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  1. In Topic: NationsCup XXI Announcement

    25 December 2018 - 11:24 PM

    Keeping in mind what I saw 3 years ago in the semi finals , algiers - mass preshooting ; 1 camper in the central building , when someone from the oposing team came walking slowly & didn't saw him the camper shot him with WHOLE 6 rounds from a very close range ... 0 skill
    Didn't watch it after that and that's why I don't look urt competion matches .(Probably it was attached to a Q & A or I wouldn't watched it . Don't remember.)

    Hopefully no such scrubs will reach finals this year . Keeping in mind the state of gameplay of urban terror right now giving them 1000 EU price ...
    Money & sport bring out the worst in people . Remind me haven't we lost South America's competions because of a corruption ?

    Also why Dust 2 ? Don't we have enough good Urban Terror maps ?
    At least if it was a map providing a decent gameplay ...
  2. In Topic: Replying to UrT Resurgence development screenshots and videos

    25 December 2018 - 11:01 PM

    Why I wrote it the way I did :
    1. Back in the day it was stated by FS members : ''We devs are also players.''.
    2. I remember 1.
    3. Turnpike is 1 of the most played maps , blue players got rather often experiencing unfair disadvantage in that area .
    Therefore it is obvious which is the bench . Or at least that's what I thought ...
    Some consistency maybe ?

    Next time I will know , but the problem remains . Tomorrow someone else may have something important to tell you (regardless of how rare that occurance will be) and won't do it the way you expect to.
    So I was thinking why don't you post & stick to the forums a tutorial : '' Dev PoV : How to make suggestions for dummies '' ?

    Let's not forget the wall I mentioned earlier :


  3. In Topic: Replying to UrT Resurgence development screenshots and videos

    30 November 2018 - 07:47 PM

    Your suggestion is 100 % accurate . That's the problematic bench . I would point it out more precisely if I didn't considered it obvious to anyone who played turnpike ...

    Joking is fine as long as there is no loss of information . I myself do it which doesn't mean I am not serious at the same time . I am very thick-skinned and as easy to insult as a brickwall . Just saying ...

    If there shall be cover place there put one which will require getting out of cover to shoot . Those crates where you have the feeling you see just a ''shooting head'' are rather really annoying (pretty much very map with as I shall call them ''big crates'') . 1st map I got in mind speaking of crates is algiers .
    Examples of such crates : https://imgur.com/rQD19Fw ; https://imgur.com/BfPuEiM .
  4. In Topic: Replying to UrT Resurgence development screenshots and videos

    26 November 2018 - 05:47 PM

    There are evidence of that conversation . Me sharing the issue & skaz's images with fixing it : https://www.urbanter...a/page__st__130 ; & my reply on the next page : https://www.urbanter...a/page__st__140



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