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Urban Terror
Development Update

in Urban Terror - posted Tuesday, 24 January 2006 by FrozenSand
The development team has been very ?hush hush? since the start of the new year in regards to the ?3.8 patch? scheduled for release later this year. Since the start of 2006, the team has made great strides in continuing development for Urban Terror. ?We are pleased with the work that has been accomplished this month,? said BladeKiller.

QA testing is in full swing with a near full team comprised of gamers through out the world with a wide Urban Terror background and varying skill levels (please no Oswald sucks jokes). Our testers have been available nearly 24/7 play testing an array of different features and all the updated levels to ensure they are problem free. Special thanks to the clan leaders on QA who have been instrumental in organizing test play sessions. We do want to mention Woekele, tango, String and Kr0m for their continued support, as well as the other gamers participating on the QA Team.

As for details to what is included in the release, we will continue to keep those within the team, but many of the features and fixes we were after have been accomplished and are being tested on a continual basis. What is not really a surprise are the levels that will arrive with this release. Currently there are some 20 levels being modified, test played. These levels are a mix of development team created and community supplied levels. As in the past, we have shown off some of the work, such as the levels from Masheen, as well as the work INVIS continues to do on his levels. Many of the current levels will still be supported and played, some with changes to improve the playability (changing spawns or flag spots for example). We are also including some never before seen levels courtesy of Riche.


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