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Urban Terror
[4.2] Update 4.2.007

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 17 November 2012 by FrozenSand
alert WARNING Sorry everyone. We just discovered that there is a major bug in 4.2.007 server (Linux/FreeBSD). The server will crash randomly and is not considered stable. We extend our apologies for this unforseen issue. We are actively working on permanently resolving this issue.

Update 007 has fallen from the sky ! Please update your Urban Terror 4.2 as soon as possible !!

information To update your game simply run the UrTUpdater. By using the UrTUpdater you are sure that all the files in your Urban Terror 4.2 folder are correctly updated.
However, as an alternative, you can also directly download Urban Terror 4.2.007.


Updated the Hit Mesh.
Updated Linux updater binaries (GUI and command line): improved compatibility with older distributions.
Updated the OSX engine to catch up with the 006 update for Windows and Linux.
Fixed g_noStamina being used in other gametypes than Jump.
Fixed "ut_itemdrop flag" in Jump mode.
Fixed cg_autopickup 0 bug.
Fixed g_gear change server message.
Fixed regain stamina bug on damaged player.
Fixed a bug where the stamina would drain while walking around crouched.
Fixed credit UI bug.
Fixed callvotes and votes for spectators.
Removed medic icon on radio calls for Jump mode and Last Man Standing.
Added waiting time display before you can call another vote.
Added the autocomplete client command (TAB).
Added "callvote map" and "nextmap" check for the specified map to be loaded on the server.

Please give us your comments/bug reports in our forum.


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