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FS fr.Biddle
Public Relations

Registered:August 01 2012
Level:level_blue FS advertiser
Notoriety:well known


Real name:Benoit L
Country:mx Mexico
Location:Alsace, France

Urban Terror Office:

  • News & Docs Maintainer
  • Community Support

  • Ben started to play Urban Terror in 2011, a year before 4.2 was released. He has ever since been highly invested in the game and its community. Particularily involved in the French community, the Urban Zone League and the UrT-TV organisation, he now is a solid pillar of the FrozenSand team. Helping out in its management, he specifically takes care of our QA, beta testing, user administration, writes our news and keeps our website contents up to date. Speaking fluently French, English and Spanish he is very efficient in the community support and PR services he offers.


    Head admin of:CasaTown League, Team France, Fruit Ninjas, Urban Jump Tournament, Nations Cup, PowerBan, PWNINJA, Li'l Pwny Club, Universal Cyber League, Urban Terror France, UrT Pickup, UrT-TV, Urban Zone League, Warfields, wpierdol
    Rcon owner of:bubbleclub, Frozen Sand Dev Team, [HDdev], No Mercy, United Five
    Referee of:From Dust 2 Dawn, GROM, Kiwi Bot, Pia Lovers Foundation
    Member of:Playing 4Fun, aCe, b00bs = noobs who like boobs, -, Custom Map Makers, die in a Rape fire!, Equipe De Merde, FURY, God Bless You, Hack & Slash, hh` Hugs HeadShoot, UrT Pickup TS, Untitled, national Dream-Stick-Operators, vnr. Team, Work In Progress
    Friend of:B&B, Assassin Fanatic, TinyBomb, Baguette Loverz, Best of Free, Rush The Flag, Cooking With Euro Jack, Daily `Nade, Dark Ninjas, dimension BEAST, DeSpeRaDoS, DevZero, Dangereux Guerrier Sadique et Épileptique, EviL, HunteeR-Team, The Forge , [Gore] Clan, Got 1337?, Hash, serveur Jump, Team Hungary, Icy Jumps, Urban Terror Germany Community, KinGz Club, Kings of Rabbit Hunters, Kings of Zombie Hunters, LeelaBot, UTL|LegacY, Made To Kill, MIZU, Mais Qu'est Ce Donc, orKs eSport, PUT1N, Red*Army|Clan, rjiing, Speed-One Community, SR8, Spanish Gods, Spanish Putis Clan, Team 68, Without Helmet, Turbo Bears, Team Turkey, Urban Devils, Unity, Unity Servs, Urban Terror Germany, UrT Knifers, Urban Terror Shooting Championship, Vengeance 2 Zombies, What's Your Question ?, Team Yugoslavia
    Disabled user of:Winner flag, next team, Victory.Clan


    Account:Dev Team - Profile

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