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newspaper Urban Radio: Community Q A - Today!

bullet_none in Urban Radio - posted Friday, 25 August 2006 by FrozenSand
Join Oswald today as Urban Radio returns to the Internet on Inside the Game beginning at 13PDT/16EDT/20GMT. Today's show was produced by questions from the Urban Terror community with their, "inquirying minds what to know" sort of spirit. There are approximately 40 questions posed by community gamers and we will try to touch on all parts of their questions and the different aspects of the upcoming release of Urban Terror.

You can join us for the radio show in #urbanterror on ETG or Quakenet. We will take your questions as well. You can send a PM to ONAIR|iTG`Oswald during the show and the question will be answered, provided we have not already answered it or will answer it with an upcoming questions.

For those wanting to tune in you can go theInside the Game]Inside the Game web site and click on the ONAIR link when the show goes live or plan on using this Server 1 with Winamp, WMP [or other applicable media player] when show begins.

For those not able to listen, we will provide the cast after the show is over that will be available for download. Today's, 'The 27 Days of Terror - Day 15' update will be based around these questions, so you will be able to read the transcipts. Enjoy the show, news and information!

newspaper The 27 Days of Terror: Day 14 - Power Sliding

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Tuesday, 22 August 2006 by FrozenSand
The development team likes to think they have been on the leading edge of development when it comes to game play. Game play features such as ARIES and ledge grabbing were fairly revolutionary when introduced to the game. ARIES (Anatomical Ray Intersection Extrapolation Simulation) brought about 21 separate areas per model that could suffer damage, including internal organs! ARIES was introduced for Beta 2.0, but it was not without its share of problems.

The code for ARIES went relatively unchanged for quite a few years, before it was updated, removing some of the 21 separate areas, including internal organs. We began to see more problems with hit detection and a call for change from the community. There were hits that would miss and misses that would hit, baffling gamers and frustrating them. This would cause some to give up the game.

The upcoming version rewrites the hit detection code that has been drawing praises from the development team and the QA testers. The code known as ARIES is effective gone; updated to a more simpler form of hitmesh that surrounds the models. Couple the new hit detection and code with changes in weapon damage values and QA gamers have been praising the current development.

Ledge grabbing was big hit among all gamers. It allowed a gamer to effectively grab a ledge and pull them up. This became a very effective tactic and opened up levels to a new vertical dimension. To this day, ledge grabbing is still very popular and used quite often. Instead of playing on a single plane, gamers had other possibility of escape, which included jumping and pulling themselves up to a higher level. At the time, this feature was quite revolutionary in any mod and only increased the value of Urban Terror’s game play. The new version of Urban Terror will introduce another new feature when released. This new feature is called ‘power sliding’ and really adds yet another dimension to “where Quake meets reality.??

To execute a power slide, you must increase your speed by sprinting or strafe jumping and while airborne, prior to hitting the ground pressure your crouch key. This will result in your player model landing on the ground in a crouch and sliding across the surface.

QA members have loved this new feature, "one of the best things that are going to be added since walljumping was introduced," says EDK-Facility. mOkaZ says, "Powersliding will bring a whole new meaning to the word "rush" espeacially on narrow spaces." Some comment on the lifespan of snipers, "Powersliding is a lot of fun, it's a nice feature that should make Urban Terror more conducive to movement instead of sitting behind sniper rifles," says Hybridesque.

Some gamers have commented on seeing 'XY' and 'XYZ' in the corner on screenshots we have displayed. These reflect the speed of your player in the game when your player is moving. The higher your numbers, the better the powerslide. The minimum speed, is about 300, but the higher the number, the more effective powerslide you will get.. This display will be controlled by the cg_speedo cvar.

Not only does powersliding looking great, it makes for a classic signature move for gamers trying to avoid an attack or taking the offensive. Click for a videostration, check out TwentySeven and Mutters, as Mutters powerslides into the fountain courtyard in Casa. Demo and video created by woekele.

newspaper The 27 Days of Terror: Day 13 - Level Overview Thingley

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 21 August 2006 by FrozenSand
One of the all new levels planned to be included in the upcoming release is titled, Thingley. The level was created by Riche, based loosely around The Parish of Village Thingley Wiltshire, West Wiltshire England. The level was originally debuted earlier this year, but since that time the development team with testing and suggestions from the Quality Assurance gamers have been constantly working on it to improve the overlook, look, feel and playability of Thingley.

The changes initiated by the QA Team were in response to level features as they relate to the gamer. Walls located throughout the level that impacted game play were changed or removed, for example. Another feature of Thingley is the slight elevation change see in the level. This helps to break up the monotony of the level being created on the same plane as you travel through Thingley. Streets slope up and down, as well as having raise walkways, alleyways and patios.

newspaper Urban Radio: Community Q A - Friday, August 25

bullet_none in Urban Radio - posted Saturday, 19 August 2006 by FrozenSand


When: Friday, 25 August

Time: 13SPT/16EST/20GMT

Host: Oswald

Where: Inside the Game

Why: To take Q A about Urban Terror


newspaper The 27 Days of Terror: Day 12 - Level Overview Casa

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 19 August 2006 by FrozenSand
Popular. Beautiful. Great. Overplayed! These are just a few of the adjectives that describe the level Casa created by Sweetnutz for Beta 2.3. From the word go, Casa became a staple in the Urban Terror Community, more so than any level previously, with maybe the exception of Sands by NRGizeR.

