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Urban Terror

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4.2.017 is Coming to Town

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 20 December 2013 by FrozenSand

Ho Ho Ho!
Santa's elves have been hard at work with FrozenSand to release an update to fix the autobalancer and a few other bugs this Sunday Dec 22nd at 22:00 CET. Check the changelog to see what else has been updated.


Fixed teambalancer-skin bug.
Fixed chat overflow bug (was overflowing on the team overlay)
Fixed the flag capture time.
New cvar: cg_drawFlagCaptureTime (0: no time shown, 1: time in seconds, 2: time in seconds and milliseconds)
All UrT executables are now compatible with older CPUs (no-SSE build no longer needed)
Fixed mousewheel scrolling of console when raw-mouse was used.
dmaHD: Sound system is on by default on the UrT executables.
dmaHD: Fixed annoying clicks/echoes with some weapon sounds.
dmaHD: Re-introduced all the old mixers (CVAR: dmaHD_mixer)
Autobalance turned off by default.

Please comment on our forums.

New Members in FrozenSand

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 14 December 2013 by FrozenSand
FrozenSand is pleased to announce the addition of HappyDay, p5yc0runn3r and Timbeaux to the development team.
HappyDay is a well known level designer. He has been playing Urban Terror since 2008 and picked up level design in 2009. He had done a little bit of level design before for Duke Nukem 3D, Starcraft 1 and Warcraft 3 but only got serious about it with UrT. He has 5 years of experience in GTK Radiant, about 2-3 years experience in Blender and is also proficient in texture creation and manipulation with GIMP. He is looking forward to creating a few more awesome maps for UrT and is excited about the possibilities for lots of detail in the new engine. Here's to a friendly and productive development experience.
p5yc0runn3r is the creator of the dmaHD sound engine and the one who introduced RAW mouse support for Windows in our current gaming engine. He is a self taught professional software developer with more than 15 years of programming language experience including C/C++, C#, .NET, and many other languages including x86 assembler. He has vast experience in telecommunication systems, VoIP and FoIP technologies, game development experience and most of all loves playing computer games.
Timbeaux is a composer and sound engineer and will be helping to create sounds and music for UrT. He has been playing Urban Terror since 2007 and composing music since 1998. He has many years of experience with Propellerheads Reason (13) and Ableton Live (3).
He comes out of the old school techno and freetek scene, but is also interested in other music. Check out his SoundCloud page:
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Urban Terror 4.2.016 Release

in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 09 December 2013 by FrozenSand
FrozenSand is proud to announce the release of 4.2.016 Monday Dec 9th, 2013. This update brings you not one but two sets of new skins thanks to a request by Driller. Check the changelog for bug fixes and new features.


Fixed the bug in the Auth System that appeared in the release 4.2.015 where sometimes lag could lead to players using account names of other players
Fixed the "badinfo" issue (many thanks to Jacepriester)
Animation config updates
New Dr. Pink and Dr. Blue player skins
Correctly disable inactivity timer when g_inactivity is set to 0
Ability to set skins per team using cg_skinfixed 0|1
Increased minimum value of com_hunkmegs and made the error message Hunk_Alloc failed on... more understandable
Updated Mac11 sounds
Fix for specularity on SR8 (very noticeable on bolt cap)
Fixed lagometer position on CTF when using Wave Respawns
Enhanced cg_speedo CVAR: will display client speed using (1) UPS: Quake units per second, (2) KPH: Kilometers per hour, (3) MPH: Miles per hour
Fixed killsound not being played upon HE Grenade kill and bleed out
New sniper crosshair: cross-dot (cg_scopeSR8 | cg_scopePSG | cg_scopeG36 4)
Fixed skeetshoot map reloaders: fix target_give not resetting state after execution
New crosshair: cg_drawCrosshair 14 (simple cross Quake 3 style). Available in UI menu
Fixed respawn timer being shown after map restart
Added 0 padding in asset download time left and server list refresh time
Added sound on weapon mode change
Added accelerometer configurable with cg_accelero 0|1|2 and UI menu
Added cg_accelSize CVAR to tune dedicated accelerometer size
Fixed bots being kicked from the server for teamkilling
Added TeamBalancer. Can be controller with g_autobalance CVAR (0 = disabled, 1 = balance every minute, 2 = every 2 minutes, etc). Works only when match mode is deactivated.
Added g_noVest CVAR for Jump Mode: is set to 1 removes the Vest from all the players
Added client respawn event to game log: ClientSpawn:
Fixed impossibility to kick zombie clients off the server
Fixed connection to full server resulting in Server is for low pings only
dmaHD engine forced to 44Khz 16-bit stereo output
Increased command buffer from 64KiB to 128KiB for players with large config files
Added separate Windows executable for non-SSE2 processors
Fixed substitute flag being resetted upon map change
Correctly update client team overlay when /forcesub command is executed
Added menu items in sound menu for configuring dmaHD
Added more in-built r_mode graphics modes for wide screen monitors
Added new wide resolutions in graphics menu
Increased chat area width and message area width
Hide timelimit from HUD if there are no valuable info to be displayed
Fixed inactivity timer kicking local client thus causing all the players to be disconnected
Added flag capture time. New log string: "FlagCaptureTime: :
Major overhaul of dmaHD sound system
comments: Feel free to discuss this on our forums

