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Urban Terror
B1naryTh1ef Departs FrozenSand

in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 19 August 2013 by FrozenSand
B1naryTh1ef has departed FS to pursue other interests. He quit the team when he was confronted with the fact that his real name was in the leaked files.

His name can be found multiple times in the NetBeans project properties file:

Not to mention his user name also shows as an owner of the files:

No one else on the team uses NetBeans as development IDE and this nbproject directory has never been committed to our GIT repository. So, this compressed archive released with 4.2 source code belongs to someone who's name is andrei (as visible from the 2 screenshots above).

Twitter profile:

Also, it's pretty easy to find a match, by simply asking google to do the job for us:

There are at least three copies of an IRC chat log floating around the internets (the earliest is from June 17, 2013) of a plot to get B1naryTh1ef to steal the code so they could sell Urban Terror under a different name on Steam using a wrapper to pull the assets from our website. We cannot verify the source of the log, but it does fit with the facts that we do know.

This is an unfortunate development. As a member of the Dev Team he could have fulfilled all of the great ideas he had for the game. He could have gotten help from the more experienced coders when he ran into problems like he did with Gungame and his new logic entities for maps. None of his projects have been finished despite help being readily available.

We have decided not to open a discussion thread for this news. Please do not start one. Many Thanks!


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