Casa has everything required to make a level popular. The layout is balanced and well thought out, has excellent flow and playability, as well as outstanding texturing and lighting. Originally the level was not designed for CTF or Bomb Mode game play, but was integrated during development to bring this popular level to even more gamers in the Urban Terror community.

newspaper The 27 Days of Terror: Day 11 - Quality Assurance Commentary

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 17 August 2006 by FrozenSand
It was prior to the release of Urban Terror Beta 2 we actually searched out and enrolled the services of community gamers to represent the masses as part of our Quality Assurance Team. While it was not without its share of problems, such as non-QA gamers getting the files, we stuck it out and made the best out of a bad situation.

Since those early QA days we have made many changes as to how we beta test with QA. Some QA gamers have been with us for a few years. While we don’t actively pursue gamers to join, we feel those we currently have, do make up a good cross-section of the Urban Terror Community. They take their testing position seriously. It’s not all fun and playing around, it does take a special kind of person to be an effective QA tester.

Prior to Beta 2, the development team [that numbered 12 people] were the testers, obviously NOT a true cross-section of the community and that oversight did lead to problems before the first popular version of Urban Terror, 1.27. Development and personnel changes prior to Beta 2 gave the game a very different feel to it, but that version was one of the cleanest releases to date. It was then followed up by a few releases, such as 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, which was another great release, thanks in part to the QA testers. Compared to previous development cycles, woekele feels there is, “not much different, except that it has taken much longer until the release and in my experience more European players have joined the QA-team.

When asked, many gamers feel they could do the job. A day does not go by we receive an e-mail, IRC private message or some sort of contact asking if we need any more help. While we love to see the enthusiasm and the desire to help better the game, it is just not possible to accept everyone who asks to join the testing pool. While we had a good base of testers, we did include more Euopean gamers this time around.

newspaper The 27 Days of Terror: Day 10 - Accessories

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 16 August 2006 by FrozenSand
There is always something to improve upon when it comes to mod development. As many have seen Urban Terror saw some great visual improvements from the 1.0 release to 1.27 and onto Beta 2, up to and including the current 3.7 release. Change is inevitable, and while many gamers are not fond of change, especially when it comes to playability of the game, one thing remains constant, you cannot please everyone.

We took a great step up when Lt1 was introduced to the development team. Many level designers know him from his work on map objects, which can be seen at his web site. Others, might not directly deal with his work, but have seen examples of his objects in game in many Urban Terror levels.

newspaper Urban Terror Wants You!

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 16 August 2006 by FrozenSand
No, this is not part of 'The 27 Days of Terror' but we do want you. Actually, we want your questions! As we have done in the past, the development team is ready to field any and all questions related to Urban Terror. While the next few weeks should answer most of the questions being posed to the development, there always seems to be a few that slip by what we are ready to provide in our updates.

So, with that said we want you to hit us with your best shot, well question. Please read through the thread and try not to ask a redundant question, such as, "Is the new release going to be stand alone?" That has been asked and we will answer it in due time. By providing you the opportunity we hopefully keep the line of communication open and hopefully answer a question that has been on your mind. For more information, check out, Days of Terror: Update in the Urban Terror Forums.

As for 'The 27 Days of Terror, we will continue on Wednesday with 'Day 10' and another look inside the current development of Urban Terror with the team.

newspaper The 27 Days of Terror: Day 9 - In Game Action

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Tuesday, 15 August 2006 by FrozenSand
The past week we have presented a number of images that represent the upcoming release of Urban Terror including the new models skin dubbed SWAT and Red Dragons. We also showed off the updated version of Riyadh, originally created by .EXE and modified by BladeKiller and RabidCow. You also got a preliminary look at the newly skinned HK G36 and Franchi SPAS-12 weapon models.

Today we bring some of these images together and give you an idea of what the in-game action will look like. Many gamers have commented on the images we have presented to date in the Urban Terror Forums. So I will take some of my own advice and STFU. Enjoy the images, and we will post more in the coming weeks.

newspaper The 27 Days of Terror: Day 8 - Level Overview Rommel

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 14 August 2006 by FrozenSand
The level, Rommel was the brainchild of Bar-B-Q, who brought his level development talents over from Action Quake 2 [remember Actdam?]. Rommel was recreated from the final scene of the blockbuster movie, Saving Private Ryan. While the level is not an exact representation, there are facets that will have you saying, 'I remember seeing that in the movie,??? such as the phonograph, the Pernod Fils sign over the river and the partially bombed out church tower.

Rommel was release with Beta 2.3 in August, 2001. Upon its release, it was quickly one of the most popular levels being played, but it was not without its share of problems. The area known as 'the corner??? caused gamers to suffer major FPS lag due to the amount of polys on the screen being render during game play. Add to that smoke grenades, gamers, etc and the lag got to be unbearable at time, dropping that area to single digit frame rates. Early game play also had this as the only of two ways between opposing sides of the level. This led to many 0-0 draws and 1-0 scores for CTF matches.

Nonetheless, Rommel remained very popular among gamers. Over the years, there would be changes to the level, initially by Bar-B-Q and then by BladeKiller who would spend many, many hours working and testing in order to get this 'monkey off her back.??? New underground tunnels and additional areas were added that would allow for an improved playability, giving gamers more alternatives between the two sides of the level.

This upcoming release of Rommel has seen even more changes including the removal of brush created objects, such as the Tiger Tank and the bridge near the red flag. These were replaced by models created by Lt1 [Tiger Tank] and RabidCow . These changes alone drastically improved the FPS near 'the corner.??? There have also been some changes to scenery, the buildings and skybox. " I've retextured a lot of buildings with European textures and made some models for roofs...rearranged the tunnels at QA's request...I used func_walls to make it smaller for TS; like the original Rommel," said BladeKiller.

Rommel will continue to see success, especially for CTF. Gamers are drawn to the level, maybe it’s because 'coinbird is angry for coins??? or the scream as you attempt to fly from the upper level of the church tower. In the end it’s the overall layout and playability of the level that has Urban Terrorists returning for more!
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