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Showing Off the FRO!

in Media - posted Thursday, 01 June 2006 by FrozenSand
A bit late on the "official" opening of the new look FROservers, but J0E and Preat are sporting a new look "fro." The continue to provide some outstanding support to Urban Terror. "We are back with a new website and a fresh database based on a new improved engine. We decided to clean out all the old stuff including all our users to get a fresh start," says J0E. Like the mod, it cannot continue to thrive [or is that survive] without YOUR support. So go get your fro on at FROservers and let the guys know what you think. The development team is glad to see support sites for the game. Thanks a million to everyone who continues to play Urban Terror. And yes, 3.8 is nearly completely!

FRO Going Pro!

in Media - posted Sunday, 21 May 2006 by FrozenSand
Just in from J0E of FRO Servers, " webby has been down for about 10 days now as i am rebuilding the site from scratch. I got a new safe "engine" that are faster and more secure." The upcoming web site will feature: New layout no more flash I am adding 350+ Urban Terror files on the site all with thumbnails and descriptions. Playerstats on all my servers Serverstats on all my servers I will of course cover all Urt related news New forums with GTV FAQ Gamepanel login to gameservers and GTV servers and much more... Current plans have FRO Servers ready to roll out the new and improved web site on Sunday, May 28. For more information and details go to FRO Servers or e-mail J0E at

He's Back! - Act of War Rises!

in Media - posted Saturday, 25 February 2006 by FrozenSand

No we are not talking about Jason or Freddy from those slasher movies. We are talking about Wolfseye and his Act of War resource site for Urban Terror. In January the site "fell victim to a Hacker, and I lost a lot of stuff. But, I could not let, again, someone make all my work for a long time here, for nothing." After taking some time off, Wolfseye decided to rebuild the web site and thankfully go back to his roots, which is Urban Terror. So from all of us on the development we just wanted to say [a wee bit belated] welcome back and thanks for all the time and effort you have put into Act of War in order to support Urban Terror. We are pleased to know there are quality community web sites out there who do this for the love of the game.

Community Sites United

in Media - posted Monday, 14 March 2005 by FrozenSand
As announced on and the Urban-Terror Map Depot these sites will be joining forces to bring the community largest Urban Terror support site online. Both sites have come a long way to get where they are now, so combinging forces will only bring about more good things for the community in terms of news and files hosted. Their plans for the near future include a small "uniting party" in approximately 2 weeks. This will include a little 3 vs 3 UrT Worldwide Custom Battle Royal, a big party on IRC, and possibly even an Urban Radio show. "Midgetkiller and I will give you more information and details about that soon. In the mean time you're welcome to walk around and explore our sites and the resources offered. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions for our sites, please let us know," says Wolfseye.
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