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Introducing Frozensand Games Limited

posted Wednesday, 21 September 2016
We don't tend to post information on the boring stuff that goes on in the background of our development team. However, in this case, after many years, the Urban Terror Universe is now incorporated in the United Kingdom.

Frozensand Games Limited ( 10343942 )

Taking over the mantel of Business Administrators, myself and Barbatos take on the responsibility of running the company. BladeKiller and RabidCow are not going anywhere, they will be using their new found time to concentrate on game development. Something we hope will see Urban Terror Resurgence available on Steam as a GreenLight Beta quicker. #confirmed.

0870760 B.C. Ltd our old company will close it's doors soon as it is acquired by Frozensand Games.

It's little over a week until we release 4.3 very much Still Dying and even with our team focus on Resurgence we will still be taking the time to look after and maintain that which is the 4.x series.

We have appointed Blapecool as a new Head Admin. He is now responsible for systems and services provided by Frozensand, so be sure to bug him when Auth goes down.

I will be using my blog going forward to report on the road to Greenlight which is one of my new main responsibilities

As ever, it's ready when its done, but maybe that time will be a little sooner and more like "it's ready when we play something ;)".

Good Luck Us!
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SysAdmin / Backend Dev Works (Unsung Heros)

posted Monday, 23 June 2014
Okay, the title is not self inflating enough, but it is ment sincerarly! In the modern age games are not mearly their game content, but also their community and backend tools that tie everything together.

Here at Frozensand we take the "Back End" stuff very seriosly! We have designed our our CMS for web services called FS-CMS which is a cluster aware, self provisioning, cluster based system. Now you can simply use Steam, and we indend on doing so for "HD", however, there is more to providing a game loving experience than just "Nabbing" the tools provided.

In my last blog you will see work of me porting our inferstructures to OVH RunAbove to provide the compute and storage power required for a truely global and "User Limiteless" experience. Nothing worse than having a vival game and not being able to soak that load up when you have traffic peaks!

I effectionally call this "FU Steam Syndrome" :D ...

In the coming weeks i will be introducting people to my plans on UrT-HD-API (for Community Devs to intergrate with our datas for HD) and more on RunAbove and how FS-CMS Scales its self on the current load being drawn of it!

FrozenSand RunAbove at OVH

posted Thursday, 19 June 2014
Recently I went into the capitol for a day of geekery with our hosting provider here at FS. For those who don't know that is OVH. The are currently going around the world introducing clients to their products. You can see the event i attended here.

After much talking a free bar and then more talking with the nice people at OVH I have the priveldge of being invited to test a new Brand/Product from OVH called RunAbove.

RunAbove is OVH's all new Cloud OpenStack solution. For those who don't know what that is ... google it :). For those who do, these are exciting times as OVH enters the by the hour billing. They do not disapoint either!

In the coming week I will be migrating our inferstructures over to RunAbove. One of the big differences is that the VMs them selfs will have a mix of Compute or Memory Nodes, each of which have a switching connection of 10GBit/s. Yes, we can burst to that if we need to!!

It's super exciting times, and i would like to take the time to thank our new partners over at RunAbove / OVH for making this possible!!
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CDN or not to CDN

posted Tuesday, 20 May 2014
So it's all very well and good this content delivery network stuff. However it's super premium service which costs a bomb to deploy globally. When you run all day every day at near 400 MBit/s the Bandwidth used just racks its self up past the scope of you budget.

The way going forward (i will be replacing our current download providing) is to have enough physical capasity to offer the day to day stuff with CDN ready to go for big deployments and to soak up that "Extra Load". I'm sure I will blog about that soon... for now... back to it!
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Can i haz more disc io plox!

posted Monday, 19 May 2014
Ahh yes....

For those who like "Infer-structure", here is your top tip of the day. Over buy disc iops. When you dealing with VM environments as ESXi Hosts you will love how well everything works, up until the point you under-estimate disc io.

Normally people think about average and "peak" usage, you can easily forget how heavy backup is on a production system. Thinking about it there is a reason why Backup tends to happen "At night". Saying this, how do you define night when you run a "Global" used website??

People may have noticed auth dieing around 3am GMT ... well that would be some more "Heavy" backup scripts running.

Fear not! We are replacing our horribly heavy backups with super light lovely differential VM backups. Then auth should stop crashing and all is good is the world!
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We are back! Scaling

posted Thursday, 08 May 2014
First thanks to Kalish for writing the Blogs parts for us.

I have just finished my works on our "Hosting Platform" for 2014 called "Lazerus". All i must do now is clone our VMs over to our 2nd host. This should make and its services completely redundant.

Some code to go yet on getting the CMS to autoprovision the Routing and to fail over the IPs ... but not long now! :)

If you ever wondered where i do all this from :) there we are :D


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