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Level design

Creating Spawns

Rules for Creating Spawns

Use this method for creating spawn points for Team Deathmatch, Follow the Leader, Capture and Hold, Capture the Flag and Bomb mode.

Use the info_ut_spawn entity for spawns in these game types. I recommend that you build one spawn point, set all it's keys, then clone that spawn point for all the other spawns in that group. Each group should be made of 16 spawn points and you should space the spawn points at least 16 units apart.

team - Team that this spawn belongs to (red or blue).
group - All players (on both teams) will spawn in a group that has the same group name.
g_gametype - Comma separated list of gametypes on which to use this spawn eg: "3,5,6"
angle - The initial angle that the player faces when he spawns.

The group key is really only used when you want to have multiple spawn groups for a single life game mode, such as bomb mode. The example on the right shows the 3 different spawn groups in casa's bomb mode spawns. If you only have one spawn group for each team, then you don't have to specify a group name.

Exceptions to the Rules

TS Spawns

Team survivor spawns need to have their own spawn entities, they cannot be grouped with other gametypes using the g_gametype key. Like other spawns they should be spaced a minimum of 16 units apart from each other. The 'group' key is handled differently in TS, instead of both teams sharing the same group name, each spawn group has a unique 'group' name. The game will pick the two spawn sets that are the furthest apart when deciding which spawn sets to use. The image on the right shows how the TS spawns are setup in Bohemia.

FFA Spawns

Free For All spawns don't use the info_ut_spawn entity, but use the info_player_start or info_player_deathmatch entities. You should place FFA spawns sparsely around the map, don't place them in locations where they are likely to spawn directly in the middle of a fire fight; place them to the sides or corners of an area. The only key you need to set is the angle key.

noteNote: Remember you need at least one info_player_start or info_player_deathmatch spawn point in your map for it to load in game; in ANY gamemode.


Always remember to set the angle key for your spawn points, you should point the player in the direction they need to go. ie towards the nearest spawn door or the general direction of the enemy.
Don't make your spawn groups too tight, a 4x4 grid of spawns that are 16 units apart may look tidy in the editor but it can be annoying for players if they have to scramble over other players to get out of the spawn.
Each spawn should be facing a direction where the player can instantly run into battle, I cannot stress enough how annoying it is spawning facing a wall.
For game modes like CTF or TDM where players have multiple lives per game and spawn camping can become a problem, its a good idea to spread the spawn points across a large area, and make sure there is more than one exit to the spawn area - harbortown and ramelle are good example of this.
Each spawn set should include 16 spawn points just in case you ever need that many.
Urban Terror gametype mappings are:
0 - Free For All
3 - Team Deathmatch
4 - Team Survivor
5 - Follow the leader
6 - Capture And Hold
7 - Capture The Flag
8 - Bomb Mod
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