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Video: Uptown

in Urban Terror - posted Tuesday, 27 March 2007 by FrozenSand
As mentioned last week during Urban Radio Uptown by BattleCow will be included in the upcoming release. This is great news for all those gamers who saw some of the older, "classic" levels being left out of this release due to not being updated.

Thankfully BladeKiller did not have enough to do, so she decided to update the level the past few weeks. This level has continued to go through testing as the QA testers work with her on making sure the level will have solid game play.

You can see some the updated Uptown, as we created a short video of it. This video will take you on a tour through the entire level. Many of the changes are quite noticable, such as buildings around the upper areas to close in the level, new models updated lighting and some changes that will be left up to you to spot.

The video can be access by clicking on VIDEOS over at the Urban Radio page, hosted by Stickam Video. We also posted a new video of the NVGs, as there has been some discussion on the forums about the changes done to the goggles. Enjoy the show. Look for more videos this week!

BattlEye Support for ioUrbanTerror

in UrT software (io) - posted Monday, 26 March 2007 by FrozenSand
When using Urban Terror without Quake 3 Arena (using ioUrbanTerror), it's not possible to use PunkBuster. Although it's possible to have a game without an anti-cheat system, we all know it's better to have a protection from at least the public cheats that are out there.

We are therefore glad to report that the developer of BattlEye agreed to make BattlEye support available for ioUrbanTerror. It's not yet sure if it will be available as soon as Urban Terror is released, but it can easily be added later with an ioUrbanTerror update if needed. If this anti-cheat system turns out to work well, there's no reason to keep using PunkBuster any longer, which means the community will no longer be split up between old school and new players.

Although this is very good news, there's also a drawback. BattlEye works on Linux and Windows only. It does not support Mac clients (yet). The developer did say there's a possibility of support for Mac clients in the future, if a good Mac coder can help accomplish it. As a temporary 'solution', Mac users can play at servers that don't use BattlEye, or use bootcamp to play though Windows. We are aware of the great community members out there that use Macs and we regret that it isn't available for them from the start, but we believe the importance of having an anti-cheat system outweighs this fact.

Clanbase Open Cup 2007 Signups

in Leagues - posted Friday, 23 March 2007 by FrozenSand
It's time for you to "get in the game" as Urban Terror and Clanbase gear up for another cup season. The sign ups for the Spring 2007 Open Cup have been extended through Sunday, March 25. Currently the Cup Supervisors are planning on using the upcoming release for the entire cup. This is great! So if you were waiting for an announcement on the release, I suggest you get your clan signed up immediately.

Unlike previous Open Cups, this season the featured game mode will be Bomb & Defuse. This decision was not solely a supervisor decision, but one backed by the Urban Terror gamers who participate in Clanbase. For more information and news on the upcoming Spring 2007 Open Cup visit Clanbase or #clanbase.q3.ut and talk to dan or holden.

Urban Radio - Saturday March 24

in Urban Radio - posted Friday, 23 March 2007 by FrozenSand
It's been a busy week for the development team and the QA testers as the development cycle is nearing the end. We told you there there was a light at the end of this tunnel. After a late cancellation last week Urban Radio returns on Saturday, March 24 beginning at 14PDT/17EST/21GMT/22CET. This is a 2-hour later start than the regular schedule!.

We have a great show on tap with news and notes from the development team, as well as some insight from a big QA test last week.  We have another level update for you and a special piece from an old school Clanbase match you don't want to miss! Finally, we will bring you a top ten list. All that and a few twists and turns through the wonderful world of Urban Terror.

The show will be streamed live on Inside the Game and Stickam for those wanting to watch the show live! With any luck we will record the video this week and it will be provided for playback at your convience.

All that and the latest news from the Urban Terror home front! If you are not able to catch the show live, all casts are made available on the 'Downloads' section at Radio iTG (no registration required). Information contained in the show will be posted in a Radio Roundup news post following the show. Watch for upcoming show information or type !radio in #urbanterror on ETG.

Novamania Hosted Cup

in Leagues - posted Sunday, 11 March 2007 by FrozenSand
Want one more chance to win a cup title playing Urban Terror 3.7? Okay, so that is more of a rhetorical question since we know you want the new version of Urban Terror. Rest assured we are doing our best to pack up the final pieces and release it.

