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Windows Server Install

First of all you need to acquire the Urban Terror installer. You can download this form many mirrors listed on the main Urban Terror website. Once you have downloaded this file, install it as per the instructions along with the installer.

Once you have installed Urban Terror go to the Urban Terror directory. This is by default c:Program FilesUrban Terror. You will then see a q3ut4 directory. Go into this folder and you should see a lot of files. One is called the server.cfg. Edit this file to the required settings (this is covered later in this manual).

To run your server go back to the Urban Terror directory where you saw the q3ut4 directory. You should see the file ioUrTded.exe, RIGHT click drag this to your desktop and create a shortcut.

Once you have your shortcut, right click on it and go to properties. Find the field called "target".

It should look like this:

C:/Program Files/UrbanTerror/Quake3-UrT-Ded.exe

Change it to:

"C:/Program Files/UrbanTerror/Quake3-UrT-Ded.exe" +seta net_port <port> +exec <configname>
"C:/Program Files/UrbanTerror/Quake3-UrT-Ded.exe" +seta net_port 27960 +exec server_example.cfg

Now you can click the shortcut and run the game!
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