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#1 User is offline   tub (old) Icon

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Posted 07 November 2008 - 02:44 PM

Ok so each submission will need:
- File name (short name: i.e. ut4_awe)
- Map name  (long name: i.e. My Awesome Competition Map)
- Authors name
- Brief Description
- Download link
- Two screenshots

You can only have one submission, though you can change/update your post until the deadline. This thread should only contain submissions since we'll be pointing people here to check out the maps when they vote.


The finish time is:
11am Monday 10th of November GMT/UTC
or Australian Eastern D/S: 10pm Monday the 10th
or US Pacific: 3am Monday the 10th

It could end a few hours later depending when I'm or other people are around. I'm away again this weekend but I should be able to hit a internet cafe sometime near then. Or if any other dev members or board administrators want to do it, that's also cool


When the deadline is reached this thread will be locked. Then a a new voting thread will be created to determine the winner using those maps that are in the submission thread.

The voting will stay open for exactly one week to give people a chance to play and test the maps. At the end of the week that thread will be locked, and a new one will be created to announce the results.

Thank You


The maps are all mirrored on Drezil's server at: http://smc.pwning.de/stuff/urt/q3ut4/

#2 User is offline   Muffie Icon

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Posted 07 November 2008 - 04:20 PM

File Name: ut4_deceitful
Map Name: The Death Lair
Authors Name : Muff!e
Description: The evil genius banana spammer is at it again! But this time he's acquired a proton particle canon and he's ready to destroy any city that isn't ready to obide by his rules. It's your job as a Swat member to help stop this maniac! Do you think your up for the job?
Notes: The halls and doorways are large for a reason, speed  :-D
Download: http://files.filefro...;/fileinfo.html
Posted Image
Posted Image

#3 User is offline   TRaK (old) Icon

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Posted 07 November 2008 - 04:52 PM

File Name: ut4_asylum_b1
Map Name: Asylum
Authors Name : Georges 'TRaK' Grondin

Description: An evil mastermind has built a dangerous 'insanity cannon' which makes anyone who is shot by it completely insane. He plans to bounce the laser off a satellite in orbit, allowing him to make entire cities full of people completely insane at the flick of a switch. He is hiding in his lair in the basement of an abandoned asylum. Can you stop him?

Download: http://www.mercenari...4_asylum_b1.pk3

Posted Image
Posted Image

#4 User is offline   Dragonne Icon

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  • Account: dragonne
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Posted 07 November 2008 - 06:05 PM


I had a hell of a lot of fun doing this, and if you take some time and poke around, you'll easily see it. Good luck to all other participants! May the best map win!


BSP/Filename: ut4_sewerlair
Longname:  Sewer Lair
Author: Dragonne (Michael Conger)
Description: It's a spoof of an Evil Genius Supervillain lair set in an underground sewer.
Download links:
EURO: http://files.uaaport...4_sewerlair.pk3
US: http://urt.voxel.net...4_sewerlair.pk3

Posted Image
Posted Image

There, now it's only 2 images. :lol:

#5 User is offline   Nightcrawl (old) Icon

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Posted 07 November 2008 - 06:10 PM

shortname: ut4_efort_b1
Map Name: Evil fortress
Authors Name : Nightcrawl
Version: Beta 1.

Description: Evil terrorists have acquired new technology - Lasers. Fortunatly, the terrorists are busy drinking and don't really pose much of a threat. Sneak in to their storange and blow up the beer storage to get rid of the terrorists for all eternity.
Build-time: 12 hours


Posted Image
Posted Image

Known bugs:
- Map doesn't show up in map-list in-game
- Miss-aligned or flipped textures on some crates
- The rocky ground has too sharp edges at some places
- More/better detailing wont hurt

#6 User is offline   Yas Icon

  • Account: yas
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Posted 07 November 2008 - 10:00 PM


File Name: urt4_qnd4sng

Map Name: Quick 'n Dirty 4 Sh!ts 'n Giggles Villain's Lair

Author's Name: Yas

Description: "Do you expect me to talk?"... "no Mr Bond, I expect you to die".
A fight has broken out between the Cryogenists and the Missilieers on what to do with the secret agent who is soon to be sliced by a laser. The Cryogenists wish to freeze him for future villains to see him in the museum of infamy, while the missileers want to strap his remains to a missile and launch him into the MI6 building in London. The boss is away, and his lair is being used as the fragging grounds.

