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Maps & mapping

CMM Map design competition

in Maps & mapping - posted Saturday, 23 November 2013 by FrozenSand

You — yes, you — may have wanted to build your very own map for years but lack the skills, persistence, or simply time. Now you can: CMM is holding a map design competition open for anyone.

Groups of any kind (clans, communities, just a couple of friends) are eligible. There’s no limit to the number of designs a person or a group can post as long as they conform to the minimal requirements.

To enter, you have to post a layout sketch and as complete description of the theme as you deem necessary — at minimum, a couple of words about what the map would depict plus some photos. Paintings/drawings or screenshots would also do; however, you’re not supposed to ask for a remake of an existing map from another game, this is all about your awesome idea.

The winning entry will be built by CMM members. You will be able to work together with the mappers and make the decisions that will affect the final result, should you choose so. The full credit and rights to the map will belong to you or your group.

To take part in the competition: Click Here

Feel free to leave your comments Here

How To: Make terrain

in Maps & mapping - posted Wednesday, 16 November 2011 by FrozenSand
Especially for 3rd party level designers we have uploaded an extensive level design video tutorial for Urban Terror HD:

How to quickly create terrain; a demonstration of how to use 3ds Max to create ASE models and map objects that can be easily imported into Radiant.

Please feel free to post questions or to comment in our forum.

FTWGL Competition Map Making Contest

in Maps & mapping - posted Friday, 02 September 2011 by FrozenSand

This is a great opportunity to have some fun, contribute to Urban Terror, the competition scene, and to the community both as a whole and individually.

Send x8` a PM on the FTWGL forums to sign up!

Signups end on Sept 4th!

information Visit FTWGL for more information

Feel free to comment in our forum.

Painting with Lights

in Maps & mapping - posted Wednesday, 10 August 2011 by FrozenSand
Attention all Mapmakers.

We have been getting a fair amount of inquiries from the mapping community as to some of the new technology we are putting into the engine as it relates to making maps that we would consider to be of Urban Terror HD quality.

To get as much information out there in one go Frankie V has done a behind the scenes video lecture as to the most current research with the focus on getting the best performance possible out of the addition of both the specular as well as the bump and normal maps.

Please note that this is an ongoing process and the lecture should not be taken as the way maps need to be done, but rather raw information of how some of the current techniques used for lighting a map can degrade the performance of the S&N texture maps from doing the job that they were designed to do.

However the current results, excuse the pun, have been spectacular and as far as theory goes the information is sound and we feel comfortable that the information is worthy to let the map making community figure out the plus and minus that always comes with change.

Note: Two Towers is being developed totally free from sun, map lighting, surface lighting or any type of procedural or parametric assist and done using only textures, light entities and Spec/normal maps.

Please feel free to comment here

C.M.M.'s first Mapping Contest

in Maps & mapping - posted Thursday, 30 June 2011 by FrozenSand
Custom Map Makers (C.M.M.) has started a custom mapping contest !

Theme: Police Station

Visit the C.M.M. website where you will find all the information you need to enter the mapping competition.

You are also welcome to comment here

Preview - Suburbs Updated

in Maps & mapping - posted Thursday, 01 July 2010 by FrozenSand
The upcoming update to Suburbs provides quite a few improvements to the gameplay and overall look of the level, with Team Survivor and Bomb mode seeing substantial changes to overall playability.

Major changes to gameplay for Team Survivor. Roof access is more controlled to make the level as a whole less roof heavy, though there still is quite a bit of vertical play.
Updates to CTF consist of route adjustments and changes to spawn room cover.
Bomb mode has new bomb and spawn locations, and also has more controlled roof access. Fixed Bomb spawn bug.
Spawn points and flag locations have been changed for Capture and Hold. There are now three flags in Capture and Hold.
Targeted ambient lighting added to give shadowy areas simulated depth.
Updated all func_walls to match the architecture of the rest of the level.
Updated the skybox and added additional environmental areas.
Changed the internal configuration of the enterable buildings for faster egress.
Added more cover to gameplay areas.
Compiled with FS_q3map_Radbump_4!

New compiler modifications by Twentyseven provide radiosity bumpmapping and specular lighting goodness which stays crunchy, even in milk!

more screenshots:

Please feel free to comment here

Cambridge is Reborn!

in Maps & mapping - posted Wednesday, 28 October 2009 by FS BladeKiller
Cambridge has been, for the veterans of Urban Terror, a very memorable map. Not too long ago Delirium got in contact with the original author (raunchy) to seek permission to re-do the map, which came out as a success. Here are some preview shots to show off, there is more work to do yet but please feel free to comment on this thread in the forum. Delirium would love any feedback you give him.


Speed Mapping Contest

in Maps & mapping - posted Tuesday, 23 June 2009 by FrozenSand
There is another Speed Mapping Contest underway. The maps are in and the voting has started. Check,16411.0.html to see screenshots of the works in progress and go to,16515.0.html  to download the maps.  Once you are ready to vote for your favourite visit,16557.0.html  and cast your ballot. Good luck to all of the entries.

Vote on the Speed Map Competition!

in Maps & mapping - posted Tuesday, 11 November 2008 by FrozenSand
Urban Terror has just finished their first annual 9-day speed-map-a-thon. Level designers had to create a map from scratch in a very short time frame. This years theme was "super villain lairs" and a giant death ray model that none of them knew about until the competition started had to be included in their creation.

Now it's time for all of you to vote on your favourite map.

The submissions can all be found on the submissions thread. Please head on over to this forum thread and vote for your favourite map from the speed mapping competition.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered the competition!

Level Design Contest Update

in Maps & mapping - posted Wednesday, 20 April 2005 by FrozenSand
Wolfseye keeping busy over at Act of War as he has posted the first indepth Level Design Contest update that gives gamers a chance to see what is in the running. Of the 10 level designers who took to the task of signing up, there still six remaining in the contest. The themes that are still being developed are a monestary (EL PRESEDENTE), shopping promenade (Mad Harver), a harbor, (SquadLeader), a military facility (Luniaq), castle (MidgetKiller), and Venice (Shminky Boy). You can read up on all the individual reports at the Map Contest 2005 Update page. There are screenshots and layouts included to provide discussion and feedback to those in the contest. Best of luck to all and we'll plan on seeing some of these levels in the near future.

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