Urban Terror 4.2.015 Release

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 27 September 2013 by FrozenSand
FrozenSand is happy to announce that we have a brand new update ready for you! Urban Terror 4.2.015 is now available for download!! This release will reinstate the Auth system and fix a few bugs discovered in 4.2.014.

Simply run the UrTUpdater, follow the onscreen instructions: it will update your game automatically.


New authentication protocol securized
Fixed the alignment of a window texture on one of the buildings in the nonplay area of Turnpike
Decreased the specular effect on the SPAS12
Decreased the specular effect on the Colt 1911 and darken the current texture
Fixed Colt 1911 whiteout bug
Re-timed Colt 1911 reload animation
Increased Colt 1911 spread
Updated Mac11 sounds
Reduced Mac11 spread
Fixed respawn protection hits being displayed in Jump Mode
Enabled missing radio calls in Jump mode and enabled UI radio menu
Correctly stop Jump timers on Timelimit Hit and map restart
Fixed wave respawn timers not showing in freecam
Improved FFA/LMS spawn selection system
Improved ut_itemuse (supports string arguments now, e.g. "ut_itemuse nvg")
Enhanced game load fail messages (VM_Create failed on UI and Invalid game folder): will now display a User Friendly message
Added support for Console and UI fields pasting on Linux (requires xclip) and Mac OSX (CTRL+V)
Added g_shuffleNoRestart 0/1: if set to 1 shuffleteams will not restart the map
Added g_inactivityAction 0/1: define inactivity action (0: kick, 1: move to spec)
Added cg_noci 0/1: it disables the Connection Interrupted center screen text
Added cg_cleanFollow 0/1: it disables some of the instructions displayed when following players
Added cg_exposeBots 0/1: visual bot identification
Added cg_drawMapLocation 0/1 (configurable in minimap settings UI): shows current map location near health bar
Added cg_killsound (configurable in weapon settings UI): will play a local sound when the hit enemy is killed
Removed racejump: using only racefree for solo modes
Added Match Mode Ragequit protection (on a paused game, when an entire team disconnect from the server, reset match status and clear the pause)
Added missing log lines for VotePassed and VoteFailed (for external bots)
Display the current nextmap upon g_nextmap callvote
Do not reset scores when going substitute
Changed the vests and helmets for the SWAT and Red Dragons to 4.1 solid colours
Changed the vests for Free team to dark grey
Changed colours to team names in the player set up menus eg: orange is now Fugitives
Disable bind execution when radio UI is opened
New damage values for Groin (97%) and Butt (90%) when using SR8
Allow walljumping without actually jumping before (falling): 4.1 behavior (eg. turnpike window stairs to WC jump)

This update brings also a new gift: a new map created by our Nounou named Ghosttown. Ghosttown is a big playground imagined for 12 to 18 players which includes vertical gameplay and many possibilities to jump. It was first designed to be played in deathmatch modes and capture the flag.

Feel free to leave your comments in our forum.
Warning: Server Admins / Third Party Server Browser Users: Master Port Changed to 27900

Fruk and Nitro Join FrozenSand

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 22 August 2013 by FrozenSand
Frozen Sand is pleased to announce that Fruk and Nitro have joined the Urban Terror development team !

