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Masters & Auth

The long anticipated list

in Masters & Auth - posted Friday, 24 January 2014 by FrozenSand
We know you have been waiting for this day for a long time, and we apologise it took this long! We are sending cheaters packing their bags! Its been a long road partly due to some complications of leaked files that made us verify the integrity of the anti-cheat system. Today we are happy to announce that all systems have been verified and we can now release the detected cheaters between versions 4.2.015 and 4.2.017.

We have been working closely with Urban Zone League and have given them priority updates and early access to this list already. In future we hope other leagues will join a special early access group.

The following 72 user accounts (and their duplicates!) have now been suspended for violation of our terms of service:

Lennonw8, Xixion, Almeria, Zhapoo, Torres, Supersuperluca99, Ho91337, Af4y, Odisey, Downuri, Se7up, Germanu, Duoro, Dr4g0n, MoNsTeRjAn17, Xiner, Sakuracan, Drdre, Tygas69, Swaaaag, Burrsheesh, Wrrdiego, Savage, Xhelazzjew2, Lobose3, Kevinmoler, Lunatic95, MAGNI, Porkje, Trump, Johnnykiller, Sophisticated, Konekp, Fisken, Brutosbrutaloz, Hellxxx, Krayz, Bebert17, Maqicx9, R1shex, Scenery1, Gordobasto, Sasio, Pickup, Tsetung, Sulukek, Lavezzi9874, Xstriker, Nocryfr, Hustle, Romao355, Buncha, Dothox, Aludogje, Ollx, Testik, Stayycautious, Nazgul, Bkao, Frostflake, Dspr3d, Cre4, Merek19, Zay3, Nemoonline, Kwizatse7s, Penthos, Kiki, Headshotgg, Marcel, Pleasedontcampme, Nitr0x
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End of the 4.1 era

in Masters & Auth - posted Monday, 16 December 2013 by FrozenSand
KABOOM! - That is the sound our self destruct mechanism will make on the 1st of January 2014 at 00:00 CET. It has been activated for our 4.1 Master Servers and the count down has begun!

In just over two weeks time we will finally shut down the 4.1 master servers for good. So, if there are any server admins or players that have not yet upgraded to the latest Urban Terror 4.2 release, now is the opportunity to upgrade to version 4.2 and test the latest additions and changes!
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Get Legit Bro!

in Masters & Auth - posted Monday, 19 August 2013 by FrozenSand
So here it is... 140+ auths all banned permanently for confirmed AC detected cheating.

12fps, 14159nutz, Acesofice7, Arrozdoce, Arthi0m, Asford, Baco95, Bar, Bavool, Bazzecose, Bigbang95, Bistoufly, Bloodshoteyes, Blurhyper, Born2slaynoobz, Breitling, Ccsun, Centurion, Choose, Chuckie, Crappyy, Crazypure01, Cuddlybunny, Dadebian, Damien, Derattizator, Eareolus, Edward86, Epicfinley, Eric29, Eriksk, Etern1ty, Ezzel, Fababy, Faguet, Fantocheurt, Feefee, Filouwax, Foryou, Freezing69, Gancho, Googlymoogly, Gosh, Haduzz, Hansmann, Hiatysu, Iksbee, Imperial, Inoov8, Inyl, Isr8, Italianna, Jafos7e, Jeffoneil, Jinx33710, Kasa313, Knight488, Lane, Liddz, Lucasgxpgm, Luu.-, Mael, Marder1, Markok765, Matteoxxx96, Maxwel, Mcvadsr, Melikechoco, Melo, Memnon, Mettmann, Mirkodp97, Monte, Mustafa, Mustaff, Mustangcalif, Mysteri0, Myth, Neqzh51, Neverfail, Nexxis, Niggachu, Orochimaro, Parafuso, Patriciopl, Pekarna, Phantomlord, Polly, Poloralphlauren, Poyraz3405, Qyu, Ramonarcotic, Rasengan, Riverzz, Robb, Rogg, Rotules, Rundog2293, Runglin, Runningchile, Sammy, Sanzio, Scrubs, Sephy, Sharpness, Shinigamy, Shunk, Simoes, Skapunk, Slaped, Sm0keweed, Stickyz, Swaggie, Syndr0me, System32, Tapitabond, Tener, Tensorized, Tgdarkness, Thekiller026, Tiggerthemad, Tmplayer, Top, Toutanflow, Tribecraft, Trippo, Truestallons123, Truiepique, Trusty, Tsuni, Tygas12, Unrealhaxx0r, Urtrandom, Veen-, Volskium, Walter42, Wanttedd, Warlockjp, Weedwalker, Worldziin, Wormsattack, Wuodland, Xside, Xxenergik, Xxownsxy, Yoreaq521, Zekr0m

Get with the program and quit cheating please? K Thx Bye!

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Update your Master Server Addresses

in Masters & Auth - posted Friday, 03 December 2010 by FrozenSand
Edit: The people hosting our .net DNS have updated the records to fix this. Please wait 12 hours before asking for support. After this time, the problem will be fixed. 02:30 GMT 5th December 2010, RaideR
Warning: You must update this to fix the server list. If you don't do this you will not be able to get a server list from the master servers!


Please change your cl_master value by entering the following line into your console.

cl_master ""

If you want to set this in a config you can use the following.

set cl_master ""

Custom builds can not at this time be fixed by the above method. The maintainers for these builds will need to fix the error. They have been emailed!

Server Admins

Edit: Above has been fixed! Please check the forums for details.
Please edit your server configs to change the master servers that your server sends heartbeats to.

set sv_master2 ""
set sv_master3 ""

After this is set you must restart your server. Quit it and start it up again. The changes are only done on a FULL restart of the server process.


Due to a change in our network setup the .net DNS has broken and we are unable to fix this. Until everyone does this the ingame browser is effectivly broken.



in Masters & Auth - posted Thursday, 02 December 2010 by FrozenSand
Due to a large upgrade to our service network you may experience 'loss of service'.

Services Affected: DNS
Master Server @
Forum Disabled
Emails from our website not being sent

While we will try to minimize the downtime it will be impossible to eliminate it totally.

Thank you for your patience.

Re-start your game servers!

in Masters & Auth - posted Thursday, 05 June 2008 by FrozenSand
The machine running the website, forums and master server has been re-installed. Also, the ip-address of the master server has changed. If your game server hasn't been restarted yet, it still uses the old ip-address, which causes your game server not to show up in the master server list.

The new ip-address of the master server should now resolve correctly. Game servers need a restart before they will resolve the new ip. Please restart your game server to get it to show up in the master server list again.

We would like to thank Ghozt for his hard work on all this!

Possible issues with Urban Terror master servers

in Masters & Auth - posted Friday, 22 June 2007 by FrozenSand
For clients:

There's a chance you might run into problems with the ingame server browser. You might not be able to contact it at all, or it may return too little servers. The reason is that the Urban Terror master servers have changed IP, but because of ISP's DNS caches, you might get redirected to the wrong IP. Also, because not all servers are correctly reporting to the new IP yet, it might show less servers. The issue should resolve itself in a few days, but you can also use the following temporary fix:

In the Urban Terror menu, open the console, using ~. Type /cl_master . This master server is slower, but should work correctly. After a few days, you can set it back using /cl_master .

For servers:

Server admins are advised to restart their gameserver(s), so that their server will start heartbeating to the master server again. It should resolve to 74.x.x.x, it shows this in the console/log after restarting the server.


There's now 175 servers reporting again, there used to be a little over 200, so there's still a few servers that need to restart, but it's pretty much okay now.


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