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Dressing woman

posted Thursday, 14 August 2014
Hello gangstaz,

First of all, that's a work in progress and there's no textures. Just the color tones to give an idea. It looks very classical, and not much original in my opinion but i prefer to focus on other stuff like props modeling for later mappers and for now i'm pretty slow with modeling. So i'm going to keep this character design wise and simple so it saves me time and fits any environments, as long as it's big enough to shoot at, the funstuff & texture will do the work later. The only thing i'm sure of concerning her design is that she will not have that baby skin but more something with scars, dirt and bullet holes.

I'm in "charge" of doing the blond character one & push the tris amount for test purpose. So there's probably a few edge-loops which will disappear later but for now it's pure extraction of the body faces (see previous post) so there are enough edge-loops to do whatever i want.
With higher poly characters, clones will become more obvious which was not much of a problem in 4.X thanks to low poly so our best solution is to add later a few hair choices + skin tones + a few variations to outfits per models; Here I've played with different layers & lights. She's still bold, but at least head-shot will occur. I haven't connected the mirrored parts yet; But a bit of irregularity wouldn't hurt in the future.

I'll try to show a bit of the props & models I've been working on lately in the next post.

Feel free to discuss this on our forums

Modeling woman

posted Sunday, 13 July 2014
So i've modeled an anatomic base to get the futur clothes and accessories coherent. Most of it can be extracted directly from the mesh.
Since it's my very first model I choosed what i was the most comfortable with, a human body; Also because i'm not too confident yet to start an outfit from scratch. It's like having a sketche of a body before adding the outfit when you're not too sure. I'm not sure yet of the outfit i'd like to model but something really basic for now; To later use it as a base aswell to model more declination.

Note that the backview (above right) is smoothed. The hands are the low poly base of what will be proposed to the team later for the first person POV.

The ear is not really well defined yet, that's probably something i'll have a look into later.

Sketches part II

posted Tuesday, 17 June 2014
Here is the second part, with adrenaline shots, akimbo weapon mode, knife & handgun combinaison, and a new way to curb stomp. These are suggestions and i think finally of continuing these boards to add Silverfox suggestion.

Sketches for Animation

posted Sunday, 15 June 2014
In animation you have the called key poses that are the most important poses of a movement. They are here to express the movements. Then you or the assistant usually draw all the poses in between. Even if you can animate in straight, meaning you draw one pose after another until the end, this Method is usually the mostly used. With this idea in mind, i've tried to apply a bit of this method for Urban Terror 's moves when FrankieV started the animations. I've hesitated sine this is from last summer, but here are some of the ideas which are not that different from what we know.

I think it was important to resume the main moves of urt with pictures.

So making dynamic pose in Urt is more restricted than in animation since there's a gameplay to respect. It's not about drawing an in-your-face pose but more something close to 4.x with a character not throwing his arms everywhere during a climbing. Of course regarding the movement, the pose can be more or less "complicated" in my opinion. Climbing poses for me can be a bit more in-your -face since it happens while the player is almost static, while a wall-jumping animation (althought a bit exagerated here) has to be simple & dynamic, with the shortest transitions.

It can be messy as sometimes you got a 1 > 2 > 4 > 3. You can have two options for a movement. (follow the arrows).

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posted Saturday, 14 June 2014
So here we go, yet another blog. To be honnest I'm not drawing that much for Urban Terror anymore. I've started to model props for our maps instead. So it can be used by any mappers. I'm trying to contribute to the props bank so we'll be more in a "what can i take from here", rather than a "could you model me one thing". Since a simple props can inspire a bit of a part of a map. For now, it's just about having the most common stuff you'll find in any streets basically. I'm pretty sure that in the environments we want to build, most of these props will find a place. The way it's supposed to be used, as trashes, or gameplay elements.

This new hobby plus Frankie waiting for me to modify 2-3 things on Ghosttown to convert it so i can have fun with UDK as well, I don't think it'll be usefull to draw for URT at all today. I'm not at the texturing part yet. I'm just trying to chain props modeling as much as possible for now. So nothing fancy at all to be honnest, but our environment need all that kind of small stuff to look good. Ghosttown converted soon will be a good place to test these models. Also, I plan to work with Blade on modeling different parts of a characters, simple things like pouches, holsters, glasses, berets, gloves, anything characters related.

So here is what will be my 2014's route.

I'm still wondering what can I show here while staying coherent so for now, I got some old drawings from last summer that are still usefull, despite all the recent changes. It concerns characters animations, revised & refreshed a bit plus new ideas which are not a priority for now but extra propositions. I'll post a first part of these boards later today.


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