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Urban Terror News

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Your Security in Mind

in Website & Forum - posted Saturday, 26 September 2009 by FS |HSO|RaideR
Due to the nature of our system, security is right at the top of our concern list. To this end we are now validated on our domain with a genuine SSL Certificate. We hope that this settles a few minds about people stealing your personal data or even your passport key!

Important Security Update

in UrT software (io) - posted Sunday, 20 September 2009 by FrozenSand
This is a very important security update. About 2 months ago we released a security fix for the Vote System expoilt that allowed people to steal control of your servers. Up until now the damage has been minimal, however, there are now people activly using this method in Europe and in which case most likely to spread almost everywhere!

It is very important that all server admins use the new server binary. At the moment we only have this file for linux in 32bit. This can be found here. I have had reports from many people within the community about there servers being stolen.

All future released of Urban Terror will have this patch included. If you do not use the above binary, i strongly suggest turning voting off. Thanks!

Scoping Animation

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 03 September 2009 by FrozenSand
Frankie_V has done a follow-up video explaining his plans for the 3rd person scoping animation. You can view it here.

New Official YouTube Channel

in Website & Forum - posted Thursday, 27 August 2009 by FrozenSand
With the kind assistance from |HSO|Decoy FrozenSand now has an official YouTube channel called UrbanTerrorOfficial. We have uploaded the two videos by Frankie_V regarding the player model animations. You can view them at and We will upload videos about different aspects of the game we think the community will be interested in. Stay tuned.

A Little Talk About the Animations

in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 26 August 2009 by FrozenSand
Frankie_V has done an animation explaining a bit about what is involved with making animations for Urban Terror. It was sampled at 15 fps and the 90 fps is caused by the recording and not the new animations.

Enjoy the video at

ClanBase Announces Seasonal Ladders

in Leagues - posted Monday, 10 August 2009 by FrozenSand
ClanBase has announced a new competition type named Seasonal Ladders for 16 games including Urban Terror. They are starting three different ladders for UrT, which is the most for one single game; CTF, TS and TS 2on2. Seasonal Ladder Prescheduled matches: •CTF 5on5: Sunday 21.00 CET  •TS 5on5: Monday 21.00 CET  •TS 2on2: Wednesday 21.00 CET   Check it out at ClanBase

Larger Player Model Heads

in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 20 July 2009 by FrozenSand
Some of you have been speculating in the forums on the difference the slightly larger head will make to headshots. Here is a shot of the model with the 4.1 funstuff on it. You can not see the difference the larger head makes. I checked all of the FS created funstuff for the female model and it all fits the larger head so the difference is very slight. The head was increased slightly in size for visuals only since it was a bit out of scale. The hitmesh has not changed so it will not be an easier target.


A New Shotty

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 17 July 2009 by FrozenSand
FrozenSand is pleased to announce the addition of a Benelli M4 Tactical to the secondary weapons. The basic model is by BlackRayne, cleaned up by Flash, uvw unwrapped and textured by BladeKiller, and animated by Frankie_V.  It is only awaiting the menu and game code to be fully implimented.

Tom Gets Some New Moves

in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 01 July 2009 by FrozenSand
Here are a few in game screenshots of the male model with his new animations courtesy of Frankie_V.

New Weapon - FN P90

in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 01 July 2009 by FrozenSand
FrozenSand is pleased to announce the addition of the FN P90 to Urban Terror. Model by Meaty, texture by BladeKiller and animations by Frankie_V. It is a secondary.

Here are some in game screenies.
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