But in the meantime, why not check out the Spring 2007 2on2 Hosted Cup sponsored by Novamania. Signups are open until March 23, currently 17 clans are participating.

This will be a 2v2 Team Survivor gametype with eLJot and D-men as your Supervisors, while J0E at FROServers will be providing the GTV experience. For more information visit Clanbase

Urban Terror Videos

in Media - posted Saturday, 10 March 2007 by FrozenSand
Similar to the video tour last weekend on Urban Radio, we have created a few new videos. While the quality if adequate, hopefully these videos will give you some idea what to expect as we close in on the release date (still yet unannounced).

The videos feature Austria, Elgin, Mandolin, Thingley and a new interior from Turnpike. Yes, we are aware the quality of these short videos are not the best, but it will allow you an inside look at the upcoming releae of Urban Terror.

To access the levels, you need to go to the Urban Radio page and click on 'VIDEOS' it will allow access the the five videos we have put together. We will plan on a few more shorts before the release.

Urban Radio Recap - 03 March

in Urban Radio - posted Monday, 05 March 2007 by FrozenSand
Well, the good news, Urban Radio was live and uncensored yesterday with Oswald filling the community in on all the details for the yet announced release of Urban Terror (v4.0 if you are keeping score at home). The bad news, sort of a double whammy, there was no release date annouced (yet, it's coming...honest!) and the live video tour of Urban Terror did have a few technical issues.

All in all, many were still excited about the show and the fact they got to see some of the new levels, such as Mandolin, Elgin and Tombs. Gamers also got to look at what the development team calls, "fun stuff" that include unique items you can outfit your player with. We talked a little bit about the ability to pull up in game statistics during the round, as well as a plethora of other news from the world of Urban Terror.

If you missed the and would like to listen to it recorded, you can download the 03 March show from FileCloud. The show notes are also availble for download. If you don't want to waste any time, you can head to Urban Radio on Stickam Video and listen to the show immediately. I am also working on some new video features, we hope to implement in the future, but for now we will remain with iTG and Stickam until further details are worked out.

Urban Radio. Today!

in Urban Radio - posted Saturday, 03 March 2007 by FrozenSand

For the videocast - Click for video
For the shoutcast - Click for audio

*Stream will not be live until the show starts.

The show will last about 90 minutes that will include developer content, updated information a tour inside the new version of Urban Terror and much more. For more information go to Inside the Game.

Urban Radio - Tune in. Listen. Play.

in Urban Radio - posted Thursday, 01 March 2007 by FrozenSand
Join Oswald as he takes you "inside the game" with Urban Radio, the show that centers on all things Urban Terror. The show returns for the second time in three weeks, as more information continues to swirl within the community, as well as with the development team. The feeling around the FrozenSand office is one of jubilation and glee (hmm..must be an Aussie thing). Urban Radio is scheduled for Saturday, March 03 beginning at 12PST/15EST/20GMT/21CET.

As with past shows, we ask for community participation. Each week, we will (hopefully) showcase a community server as the Urban Radio Server of the Week. I missed out on this last week (sorry MidgetKiller) due to the excitement of the show returning. Stay tuned, we might be using a 3.7 from the community week depending on our special video feature.

This week we could have a special Urban Radio VIP tour of the new release. We know there has been a high demand for video from the new version. Near the end of 2006, we released a 'powersliding demo', courtesy of woekele that got the community talking. With any luck, you will be able to view the show and live, ingame video using Stickam Video. You will just need to be watching the show in order to check out the video.

You now have two ways to tune in to Urban Radio. The audio stream, courtesy of Inside the Game and our new video stream from Stickam Video. Both shows will be archived and the show will fill a 90 minute time slot. I can hear the rejoicing already, no more bad music from Oswald.

All that and the latest news from the Urban Terror home front! If you are not able to catch the show live, all casts are made available on the 'Downloads' section at Radio iTG (no registration required). Information contained in the show will be posted in a Radio Roundup news post following the show. Watch for upcoming show information or type !radio in #urbanterror on ETG.

Urban Radio Recap

in Urban Radio - posted Sunday, 18 February 2007 by FrozenSand
Urban Radio returned to Inside the Game and the Urban Terror Community since August, 2006. Yesterday's show was a first, as Oswald was providing live video feed of show courtesy of Stickam. The burning question in the community's mind is "When is Urban Terror being released?" While we did not directly answer that question, there was a timeframe of sorts set.
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