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There are currently at least four malicious servers trying to steal authentication keys. If your auth is suddenly refusing to work and/or you see “Unknown” in the server list instead of “FREEZE”, you probably have connected to one of those servers and downloaded at least one map. All those maps contain malicious code.
If you think you may be affected, delete all maps downloaded on September 14 or later and change your auth key. Downloading any maps from servers you don’t know well is discouraged until further notice.
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AGRUMSERVSTinyBombag-rum.org1 year
ALTCOINAlt-coinAlt-co.inalt-co.in8 months
BCbc`bubbleclubbubbleclub.de4 years
BEERGARDEN[BG]The Beer Gardenbeer-garden.org4 years
BGDE{BG}ByteGamingDE Serversbytegaming.de7 months
BSTJUMPSBST Jumps Game Server2 years
CDFCDF| urban-terror.fr11 months
CND|-CnD-|Cats and Dogsurtclansitecatsanddogs.com3 years
CODWAR/CW/CodWar years
CTRLCLIC9 months
DFSMW[FD2D]From Dust 2 Dawnfd2d.eu1 year
DURTDUrT-DallasUrT3 years
DUST2From Dust 2 Dawnfd2d.tk1 month
FD2DFrom Dust 2 Dawnfd2d.de2 years
FRAGANONFragaholicfragaholic.org1 month
FUN66610 months
GAMEXSgXS.GameXSgamexs.de2 years
GERCLAN+GER+ Clan Serverviper-project.de2 years
GTSCLANAsdef6 months
GUACHGuach Public Serverguach.com2 years
HELLSONG>HS.Fr|serveur Jump HellSong.frhellsong.fr8 months
IZONEiZone Modded Servers2 years
first letter: all - a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z - 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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