3 skinning since 1999. Expert weapon and character model skinner. Level designer with 8 years experience in GTK Radiant. Modeler/Animator with over 5 years experience in 3D Studio Max She has been a Quality Assurance Manager for 3 years at a national telecommunications firm and for 8 years for Silicon Ice Development and FrozenSand. Thrives in a team environment. 

    Profile: BladeKiller


    System Admin & Website Developer

  • System & Network Administrator
  • Website & CMS Developer
  • fr France - Marseille


    Profile: BlapecOol


    Hosting Consultant

  • Network Administrator
  • Security Advisor
  • Jean-Francois Laforest
    ca Canada - Montreal, QC, Canada

    Jean-Francois just recently joined FS. He holds a masters in Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland. He also received his CCIE in Routing and Switching. He builds networks to reduce the cost of infrastructures and increase their performance to benefit all the Urban Terror community.

    We benefit greatly from his in depth experience in telecommunications, as there are very few individuals in North America with his unique qualifications.

    He will assist Raider and Kalish in building an advanced network to provide efficient distribution of UrT and act as an advisor when taking network / systems decisions. 

    Profile: evilelf

    Frankie V

    Assets Manager & Lead Animator

  • Assets Manager
  • Lead Animator
  • Senior Artist
  • Modeler
  • Level Designer
  • Frank Van Noordt
    ca Canada - British Columbia

    Proficient in 3ds Max and Motion Builder. 10 Years practical experiences in game animation and design beginning in 1999 with the introduction of Quake 3 from id software. Has also generalized in 3d graphics since inspired by the movie Tron in 1982. 

    Profile: Frankie V


    Codebase Developer

  • Codebase Developer
  • Bugs Reviser
  • Felix F
    de Germany


    Profile: Gost0r


    Codebase Developer & Level Designer

  • Codebase Developer
  • Level Designer
  • Texture Artist
  • Modeler
  • de Germany


    Profile: HappyDay


    Lead Web, Auth & 2D

  • Lead Website & CMS Developer
  • Lead Auth System Developer
  • Lead Graphic Designer
  • Engine Developer
  • Webmaster
  • 2D Artist
  • Denis Bajram
    fr France - Bayeux, Normandy

    He is the lead programmer behind the authentication system for Urbanterror.

    For that, he has created a new web content management system with Raider. This powerful CMS is now used for the Urban Terror website.

    Comics artist and writer, he is writing a science-fiction saga called Universal War since 1998. UW1 was originally published in France, and was translated in many languages by many publishers (Marvel for USA). UW2 has started in 2013. You can find more information on his website 

    Profile: Kalish


    Lead Forums Administrator

  • Forums Manager
  • Accounts Administrator
  • ca Canada


    Profile: Kr0m


    Lead Environments Creator

  • Modeler
  • Textures Artist
  • Jeff Barkley
    ca Canada - Vancouver, British Columbia

    Extensive experience in photography and the creation of high quality phototextures in Photoshop. Two years experience modeling and uvw-unwrapping in 3D Studio Max, 4 years with Radiant. Experienced with several 3D applications for the creation of environments, such as VUE 5 Infinite, Terragen, and Bryce. Jeff has worked in a team environment as a level designer for SID and also as a business specialist for a telephone company. 

    Profile: Rabidcow


    Company Director & CEO

  • CEO Frozensand Games Limited
  • Company Director
  • Lead Administrator
  • Website Developer
  • Deputy Team Manager
  • Robert Baxter-Kaneen
    uk United Kingdom - London

    I am the RaideR 

    Profile: RaideR

    Seven of Nine

    Public Relations

  • Events Streamer
  • League Relations
  • nl Netherlands - under your bed


    Profile: Seven of Nine


    Composer / Audio Engineer

  • Music
  • Effects
  • Editing and Mastering
  • Alexej M.
    de Germany

    Unifiedtone is the composer for Urban Terror HD. He is also doing sound design and general audio engineering work. 

    Profile: unifiedtone



  • Modeler
  • Vlad


    Profile: Vladocs


    Codebase Developer

  • Codebase Developer
  • Gameplay Designer
  • Daniel Borgmann
    id Indonesia - Bali

    Indie game and freelance developer, with a passion for user experience and game design.

    Started playing Urban Terror with Beta 1.0 and programming even earlier. Focusing on core mechanics, accessibility, and the competitive side of the game in general.

    @ZenityGames on Twitter 

    Profile: Zenity

    Inactive members

    chumpPublic Relations & Audio Engineer
    DecoyCommunity Support
    IkslorinPublic Relations
    LevantLevel Designer
    NounouConcept Artist
    RaedwulfEngine & Codebase Developer
    s.e.t.i.Engine Developer

    Former Members - version 4

    Bar-B-QSound Engineer / Level Designer
    BiddlePublic Relations
    Crazy ButcherAnimator / Modeler
    DecoyCommunity Support
    DragonneLevel Designer
    evilelfServer Administrator
    JohnnyenglishLevel Designer
    Kr0mForum Manager
    LevantLevel Designer
    MajkiFajkiLevel Designer
    MrSound Engineer
    Mr BeanTexture Artist / Modeler
    NemesisQA Manager
    NitroForum Manager / User Support
    NounouLevel Designer / 2D Artis / Modeler
    NulLLevel Designer
    OswaldProject Coordinator / Public Relations
    PapyRunyLevel Designer
    RicheLevel Designer
    ShminkyboyLevel Designer
    SinniLevel Designer
    SkazLevel Designer
    SmachineTexture Artist
    TimbeauxSound Engineer
    TubLevel Designer
    WoekelePublic Relations
    |NV|SLevel Designer / Modeler

    Former Members - Prior versions

    BattleCowLevel Designer
    CrazyButcherAnimator / Modeler
    CrystalMeshCharacter Modeler
    Dick DastardlyLevel Designer
    Dokta8Lead Programmer
    DracostianQA Manager
    EarthQuakeModeler / Texture Artist
    FearMeTexture Artist
    FlashAnimator / Modeler
    Flux2D Artist
    FreakStormTexture Artist
    Gerbil!Level Designer
    JakerTexture Artist
    MilesTexture Artist
    NRGizeRLevel Designer
    OddCharacter Artist
    PreacherSound Engineer
    Sir ChumpsProgrammer
    SweetnutZ2D Artist / Programmer / Level Designer
    WetWiredLevel Designer
    .EXELevel Designer
    WULevel Designer / Modeler

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