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Urban Zone Skeet Shoot Tournament 2011

in Leagues - posted Saturday, 03 September 2011 by FrozenSand

Urban Zone is opening signups for its 2nd Skeet Shoot Tournament. Skeet shooting is almost like shooting clay pidgeons, only in Urban Terror you get to shoot at bots. With sniper rifles. This year's map was made by Custom Map Makers who added new reload areas and a spectator lobby.

page_white_zip ut4_skeetshoot_2011

Signups open on September 5th at 12:00 CET

And the number of open slots will be limited to 100. Urban Zone donors and returning winners will get a slot even if the signup roster is full.

If you want to match your skills with the best or just see how well you can do, visit the Urban Zone League website for more information.

Feel free to comment in our forum.

FTWGL Competition Map Making Contest

in Maps & mapping - posted Friday, 02 September 2011 by FrozenSand

This is a great opportunity to have some fun, contribute to Urban Terror, the competition scene, and to the community both as a whole and individually.

Send x8` a PM on the FTWGL forums to sign up!

Signups end on Sept 4th!

information Visit FTWGL for more information

Feel free to comment in our forum.

Opening the crate to a new HD toy

in UrT Resurgence - posted Wednesday, 31 August 2011 by FrozenSand
Many of you are aware that we are in the process of updating the weapons load out to bring them up to date for Urban Terror HD in both design as well as texture quality. To that end Smachine has remodeled and textured the fan favorite M4 with a level of attention to detail that you can almost smell the grease and gun oil.

Please feel free to comment.

Girls just want to have fun...with a gun.

in UrT Resurgence - posted Sunday, 28 August 2011 by FrozenSand
For your fragging pleasure allow us to introduce you to Yasmine the latest addition to the Red Dragon line up. Pretty in pink but deadly with an M4 you can see her coming at you from a mile away which would be bad news for you. If the only option is to run and gun or to run and hide we suggest that you hide….fast.

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Level Designer Skaz joins Frozen Sand

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 27 August 2011 by FrozenSand

Frozen Sand is pleased to announce that 765 has joined the development team !

Skaz will start by remaking some of the current official maps. Maps such as Turnpike and Abbey. These maps will be made from scratch for Urban Terror HD with optimized visual quality to fit with the new graphics engine. Skaz is used to working with GTKRadiant and of course his imagination.

Please feel free to comment in our forum.


in UrT Resurgence - posted Monday, 22 August 2011 by FrozenSand
Here is Charles as seen in Frankie V's "Painting With Lights" video.

The models for Urban Terror HD are self illuminating, so there should be no more issues with player visibility in game. With 12 planned player models, Urban Terror HD is shaping up to have much more content than its current incarnation.

FrankieV gave you only a peak of Charles, so here is a better view:

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Painting with Lights

in Maps & mapping - posted Wednesday, 10 August 2011 by FrozenSand
Attention all Mapmakers.

We have been getting a fair amount of inquiries from the mapping community as to some of the new technology we are putting into the engine as it relates to making maps that we would consider to be of Urban Terror HD quality.

To get as much information out there in one go Frankie V has done a behind the scenes video lecture as to the most current research with the focus on getting the best performance possible out of the addition of both the specular as well as the bump and normal maps.

Please note that this is an ongoing process and the lecture should not be taken as the way maps need to be done, but rather raw information of how some of the current techniques used for lighting a map can degrade the performance of the S&N texture maps from doing the job that they were designed to do.

However the current results, excuse the pun, have been spectacular and as far as theory goes the information is sound and we feel comfortable that the information is worthy to let the map making community figure out the plus and minus that always comes with change.

Note: Two Towers is being developed totally free from sun, map lighting, surface lighting or any type of procedural or parametric assist and done using only textures, light entities and Spec/normal maps.

Please feel free to comment here

RobDistorted joins Frozen Sand

in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 20 July 2011 by FrozenSand
After years of loyal duty as a well respected community member 34215 has joined the animation department of the Frozen Sand development team !

He will do lots of the clean up work and add in the details working together with our lead animator FrankieV.

Please feel free to welcome RobDistorted here !

Web browser for game servers

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 16 July 2011 by FrozenSand
Now you can easily find your favourite Urban Terror Servers in our Game Server Browser.

You can search for servers by gametype, location, full/empty, and more. Of course you can also find your buddies by searching for players.

Comments and requests are welcome in our forum

C.M.M.'s first Mapping Contest

in Maps & mapping - posted Thursday, 30 June 2011 by FrozenSand
Custom Map Makers (C.M.M.) has started a custom mapping contest !

Theme: Police Station

Visit the C.M.M. website where you will find all the information you need to enter the mapping competition.

You are also welcome to comment here
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