Fruk is a computer engineer, currently employed as a software developer & sysadmin, keen on C, python and Java programming.
He will be working on general bugfixes, the demo parser, rewriting GTV, and also Urban Terror HD.

Nitro enjoys helping with server related support and has run many game servers over the years.
He will focus on supporting members of the urban terror community with game server hosting & management, troubleshooting both client & server side issues, and maintaining feedback regarding server features and requests.

Feel free to welcome Fruk and Nitro in our forum.

B1naryTh1ef Departs FrozenSand

in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 19 August 2013 by FrozenSand
B1naryTh1ef has departed FS to pursue other interests. He quit the team when he was confronted with the fact that his real name was in the leaked files.

His name can be found multiple times in the NetBeans project properties file:

Not to mention his user name also shows as an owner of the files:

No one else on the team uses NetBeans as development IDE and this nbproject directory has never been committed to our GIT repository. So, this compressed archive released with 4.2 source code belongs to someone who's name is andrei (as visible from the 2 screenshots above).

Twitter profile:

Also, it's pretty easy to find a match, by simply asking google to do the job for us:

There are at least three copies of an IRC chat log floating around the internets (the earliest is from June 17, 2013) of a plot to get B1naryTh1ef to steal the code so they could sell Urban Terror under a different name on Steam using a wrapper to pull the assets from our website. We cannot verify the source of the log, but it does fit with the facts that we do know.

This is an unfortunate development. As a member of the Dev Team he could have fulfilled all of the great ideas he had for the game. He could have gotten help from the more experienced coders when he ran into problems like he did with Gungame and his new logic entities for maps. None of his projects have been finished despite help being readily available.

We have decided not to open a discussion thread for this news. Please do not start one. Many Thanks!

Git Repository Hacked

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 17 August 2013 by FrozenSand
As you may be aware of the event unfolding this weekend we have had a data breach which resulted in all of our sources stolen. This has been confirmed both by our own investigations of the server in question and of course the public release of our code base.

Today RaideR received this email:
Quote of Hacker:

turns out u guys dont own us
the community fights back
we wont take your s***
u ban us from ur game
u hide your codes
u run
its time for the community to take over
you let idiots like elf and raider run your servers and you expect security
you expect me to run away from a home ipd box
i lold.
you wont figure out how i got in
you wont rid yourselfs of me
guess what happens next
you loose control
no more dictatorship
no more closed source
only community
only success
no more fs
goodbye fs
we wont miss you
Link to source removed as it's a criminal act and we can't verify it's free from viruses.
good bye
Of course this is going to have some long lasting and major impact on how Urban Terror is developed going forward. Honestly, they have had a victory, let's not be naive about that. They got what they wanted and pretty sure it has the desired effect. To say otherwise would be foolish.

However, it is the strong reservation of this team that we will not simply "roll over and die" which seems to be the personal mission of "persons unknown". We won't go after them, such a pursuit would be futile, but almost certainly we will not quit simply because some bullies want us to.

In the coming days we will have some major changes (obviously) in the way that this team will move forward on our project. In addition we would like to make the following statement.

The source code for 4.2 was taken and published without consent and the theft has been reported to law enforcement. While we won't actively pursue the case, this data is stolen property and we ask that should you come across these sources that you do not use them. Crime has been committed here and while we have little to no interest in pursuing the individuals responsible we appreciate any information people have regarding the incident.

This is an attack on Frozensand and this community, we have been abused and forcibly violated. No less by people who claim to be acting in its best interests.

Further information will follow this public statement in the near future!


Team FS

You can discuss this on our forums.

Get Urban Terror 4.2.014 Now

in Urban Terror - posted Sunday, 14 July 2013 by FrozenSand
Urban Terror 4.2.014 is ready for download !!


Fixed cg_ghost not working properly
Fixed map autocomplete with many maps
Optional new compressed pure list format for servers with many maps (sv_newpurelist)
Removed command /maplist: it's causing lags if the server has a lot of maps
Disabled dmaHD by default
Correctly lock g_stamina to be changed only in Jump Mode
IP banlist '*' wildcards and fix for '0' in address
Fixed mouse cursor shows up with some of the in_mouse settings
Fixed Vote kick which was inconsistent and buggy
Fixed player being forced to spectator on a new level
Fix broken timers after swaproles
Fixed broken wave respawn timer after paused game
Fixed Colt animation mismatch
Tuned up Glock specs
Remove dropped items and corpses during TS warmup
Enabled pasting text from the clipboard to other UI fields

You can comment on our forums.