Download: http://files.uaaport...ut4_qnd4sng.pk3

Gametypes: FFA/TDM/TS/FTL/CAH/CTF/BOMB designed for upto 6vs6 or 8 people in FFA

Extra notes: Thanks for everyone for being so supportive, the lighting might be a bit messed up in areas, but hopefully doesnt detract from playing it... it's a very basic map. If anyone wants the .map (which I doubt) don't hesitate to contact me!

Posted Image
Posted Image

#7 User is offline   tub (old) Icon

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  • Locationut_abbey

Posted 08 November 2008 - 12:15 AM

Well since a a wily duck undisqualified me...

File name: ut4_tejen (ut4_tejen_beta3 actually)
Map name: Tejen
Authors name: Tub (Tristian Barrett)
Brief Description: A drug collection hub just outside of Afghanistan that an evil mastermind uses to payroll his operations.
Download link: http://www.levelart....tejen_beta3.pk3
Two screenshots:

Posted Image
Posted Image

#8 User is offline   Wily Duck Icon

  •   mapper   
  • Account: wilyduck
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Posted 08 November 2008 - 11:43 AM


BSP/Filename: ut4_raid
Longname: Enemy Munitions Raid
Author: Wily Duck
Description: The humble people of Ins Villa found they could order their favorite supplies online! Quite satisfied with this discovery, they purchased a "Large Flashlight" and chose free delivery. However, their pesky neighbors on the other side of the river soon learned of their new toy. The merchandise just got delivered, so grab a six-pack, and get over there! Heard Ins Villa folks were baking something nice too!
Download link: http://gamedev.digit...ps/ut4_raid.pk3

Posted Image

Posted Image

#9 User is offline   TwentySeven Icon

  •   former FS member   
    Lead Engine Developer
  • Account: twentyseven
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Posted 09 November 2008 - 09:50 AM

- File name: ut4_moonbase
- Map name:  The Moonbase 
- Authors name:  Peter McNeill (TwentySeven)
- Brief Description: Play CTF on a map that gets about 30fps!  :-D   Built entirely in 3dsmax and designed to use the new engine modifications for dramatically different visuals if you have the machine to handle it.  If not, it'll run but be a bit uglyier.
- Download link:  http://files.uaaport...t4_moonbase.pk3
- Enhanced Engine Link: www.clantriad.net/files/27/ut_bumpy_pack.rar   <- Use this to get the full effect

Sorry I was late folks!

- Two screenshots

Posted Image
Posted Image

#10 User is offline   H3NRY Icon

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Posted 09 November 2008 - 10:08 AM

my first map ever is going to be for this competition......  but until i get the whole pk3 situation figured out i cant post it
-----oh... got it figured out, thanks people who helped-----------
check it out and tell me what you think....
i hope people like my first map.

oh yeah.. this map is VERY bot friendly, i have had 12 bots with not one crash for over an hour of fighting them

- File name short name: ut4_3story
- Map name long name: three story building, lets have some fun
- Authors name: Henry aka H3NRY
- Brief Description: really close quarters fighting, three floors tall with a few traps and a lot of shooting
- Download link http://www.freewebs....story_beta2.pk3
- Two screenshots ---#1Posted Image #2Posted Image---

*** From Dragonne: This entry does not qualify. It does not play in CTF (no spawns or flags) and does not contain the lasergun model.
sorry dragoon... i am changing it right now... thanks for the notice
above is the pre lazer model, now named beta2

ok... well.. now my q3map2 tools has took a crap on me and now i am stuck with an almost finished .map file that i cant do anything else with so.. i guess i disqualified

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