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OJ typing things

posted Wednesday, 22 April 2020 by OhJay
Welcome to next edition of OJ typing things!

The next edition but unfortunately the last, from an official standpoint anyway. I am stepping into a less formal role here at FrozenSand, still a vital role may now call me OJ the Urban Terror mascot.

Not to be confused with those furry things on the sidelines at football games but something a lot sleeker...sexier. Picture it. Yeah, baby!

In all seriousness tho I can't keep up with what this job demands and give it 100% of what it deserves as well as keep up my increasingly busy personal life.

So I am going to step down and allow them to find someone that can do the job to the fullest. FS is going to need a team of former 'me's, and for those of you reading this think you're up to the task, APPLY.

If you're wondering what precisely I'm talking about, look up the duties of a Public Relations Manager. Then look up setting goals in a professional environment (GOAL -> OBJECTIVES -> STRATEGY -> TACTIC),
then look up the goals of game development companies and slot them into the goal slots. Then understand that there could be maybe 50 primary goals of a company, and under each goal could be 50 objectives, and so on and so forth. Add writing blogs and news posts and monitoring social media...and I'm just getting started.

Is your mind-boggling yet? Mine was back at the looking up duties of a Public Relations Manager.

So anyway I can't do this job justice, and if I tried it'd only end in disaster. After discussing it with the guys today that is one thing we all can definitely agree on (picture me with a little Hitler moustache cracking a whip over FS) just doesn't end well for anyone! :P

This post is just a formality, so you know why you haven't heard from me sitting in my chair for a while. Well, I'll still be here lurking somewhere, but just enjoying my time rather than running around like my face is on fire.

It has been a privilege writing for you guys and being part of this awesome team.

Keep harassing the guys for updates and blogs and pics because they will get focussed in on their work and forget to update us.

Feel free to drop by for a chat anytime on the official Urban Terror Discord!



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