Urban Terror 4.2.014 Release

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 12 July 2013 by FrozenSand

FrozenSand is happy to announce that we are releasing UrbanTerror 4.2.014 on July 14th at 22:00 CEST. This release fixes bugs found in 4.2.013.


Fixed cg_ghost not working properly
Fixed map autocomplete with many maps
Optional new compressed pure list format for servers with many maps (sv_newpurelist)
Removed command /maplist: it's causing lags if the server has a lot of maps
Disabled dmaHD by default
Correctly lock g_stamina to be changed only in Jump Mode
IP banlist '*' wildcards and fix for '0' in address
Fixed mouse cursor shows up with some of the in_mouse settings
Fixed Vote kick which was inconsistent and buggy
Fixed player being forced to spectator on a new level
Fix broken timers after swaproles
Fixed broken wave respawn timer after paused game
Fixed Colt animation mismatch
Tuned up Glock specs
Remove dropped items and corpses during TS warmup
Enabled pasting text from the clipboard to other UI fields

Feel free to leave your comments in our forum.

Urban Terror 4.2.013

in Urban Terror - posted Sunday, 30 June 2013 by FrozenSand
Now Release! - 30-06-2013
The server_example.cfg was not updated with the new and renamed cvars. We will fix this in 014, with the Server MaxMap Issue that a minority of server admins will be experiencing!

FrozenSand is pleased to announce that 4.2.013 is ready to release on Sunday June 30 at 21:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time). There will be a live stream on with the development team starting at 20:00 CEST.



Fixed the seam on the back of the SR8
Fixed the doors near the pillars and some z-fighting on Turnpike
Fixed missing skin on team swaps
Restore previous behaviour of armband colour for enemy team
Fixed no step sound mode Jump mode when landing on a normal surface and g_nodamage is enabled
Fixed /ignore and /ignorelist commands
Added new command /maplist which will display all the maps available on the server
Added partial substring matching for client/map searching
Added visual player count in scoreboard for both free and spectator teams
Removed g_ghostPlayers CVAR. Feature moved clientside: cg_ghost 0/1
Updated UI password filter's labels in the server browser
Renamed CVAR: g_maxWallJumps -> g_walljumps
Renamed CVAR: cg_showFunstuff -> cg_funstuff
Renamed CVAR: g_allowFunstuff -> g_funstuff
Merged g_noStamina and g_regainStamina into g_stamina: 0 = default stamina, 1 = regain stamina, 2 = infinite stamina
Renamed CVAR: g_allowForceSkins -> g_skins
Renamed CVAR: g_maxJumpRuns -> g_jumpruns
Removed SERVERINFO flag from g_cahTime
Fixed SPAS hits being displayed after player death
Added missing BOMB defuse autoradio sound
Added new hitlocations: Groin, Butt, Leg Upper Left, Leg Upper Right, Leg Lower Left, Leg Lower Right, Foot Left, Foot Right
Updated damage table according to the new hit locations
Fixed some char cases in in-game messages
Added goto and allowgoto commands for Jump Mode (can be disabled with g_allowgoto 0)
Added permanent position saving in Jump Mode
Added Ingram Mac11 (submachine gun) and Colt1911 (sidearm)
Added a new skin set based on the Droogs from A Clockwork Orange (it is #12)
Fixed bug allowing players to defuse bomb with a live nade in hand
Fixed bug showing hits causing 0% damage with the spas
Added cg_chatSound, (2 = all chat sounds, 1 = just vote sounds, 0 = no chat sounds)
Removed cg_sfxteambands (unused cvar)


Possibly fixed sv_maxPing connecting issue
Added RAW mouse support
Added dmaHD sound
Added the possibility to force the engine execution on a single CPU (/com_singlecore on Windows only)
Added possibility to set engine process priority (/com_processpriority on Windows only)
Added partial substring matching for client/map searching (RCON commands)
Fallback to default r_mode in case the resolution is set too high for the monitor instead of having the error "Could not start OpenGL subsystem" and the game crash

Comment on our forums.
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