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Wishing you all a Terror-fying Halloween!

in Media - posted Saturday, 31 October 2020 by FrozenSand
Just a little teaser of our plans to include seasonal changes in the Urban Terror 5: Resurgence main menu, and maybe even in-game!

Don't forget, you can join us on the official Urban Terror Discord.
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The rapid` Tutorial Series

in Media - posted Thursday, 22 December 2016 by FrozenSand

New Urban Terror tutorials down the road

Before coming up with our end of year greetings, we have some last minute candy to share with you.

The old folks hanging around for some years can remember The Daily Nade webmagazine. Providing a global coverage of the games' news, it was also offering on a regular basis some tips and tricks for its players.

Some of you might also have heard about rapid`, a young German player known in Urban Terror's top eSports spheres for playing with Glory and de Team Germany. In the Daily Nade's spirit, he decided to dive into the big ocean of gaming tutorials and delivers us today his very first piece.

For this number one episode, the focus will be the game's most popular sidearm: the Desert Eagle.

Enjoy and maybe learn something! As glory.rapid` likes to say train or keep crying!

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Urban Terror gossip, now is the time !

in Media - posted Saturday, 09 January 2016 by FrozenSand

No need for fussing or fighting, dear friends, community news and gossip will be available to all !

If you're an Urban Terror fan then you should love what's coming next...

Starting fresh in 2016: The Urban Times

This blog’s sole purpose is to reach out to every Urban Terror player and provide them with entertaining content about their favorite game, much like the dailynade, the pwninja project or the websites used to do.
You should expect match reports, interviews, strategy articles, gossip and much more.

Go check it out now at; the first articles have been published this week. You're also all invited to join the blog's IRC channel #urtimes so you'll be the first ones to know when an article comes out.

For those of you interested in getting involved with the blog, the newly born project team is looking for all sorts of talents (news writers, video editors, etc), drop a mail to (at) or PM Azle.
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Happy Birthday Snipers Gaulois !

in Media - posted Sunday, 15 April 2012 by FrozenSand
Frozen Sand would like to celebrate Snipers Gaulois's decennial birthday !!

Snipers Gaulois was created on the 15th of April 2002, one of the oldest active Urban Terror clans out there. With 6 game servers, a handy website with active forum and map downloads, and other cool and useful resources.

Congratulations Snipers Gaulois ! Keep it up!

Comments are welcome in our forum.

Urban Zone Radio Day

in Media - posted Wednesday, 16 February 2011 by FrozenSand
The folks at Urban Zone are in the process of relaunching their radio station. As part of this relaunching they are planning an Urban Zone Radio Day which will feature music, shoutcasts, themed hours, and interviews.

For these interviews, they need your help! The interviews will be done with development team members of FrozenSand. Feel free to submit your questions about Urban Terror to and remember the only stupid question is the one that hasn't been asked.

Here are a few topics you might want to ask questions about:
Urban Terror HD
Urban Terror 4.1.1
Passport System / Anti-Cheat
Weapons / Models / Graphics
The future of Urban Terror

information More information can be found on the Urban Zone site or drop by #urban-zone on Quakenet.

PS This Radio Day is scheduled for EU and USA friendly times, and the interviews will be available for download so questions from all continents are welcome!

UrT-TV - new website launched

in Media - posted Monday, 06 September 2010 by FrozenSand

UrT-TV, the LIVE broadcasters of the largest Urban Terror leagues and matches, are back with their latest work. A new Homepage, which came online yesterday, with some new features.

Even more user friendly, find currently scheduled GTV matches easily, as well as demos from previous broadcasts via a totally new Demo Database.

With the Today‘s GTV script you are always up to date. You can see all the scheduled matches UrT-TV is planning to GTV today.

The GTV Bot has been re-done also. With the GTV Bot, you can get all the information about any match you like. It‘s the central point of UrT-TV. The Bot is located in #urt-tv @ Quakenet.

The Demo Database is a new way of demo online storage. Designed for quick and easy download of demos. Just enter a team name and download all of their demos.

UrT-TV brings Urban Terror matches right onto your display so that you can see the game's best players live!

Please feel free to comment here

Breakin' Tombs

in Media - posted Thursday, 04 March 2010 by FrozenSand
As many of you have noticed we uploaded a special video to Youtube to entertain you while we were moving to the new website. We hope you enjoyed it!

In this video you can see Tom and Sarah in a dance off. And well there is one clear winner.
In case you missed it, then watch it below:

If you watch closely you get a glimpse of the duals that will be introduced in Urban Terror 4.2

Credits go to FrankieV who created the animations, wrote the script and edited the video. Also Bladekiller modified ut4_tombs especially for this video.

please comment here

Adultery caught on tape!

in Media - posted Friday, 05 February 2010 by FrozenSand
A peek at the progress of making new player model animations for Urban Terror on UrbanTerrorOfficial. This time with a guest appearance from Laura, Sarah's sister, who happens to have an amazing resemblance to someone we all know and love ;)

Laura will not be available as part of the 4.2 release. She is standing in as a test bench to work on to apply some of the ideas and improvements to the animation system with out messing up the current work being done on the player models that will be included.

As you can see the key poses will be based on which weapon is held. With the aim to give the other players a clearer indication as to what weapon the player is using, as well as a closer tie into the 1st person perspective as to their current action.

This is not the complete animation, but the second pass to tie in the sequences based on a single key pose. The final and third pass will be to frame match as much of the animation as possible so it all flows through the animation smoothly.

Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated!

UrbanTerrorOfficial presents: P90 meets Benelli on Bohemia

in Media - posted Monday, 01 February 2010 by FrozenSand
We've posted a new video on UrbanTerrorOfficial to warm you up for NulL's amazing map ut4_bohemia and we have added an action scene from four different perspectives, where the Benelli shoots the P90.

NOTE: No animals were hurt in the making of this video.

URT-Radio on Air

in Media - posted Monday, 18 January 2010 by FrozenSand

Refermer and Jungleboy of are broadcasting LIVE the Clanbase Nations Cup 2010 as well as other Cupmatches! From now on matches will be streamed with Video + Audio reporting. You can listen and watch at the same time using Winamp.

More Information: on QNet and
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