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UrT Resurgence

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Two new weapons exposed

in UrT Resurgence - posted Friday, 01 April 2011 by FrozenSand
Here are two short videos of two new weapons for Urban Terror. They are still in the first stages of development, but the videos should give you a good impression of what to expect.

Whether they will be included in the next release is still anyone's guess.

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Sarah loves her new clothes

in UrT Resurgence - posted Friday, 18 February 2011 by FrozenSand

Due to popular request by the community to see Sarah's new clothes Frankie V took her out to the dance floor.

Her outfit isn't finished yet but this was a good opportunity to test her rig with a dance animation and show off her latest clothes.

Anastazie is waiting for her chance to get on the dance floor.

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Testing 0.1, 0.2, 0.3

in UrT Resurgence - posted Thursday, 06 January 2011 by FrozenSand

While we are not ready to test the first Mac and Linux Alpha versions of Urban Terror HD, we don't want to hold back on stuff that really needs testing, so without further ado, here is Urban Terror HD Alpha 0.3.

Alpha 1.0.3 install instructions

Download page_white_zip patch (bullet_diskdirect).

Extract the to your UrbanTerrorHD folder that you created for Alpha 1.0.1. Let it overwrite the older files.

dd58071829f9296e2c10f51785d6c54c UrbanTerrorHD_release.exe
4aa00275270fedd90b56f2fe26c2195d zpak002_assets.pk3
9bdd6a1eec8f158b291964da63fda16e cgamex86.dll
baab7112b06a323ae0d318270e1a5b9c qagamex86.dll
d00898ae67e5423c9b7b9996584a2883 uix86.dll

Thanks to you, the community, testing we could implement some code fixes very quickly. You should always report any bug or unwanted behaviour you find in our special forum, and not try to fix it yourself!

Alpha 0.3 changes:
Prague Updated
Ana model Updated
Game and Code fixes

information Read the full changelog for more information.

Happy New Alpha 1.0.2

in UrT Resurgence - posted Tuesday, 04 January 2011 by FrozenSand
Happy New Year !

We were not sure what to expect of Public QA testing.

But the launch of Alpha Test 1.0.1 went very well and we received lots of excellent feedback.
Thank you all for trying it out, including those of you who did not manage to get it to work!

The Urban Terror developers have been busy getting things lined up for the next Alpha release.

Obviously, there has not been time to get all of the reported bugs fixed... But many improvements have been made:

Updated Code, Player Skins, Spas, Suburbs, and more.

You will find Alpha2 more friendly to the less powerful computers, yet faster newer systems will be strained to max of their capacity.

NB: Unfortunaly Alpha 1.0.2 is for Windows only again, Mac/Linux users on the FS team know how you feel.

Alpha 1.0.2 install instructions

Download page_white_zip patch (bullet_diskdirect).

Extract the to your UrbanTerrorHD folder that you created for Alpha 1.0.1. Let it overwrite the older files.

Afterwards you should find two new pk3's, zpak001.pk3, zpak001_assets.pk3, in your urthdalpha1 folder.

bd3a06e1ee07c923b9345dd40a5f44a9 UrbanTerrorHD_release.exe
04ace21fdafaca8d4bcff6a286f3985f cgamex86.dll
fbd4125c465831231d5d1e03af58348b qagamex86.dll

We're aiming to patch the alphas fairly regularly, the current prime todo list looks like:

Engine Side:
Linux and Mac versions out.
switch to qvm
(m_filter should be 1) Better mouse support. There is something downright wrong with how the mouse feels currently.

Gameplay Side:
more flashbang stuff

Support Side:
Bring the autoupdater online
Bring some of the basic passport stuff online

Content wise:
Alpha1 isn't even close to the final content we have lined up for the Beta. You're missing the new sniper rifle, the male player models, the proper player animations, the proper player skins, and a heap of missing features. We'll also be chopping and changing the map selection a fair bit.

Information: You really should read the full changelog.

Please report your experiences in our special forum, however we ask you to take into consideration that this is still very much an unfinished product.

Alpha Test 1.0.1

in UrT Resurgence - posted Sunday, 26 December 2010 by FrozenSand

Public QA is here!

