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Urban Terror
Fraggin' in da Hood

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 20 May 2006 by FrozenSand
Today we bring you more screenshots of an upcoming level from Urban Terror. Today's offering, ut_crewnshaw brought to you by |NV|S, who actually barely escaped with his life trying to get photographs from the hood. Remember, you got to fly the right colors when in Crenshaw.

From the screenshots you can see some exciting changes, such as the terror taking place during nighttime as opposed to daytime in previous versions. "I'll be adding some new faster routes to the flag, and there will be some areas that will require some climbing or wall jumping to get to," says |NV|S. When looking at the new layout, gamers can expect a Crenshaw that is now the size of the highly popular, Turnpike, "it's much faster paced for CTF and for TS/Bomb." The entire level is also being modelled in Maya as opposed to Radiant.

For all those gamers who want to frag "old school" ut_docks will have a facelift. |NV|S says, "I am totally retexturing Docks as well, there will be no route or game play changes, but a major "sexification pass" will be done on it. Screenshots on that will be forthcoming as well."


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