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 KalishFS inactive member13 years6 h5 h3 months
 kipashFS community ambassador9 years5 days8 h8 days
 ThomasE-WarfareFS artist8 years4 months8 h1 month
 isopropanolFS coder8 years2 months1 day14 days
 LizartFS artist12 years2 days1 day25 days
 NeonFS chief admin2 years7 h3 days9 h
 BarbatosFS head admin12 years3 days18 days7 days
 HolycrapFS coder11 years1 month1 month1 month
 dcxFS artist9 years1 month1 month8 days
 eXpr3zzoFS member9 years2 months1 month3 h
 neiraFS artist8 years4 months1 month2 days
 ArasseoFS coder11 years1 month3 months22 h
 BlapecOolFS head admin12 years2 months4 months4 days
 MarkinhoFS artist11 years1 month4 months25 days
 ti6FS inactive member12 years2 years6 months1 month
 v3nd3ttaFS artist12 years1 month9 months5 days
 RaideRFS head admin13 years3 months1 year13 days
 ClearFS coder10 years1 year1 year19 days
 ChumpFS chief admin6 years5 months1 year1 day
 ZenityFS coder8 years1 month1 year1 day
 JohnnyenglishFS artist12 years23 days1 year7 days
 invisFS artist5 years1 year2 years13 h
 BladeKillerFS chief admin13 years4 days2 years9 h
 AscheFS artist12 years1 year2 years9 h
 HappyDayFS chief admin12 years13 days2 years7 days
 WalkerFS inactive member9 years2 years3 years1 h
 KrasusFS artist12 years1 year5 years28 min
 Frankie VFS chief admin12 years14 days8 years1 h
 RabidcowFS chief admin12 years6 days9 years46 min
 Bar-B-QFS inactive member6 years2 yearsnever-
 JhydeFS artist1 year1 yearnever-
 KravenarkFS inactive member3 years2 yearsnever-
 unifiedtoneFS artist11 years1 yearnever-
first letter: all - a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z - 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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