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Level design

Arena Files

The .arena file will allow your map to appear in the start server map list and in the call vote map list. First create a new text file and save it in q3ut4/scripts/ as ut4_mapname.arena.

Now you need to add the information pertaining to your map; this is the arena file I made for Bohemia:

map "ut4_bohemia"
longname "Bohemia"
type "ut_ffa ut_team ut_survivor ut_follow ut_cah ut_ctf ut_bomb"

You need these three entries:
mapThis is the name of your .bsp file.
longnameThis is the whole title of your map; this is what you'll see in the game menus.
typeThis is the gametypes that are supported.

Be sure not to add types which your map doesn't support. The complete list of types are:

ut_ffaFree For All
ut_teamTeam Deathmatch
ut_survivorTeam Survivor
ut_followFollow the Leader
ut_cahCapture and Hold
ut_ctfCapture the Flag
ut_bombBomb Mode

When you package your map, this file must go in the pk3's scripts/ folder.
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