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There are currently at least four malicious servers trying to steal authentication keys. If your auth is suddenly refusing to work and/or you see “Unknown” in the server list instead of “FREEZE”, you probably have connected to one of those servers and downloaded at least one map. All those maps contain malicious code.
If you think you may be affected, delete all maps downloaded on September 14 or later and change your auth key. Downloading any maps from servers you don’t know well is discouraged until further notice.
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FTWGL Winter Bomb

bullet_none in Leagues - posted Monday, 14 January 2013 by FrozenSand

For The Win Gaming League have opened up registration for the Winter Bomb competition !

5v5 Bomb Mode.
Knockout rush to the top.
EU/NA/SA are all welcome!

Make sure your team is fully created here. You have to be logged in to join.

information For more information visit FTWGL.

Comments are welcome in our forum.
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