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UCL cups, back before the summer ends!

in Leagues - posted Friday, 24 July 2015 by FrozenSand

Signup for UCL 1vs1 Cup August

The UCL just opened it's signups for the 49th edition of their 1on1 Cup series. The cup will begin Monday, Aug. 9th.

New rule, new supervisor!

Since the UCL suffered from delays during the cups and a lack of supervisors they recently extended their staff and set a default matchday which will be the deadline as well. Feel free to play your match even earlier.

Basic rules

As usual it's a best of 3 maps, 10 minutes per map. Beside their standard map pool you can also play ut4_prominence and ut4_killroom. But you can play any map you want and even have some friends in sub as long as your opponent agrees.


Signups: Fri, Jul 24th - Sat, Aug 1st
First Matchweek: Mon, Aug 3rd - Sun, Aug 9
Default matchday: Sunday, 20:00 Cest
Information: Visit the cup page for signups and further information.
comments: Feel free to discuss this on our forums

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