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Urban Terror
Urban Terror 4.2.015 Release

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 27 September 2013 by FrozenSand
FrozenSand is happy to announce that we have a brand new update ready for you! Urban Terror 4.2.015 is now available for download!! This release will reinstate the Auth system and fix a few bugs discovered in 4.2.014.

Simply run the UrTUpdater, follow the onscreen instructions: it will update your game automatically.


New authentication protocol securized
Fixed the alignment of a window texture on one of the buildings in the nonplay area of Turnpike
Decreased the specular effect on the SPAS12
Decreased the specular effect on the Colt 1911 and darken the current texture
Fixed Colt 1911 whiteout bug
Re-timed Colt 1911 reload animation
Increased Colt 1911 spread
Updated Mac11 sounds
Reduced Mac11 spread
Fixed respawn protection hits being displayed in Jump Mode
Enabled missing radio calls in Jump mode and enabled UI radio menu
Correctly stop Jump timers on Timelimit Hit and map restart
Fixed wave respawn timers not showing in freecam
Improved FFA/LMS spawn selection system
Improved ut_itemuse (supports string arguments now, e.g. "ut_itemuse nvg")
Enhanced game load fail messages (VM_Create failed on UI and Invalid game folder): will now display a User Friendly message
Added support for Console and UI fields pasting on Linux (requires xclip) and Mac OSX (CTRL+V)
Added g_shuffleNoRestart 0/1: if set to 1 shuffleteams will not restart the map
Added g_inactivityAction 0/1: define inactivity action (0: kick, 1: move to spec)
Added cg_noci 0/1: it disables the Connection Interrupted center screen text
Added cg_cleanFollow 0/1: it disables some of the instructions displayed when following players
Added cg_exposeBots 0/1: visual bot identification
Added cg_drawMapLocation 0/1 (configurable in minimap settings UI): shows current map location near health bar
Added cg_killsound (configurable in weapon settings UI): will play a local sound when the hit enemy is killed
Removed racejump: using only racefree for solo modes
Added Match Mode Ragequit protection (on a paused game, when an entire team disconnect from the server, reset match status and clear the pause)
Added missing log lines for VotePassed and VoteFailed (for external bots)
Display the current nextmap upon g_nextmap callvote
Do not reset scores when going substitute
Changed the vests and helmets for the SWAT and Red Dragons to 4.1 solid colours
Changed the vests for Free team to dark grey
Changed colours to team names in the player set up menus eg: orange is now Fugitives
Disable bind execution when radio UI is opened
New damage values for Groin (97%) and Butt (90%) when using SR8
Allow walljumping without actually jumping before (falling): 4.1 behavior (eg. turnpike window stairs to WC jump)

This update brings also a new gift: a new map created by our Nounou named Ghosttown. Ghosttown is a big playground imagined for 12 to 18 players which includes vertical gameplay and many possibilities to jump. It was first designed to be played in deathmatch modes and capture the flag.

Feel free to leave your comments in our forum.
Warning: Server Admins / Third Party Server Browser Users: Master Port Changed to 27900

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