For years one of the biggest problems we've had is who to let test our development versions of the game. People feel left out, leak our files, and generally there's this undercurrent of drama about the whole thing. Even more embarrassing is that we still miss bugs, almost in direct proportion to how big the release is.

So! We're doing things differently now. The next version of Urban Terror is going to go through a public alpha cycle, so anyone who is brave enough to join the adventure will be able to do so.

A Warning, though. This is an Win32 ALPHA build with brand new engine technology, so there will be lots of problems and it simply might not run on some computers. We also do not have our MAC and Linux builds done, or have the passport integration or anticheat ready to go. Stuff is broken and alot of the art is placeholder.

Warning: Further Disclaimer: This is NOT a replacement for Urban Terror 4.1 and is to be used at your own risk. Your PC might explode, catch fire, and cause your cows to stop giving milk. This is not a stable build ready for league use.

We've set up a forum to gather issues, and our team will be promoting stuff to our internal bug tracker as it comes up. If you like bugs, try this alpha build, read the readme file and follow its instructions.

Consider it an adventure.

Merry Christmas,

frozensand Team Frozen Sand

Alpha 1.0.1 download: page_white_zip

ps: We're aware of how incredibly lame it is not having Mac and Linux builds ready for Christmas, so thats our next priority. Expect them in the coming weeks when our team all get back from holidays.

PPS: the config is set on 1600 x 1200 resolution so you will need to change this if that isn't what you like to use.

Preparing Public QA testing - ALL ABOARD

in UrT Resurgence - posted Friday, 24 December 2010 by FrozenSand
As we are getting closer to launch day, we thought it would be nice to let you know a bit more about what to expect.

Currently we are testing the release version for Public QA testing and are fixing the last bugs to get it ready to let you all try it as well.

If you are interested in testing or just want to check out what's coming next, you will want to try this Public Quality Assurance version.

The Passport will not be enabled yet, so no need to worry about that for now. This means that Anti Cheat will also not be available for Public testing.

To whet your appetite we wanted to show you a preview of some of the new weapons our artists have created:

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Feel free to comment here

GRATIS - Urban Terror HD

in UrT Resurgence - posted Thursday, 25 November 2010 by FrozenSand

Q: Is Urban Terror staying free to play?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: Are you guys dropping linux support?!
A: No. We'll be releasing simultaneously on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Q: What about security? You guys took a while to patch the ioquake rcon holes.
A: We'll be able to stay on top of server exploits now that we have some staff dedicated to the problem.

Q: What about open sourcing the server code?
A: The terms of the licence we're using prevents us from doing so. Server admins will no longer be able to modify the server code.
However, we share many of the concerns pointed out by server admins so tools for server management and customization are being developed.

Click here for comments

A new era of Urban Terror

in UrT Resurgence - posted Wednesday, 03 November 2010 by FrozenSand
Hi folks, Frozen Sand here with some important news about the next release. Firstly, Urban Terror 4.2 is still coming. It’s got new maps, new visuals, new weapons, a new renderer and of course, the passport anticheat. It’s got the most new content and features since the original 2.0. Pretty amazing seeing it was supposed to be just a nice quiet patch done sometime last year. Everybody loves feature creep, right?

To be able to do all that, Frozen Sand is going to ship as an official Q3 licensee, forked properly from the 1.32b Quake sources. The GPL stuff we’ve made public releases of (IoUrbanTerror 4.1 and IOBumpy) will still have their sources available, but there won’t be another Q3/GPL’d Engine Urban Terror release. From the next version on out, Urban Terror will be its own standalone game with its own engine and no longer a mod. This means we can do the tech we want instead of having to keep backwards compatibility with vanilla Q3.

With all these changes, this is a new era for our game, and it can't be simply named 4.2. We have decided to publish this next major release with a fully new name:

Urban Terror HD (Beta 1)

Q: So when is 4.2/Urban Terror HD, coming out then? We’re going to have to wait forever now arn’t we???

A: Before you freak out, this actually means we can finally ship Urban Terror HD sooner rather than later, because we’ve been debating the correct way to resolve the GPL issue and still release an Anticheat for over a year now. Lots of time waiting gave us lots of time to keep adding features. But now beta 1’s feature set is locked in stone, and we’ll be doing public QA testing with our new standalone game and engine sometime between now and Christmas.

Please feel free to comment here !
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